iPhone 6 Screen Replacement In India| A Guide by Techyuga

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement in India. A Guide By Techyuga

Thinking about replacing your iPhone’s damaged screen when your phone is already out of warranty? Well, it may sound very tricky but with our guide, you can do it if you want it to do by yourself. We have previously written about how to replace iPhone 5 screen we will further help you to replace screen in iPhone 6 Screen Replacement In India. As many of you know, all the iPhone screens including the iPhone 6 screen are fragile. So accidents can easily leave the screen broken. In such cases, it is definitely clear that your iPhone 6 screen needs replacement. However, looking for iPhone screen replacement services online can be tricky and confusing since you will have to look for the best service centers online for your cell phone who can carry out this delicate process of screen replacement without causing further damage to the motherboard of the mobile phone. In this guide, we would like to educate the users as to how to replace an iPhone 6 screen so that you can choose the repair centers wisely. Moreover, this guide would be helpful for people who are looking for a DIY iPhone 6 screen replacement tutorial to save a few bucks from being spent behind expensive Apple Service Centers. For the technical people who are looking to do the screen replacement on their own, we are one of the greatest supplier of iPhone OEM spare parts in India shipping to all major cities of the country so that you can purchase the screen yourself and have it replaced. Having said this, it is nonetheless always recommended that you get a professional technician who can repair your device with utmost precision. So here is our take on how to replace the broken screen of your iPhone 6 so that you can yourself get your phone up and running in no time.

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Opening iPhone 6

Switching off iPhone 6

Power off your iPhone 6

Before performing any repair you should always power off your device before opening it up.

fixing screws in new display iPhone 6

Remove broken display

Use your suction cup to carefully pry up the bottom of the display. Position the suction cup right above the Home button as shown in the photo below. Just take care not to pull up too hard as there are still cables at the top holding the display to the logic board.

Swing up the display enough to reveal the top right of the inside of the iPhone. This is where the cables sit that we need to disconnect.

Use your #000 Phillips screwdriver to remove the five screws shown in the photo below. Be sure not to mix up these screws as they are all different sizes and should be put back in the same order. It always helps me to put them in a pattern similar to how they go in the shield.

Removing cables from display

Remove broken display

Remove the display shield using your fingers or small tweezers. Just take care not to snag the cables underneath.
There are four cables holding the display to the logic board. Remove the first two cables shown in the photo below using the flat end of your spudger tool. Be very careful not to pry at the board and only at the cables themselves. They should come free rather easily.

Removing third cable from iPhone 6

Remove broken display

After removing the first two cables, a third cable is now visible. Remove it the same way you did the previous two.

Removing display assembly in iPhone 6

Remove broken display

You should see one remaining cable underneath the third cable. Remove it the same way. The display assembly should be free.

iPhone 6 touch id removal
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Transfer Touch ID

On the back of your broken display, remove the two screws on the Touch ID shield. Again, remember not to mix up any screws.

Removing touch id in iPhone 6

Transfer Touch ID

The silver shield holding Touch ID in place can now be removed.

Removing home button assembly

Transfer Touch ID

Gently push the Home button from the front of the display. The only thing holding it in place is adhesive. You can apply a small amount of heat with a hairdryer if you’d like to make the removal process easier.

Removing cables from touch id iPhone 6

Transfer Touch ID

Place the entire Touch ID and Home button assembly in the replacement display, making sure it is lined up correctly.

Secure the single cable holding Touch ID to the front assembly.

Replacing screws and shields in iPhone 6

Replace Silver Shield

Replace the silver shield and the two screws holding it in place.

fixing screws in new display iPhone 6

Install new display

Secure the four cables on the new display assembly to the logic board of your iPhone, in reverse order of how you removed them.

Replace the display shield and the five screws that hold it in place, using your #000 Phillips screwdriver.

replacing new screen in iPhone 6

Install new display

Line up the top of the display, paying attention to the indents in the frame and the grooves at the top of the display.

Replace dock screws

Replace the two screws on either side of the Lightning Dock. Be sure not to screw them in too tight, which could result in you stripping them. Stripped screws make it difficult to remove them later if you need to.

Test new display

Once your iPhone 6 is back together and you’re sure you have no spare parts (hint: you shouldn’t!), it’s safe to power it back on. If all went well, you should see an Apple logo (if you see lines or a black screen, refer to the note below).

Once it boots back up, you’re ready to start testing everything! To ensure everything is working as it should, test the following functions:

Test the touch screen by typing on a keyboard and testing for dead spots on the screen

Place a test call and put your finger over the top sensors to make sure the screen goes dark like it does when your face is against it during a call

Ensure you can hear calls out of the earpiece

Transfer a call to speakerphone or play music

Test Touch ID and Home button functionality to ensure both are working properly — I suggest adding a new fingerprint to verify Touch ID.

Hope this blog helped you to learn about iPhone 6 Screen Replacement.


How Much is the Cost of iPhone Screen or display repair and replacement in India

Cracking or breaking your iPhone 6’s screen or LCD display can be an unfortunate thing. However, once the glass display is broken it becomes mandatory to get an iPhone 6 screen replacement or in simple words to get an iPhone 6 cracked screen repair. The cost of replacing an iPhone 6 screen can vary depending on where you are getting the repair. Accordingly, here are the three options by which you can get your iPhone 6’s broken glass screen or display to be repaired.

Repair From Apple Authorized Service Center:

When we face any issue with our device, first thing comes in our mind is visit an authorized service center. We generally think the so-called “Authorized “service center will give us genuine service but that is partial truth we know. The biggest disadvantage of getting your iPhone 6 screen replaced or repaired from an authorized service center is that

  • Although they claim 100% genuine products but no warranties are guaranteed
  • Secondly the costs are extremely high.

Repair from Local Shops :

The hefty price of the Apple stores thus leaves you with the second option of getting a cheap repair from local shops. They are quick in their service and you will get back your iPhone 6 in no time and at a reasonable budget. Yet there are disadvantages of getting the cracked iPhone 6 screen repaired from local technicians which are

  • Cheap quality repair and the replacement would be made with a locally manufactured cheap quality screen.
  • No genuine part, rather inferior quality screen which not only is lesser bright than the original but might also lack compatibility and therefore might damage the motherboard.


Repair Your Apple iPhone 6 Broken Display Screen with Techyuga In India:

At service centers like Techyuga, you can expect to get the best quality iPhone 6 screen at a much lower cost. Here are the advantages of getting your glass display screen repair from Techyuga.

  • Replacement done with High Quality OEM spare part which are manufactured by same people who manufacture screen for Apple.
  • Reasonable Cost. The cost of iPhone 6 screen replacement is much lower than authorized service centers yet the quality of work is almost like the Apple authorized service center
  • Warranty is given
  • Doorstep pickup and delivery all over India across 26000 postal codes.


Local Screen Vs OEM Brand Screen 



DIY Screen Replacement

Sometimes you might want to do the iPhone 6 screen replacement yourself, in that case, you can buy the screen from Techyuga and with the help of our repair blogs you can do the repair yourself or you can get the screen repaired from skilled professionals near you.


To conclude this iPhone display screen replacement guide I must mention that iPhone 6 is indeed a delicate device so please whatever you do if you try this by yourself always remember to do it in front of professional supervision or rather it is recommended to get the help from the best and trusted iPhone repair centers. At Techyuga we provide the best in class mobile phone repairing services at an affordable for all brands including the iPhone. Having served more than 30,000 customers all over India and operating currently on 26,000+ postal codes we are proudly the best repair service center in the country. So feel free to reach regarding all your screen replacement issues. Call us or Live chat with us or book a repair from us avail our expert repair service within your budget.


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