Kaspersky Top 10 tips on Internet Security

Words of Sachin Tendulkar, Originally posted by Souvik Chowdhury on Kaspersky blogs explaining important tips on internet security

1. The Internet helps me stay connected with my fans and well-wishers. So whether I am on Facebook or Twitter, or looking up any specific information on the Net, I am exposed to threats. The same holds true for you. The best way to counter such online or offlinethreats is to stay protected at all times by using an antivirus solution, one – that doesn’t slow down whatever you are doing, while at the same time, gives you the highest level of protection you deserve so you don’t need to worry about Security.

2. Make sure the antivirus you are using is not pirated.

3. To all my young friends who are on social media, please do maintain your privacy.

4. Do not share any kind of sensitive information on Social media – be it about family, credit card information or your bank account details, personal photos, or anything that will become a cause of regret in future.

5. My kids spend a lot of time on the Internet. As parents, it is important to monitor and ensure inappropriate content does not reach and thus influence them. Talking to your kids about Internet dangers is important.

6. These days a lot of people use the Internet on their smartphones and other handheld devices. It is important to secure these devices as well, as they are easy to lose and then your information can fall into the wrong hands.

7. A lot of people ask me what apps I download. Honestly, I don’t. But my kids do download a lot of games, etc. My advice in this case would be to please exercise caution while downloading apps randomly, and always check the reviews, if possible, to ascertain the nature of the app.

8. For those who do online banking or buy things online, the Kaspersky Internet Security solution has a very unique feature called Safe Money, which when activated, creates a green coloured protective window (you will actually be able to see the green border in the browser!) that creates a double layer of protection. This is very important as more and more of us are buying stuff online these days.

9. When it comes to online banking, please ensure you use a ‘virtual keyboard’ as you don’t want to give out your banking passwords to anyone.

10. Last but not least, before visiting any website or clicking on any random link, please stop for a while, take a closer look, think whether it is really necessary and then connect. Better to be safe than sorry.


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