iPhone 5S Battery Replacement in India. A Guide By Techyuga

Battery drainage issues of the iPhone are one of the most discussed problems for iPhone users that we are going to discuss here like we have previously discussed about how to replace iphone 5S screen and how to replace iphone 5s home button . So, if your iPhone’s battery is draining faster than normal battery life then you should think about replacing it. However, looking for iPhone battery replacement services online can be tricky and confusing since you will have to look for the best service centers online for your cell phone who can carry out this delicate process of battery replacement without causing further damage to the motherboard of the mobile phone. In this guide, we would like to educate the users as to how to replace an iPhone 5s battery so that you can choose the repair centers wisely. Moreover, this guide would be helpful for people who are looking for a DIY iPhone 5s battery replacement tutorial to save a few bucks from being spent behind expensive Apple Service Centers. For the technical people who are looking to do the battery replacement on their own, we are one of the greatest supplier of iPhone OEM spare parts in India shipping to all major cities of the country so that you can purchase the battery yourself and have it replaced. Having said this, it is nonetheless always recommended that you get a professional technician who can repair your device with utmost precision. So here is our take on how to replace the damaged battery of your iPhone 5s so that you can yourself get your phone up and running in no time.


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Opening iPhone 5s

Switching off iPhone 5S

Power off your iPhone 5S

Before performing any repair you should always power off your device before opening it up.

Replacing dock connector screws

Remove the two security screws on both sides of the dock connector

Using your security screwdriver, remove the 2 screws on either side of the dock connector port.

removing iPhone 5C display by suction cup method

Remove the display assembly

Place your suction cup slightly above the Home button assembly and secure it to the screen.

separate screen in iPhone 5s

Remove the display assembly

Holding the iPhone in place with one hand, gently pull upwards on the suction cup until you free the bottom of the screen but do NOT pull up all the way at this point as a cable running to the Touch ID sensor is still connected. You only want to separate the screen about an inch at this point.

Replacing touch id shield
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Remove  Touch ID Cable

Now that you have a clear view of the cables, use the pointed edge of your spudger tool in order to carefully remove the metal shield covering the Touch ID cable.

Removing screws in iPhone 5s

Remove the Assembly

Remove the four screws holding down the shield that covers the display cables. To do this, use your #000 screwdriver.

Once all four screws are removed, carefully remove the shield and set it aside.

Reconnecting cables after battery replacement n iPhone 5S

Remove The Cables

Now use your spudger tool in order to remove the three cables shown in the image below. You’ll need to remove the two off to the far right in order to reveal the third and final cable, which sits below them

separating display assembly in iPhone 5S

Display assembly Free

The display assembly should now be free from the body of the phone. Go ahead and set the display assembly aside.

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Replacing bottom screws

Replace the battery

Remove the two screws holding down the battery cable using your #000 Phillips screwdriver.

Gently lift the battery shield out of your iPhone 5s and carefully set it aside.


Removing battery cable in iPhone 5S

Replace The Battery

Use your spudger tool to carefully pry up the battery cable.

Re-position the metal shield that sits over the three cables and replace the four screws that hold it in place, remembering where each one came from — they are all different sizes.

Removing screws in iPhone 4S

Replace the back plate

Once you are confident that the display is seated correctly again, use your security screwdriver in order to replace the two screws on either side of the dock connector.

To conclude this Battery replacement guide I must mention that iPhone 5s is indeed a delicate device so please whatever you do if you try this by yourself always remember to do it in front of professional supervision or rather it is recommended to get the help from the best and trusted iPhone repair centers. At Techyuga we provide the best in class mobile phone repairing services at an affordable for all brands including the iPhone. Having served more than 30,000 customers all over India and operating currently on 26,000+ postal codes we are proudly the best repair service center in the country. Call us on 9088888835 OR Live chat with our engineers here, you can also book a repair here to avail our expert repair service within your budget.


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