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iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

Battery drainage issues of iPhone are one of the most discussed problems for an iPhone users, If your iPhone’s battery is draining faster than normal battery life then you should think about replacing it. Since Techyuga is the best place for iPhone repair & service we have written about iPhone 4S screen replacement so today we have this iPhone 4S Battery Replacement Guide for our readers, Check out this perfect DIY Guide now –

iPhone 4S Battery Replacement In Kolkata

Power off your iPhone 4S

Before performing any repair you should always power off your device before opening it up.

Removing screws in iPhone 4S

Remove the back plate

Using your security screwdriver, remove the 2 screws on either side of the dock connector port.

Lifting up the battery case in iPhone 4S

Gently slide up the back plate by applying a bit of pressure along the bottom with your thumbs and sliding upwards.

Removing battery screws in iPhone 4S

Remove the battery and grounding clip

Using your #00 Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws holding the battery in place.

Removing screws in iPhone 4S

Remove the battery and grounding clip

These screws are different lengths so make sure you remember which one goes where. The one that is slightly larger is the bottom screw.
There is a tiny grounding clip underneath the battery clip where the first screw is located. Use your spudger tool or finger to remove it before prying the clip up. Many times it can go flying if you don’t remove it first and then you’ll have difficulty locating it so it’s best to remove it first.

Removing battery clips in iPhone 4S

Remove the battery and grounding clip

Now use your spudger tool and at the bottom of the battery clip, gently pry upwards so the clip pops up.

Removing battery from iPhone 4S

Remove the battery and grounding clip

Move to the edge of the iPhone where the volume buttons are located and use your spudger tool to carefully pry up the battery. It is stuck down with a good amount of adhesive so be careful when prying upwards that you don’t bend the battery. This is why I do not use the plastic tab that is provided. It typically rips or bends the battery. If one part is resistant move your pry tool a little further down and gently start prying it up in different places taking care not to come too close to the volume button cables towards the top.

Battery in iPhone 4S

Replace the battery and grounding clip

Once you’ve gotten the battery pulled out of the iPhone 4S we can move on to inserting the replacement battery.

Pay attention to how the cable is bent on your old battery and if the new one is not crimped in the same fashion put the folds in it before inserting it into the iPhone 4S.

Battery replacement in iPhone 4S

Replace the battery and grounding clip


Line up the grounding clip you removed previously over the screw hole before snapping down the battery.

Snap down the battery in place to the logic board and then position the battery and press down firmly to make sure the adhesive sticks.

Replacing bottom screws

Replace the battery and grounding clip


Replace the two screws you removed in a prior step starting with the top one using your #00 Phillips screwdriver. Make sure the grounding clip stays positioned. Use your other hand to hold it straight while you replace the top screw if you need to.

Now replace the bottom screw.

Sliding up battery case in iPhone 4S

Replace the back plate

To replace the back plate line up the hinges around the edges. It should fall right into place. There will be a gap at the bottom.screw if you need to.

Using slight pressure slide the cover down into place with your thumbs. If there is resistance make sure the hinges are lined up correctly and don’t force it down and you can easily snap the hinge if it’s caught up on something.

Removing screws in iPhone 4S

Replace the back plate

Once the back cover is securely in place and flush with the antenna band, replace the two screws on either side of the dock connector using your security screwdriver.

And …done!


Switching on iPhone 4S


Now that your iPhone 4S is completely put back together you can turn it back on. If the phone doesn’t come on, try plugging it into a wall charger and see if the charging icon comes up. It’s quite possible the battery may be dead and needs to be charged before use.


It’s a good idea to run the battery completely down before plugging it into a charger if it wasn’t run down already. After it dies, charge it completely before pulling it off the charger again. You can do this a few times to condition the battery. While many say this may not be needed with batteries anymore, I have found it to make the battery meter read more accurately over time. You can actually do this at any time if you feel your battery is not displaying a charge accurately.



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