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What Is The Laptop Hinge Repair Cost In India. Laptop Hinge Repair Cost List By Techyuga.

What is the Laptop Hinge Repair Cost Price In India?

Question:  The laptop hinge is broken. What is the Laptop Hinge repair cost in India?

Answer: A fractured laptop hinge is a physical issue that is rarely covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Are you concerned about a broken laptop hinge? Don’t be concerned; it’s easily repaired. In any company, this is the most common problem with computers. We understand that you can’t live without your laptop because the hinge is the critical component that connects the screen holder to the keyboard system.

That means that you need to repair your laptop hinge. So a question must arise how much does it cost to repair a laptop hinge? Let me tell you that the cost of repairing the laptop hinge may vary based on the quality and model you choose. The laptop hinge repair cost in India might range from 500INR to 1000INR.

Techyuga is the place where you can get the best laptop hinge repair service in India. All you have to do to get help is fill out a repair request on our website or call us at  9088888835, or book a repair and one of our employees will contact you as soon as possible.

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Why Does The Laptop Hinge Break?

There are a Lots of reasons why your Laptop hinges may break or get damaged, most of which are related to usage and maintenance difficulties, as hinge wear is rarely a manufacturing flaw.

  1. The most common reason for breaking the laptop hinge is the incorrect method of opening and closing the laptop screen. Many regular laptop users, not only newbies, have the terrible habit of closing the lid with one hand. This is bad for the device since holding just one side while closing puts a disproportionate amount of strain on that end, causing extra torque and imbalanced wear.
  1. Another reason laptop hinges fail is that the workstation’s construction may not be that sturdy, to begin with. Factory errors can possible when the laptop has manufacturing flaws. These laptops are frequently inexpensive and poorly constructed, increasing the likelihood of breakage. The majority of these low-cost workstations are designed to withstand market fluctuations. They aren’t built to be as durable as they may be, and even a little fall can cause damage, including hinge fracture.
  1. Always keep the gadget away from elevated surfaces to avoid this problem. Finally, one big risk associated with inappropriate use is that many users carelessly handle their laptops by the screen. Your computer’s base is often heavier than the top, which houses the display. Carry your laptop by the lid to avoid damaging the hinges.

Laptops, of course, can tumble and be damaged in the process. Your laptop could fall out of your hands by mistake or be placed carelessly near an elevated structure. You’ll have to cope with a broken laptop if it falls. In such instances, you should take your laptop to a nearby laptop repair center.

What Are The Types Of Laptop Hinge Breakage Or Damage 

The cost, effort, and expertise necessary to repair a hinge problem are determined by the type of damage they have sustained. There are four different types of problems that could occur.

  1. The first situation is that the string nuts are hooked to the laptop panel, which will break.
  1. The second issue that could occur is a disintegrating plastic container that stores brass screws.
  1. The third reason for hinge maintenance is that hinges might break down into two pieces.
  1. As a result of the unequal strain, the screen stops working or starts to flicker, which is the fourth cause of hinge damage.

How Much Does Laptop Hinge Repair Cost In India?

As we mentioned earlier that the price of the laptop hinge repair depends on the types of the model which you need to repair. Here are the list of the Laptop hinge repair cost in India.


Popular Models

Price (Approx.)

Dell Laptop hinge repair cost in India

Inspiron & Vostro & Latitude

INR 600 + INR250 (repair charge)

IBM Laptop hinge repair cost in India

IBM G series and most of the other IBM laptops

INR 550 + INR250(repair charge)

Lenovo Laptop hinge repair cost in India

Lenovo G450 to G455 series along with other laptops

INR 530 + INR250(repair charge)

HP Laptop hinge repair cost In India

HP 6535B series

INR 520 + INR250(repair charge)

HP Laptop hinge repair cost In India

HP 15, Pavilion G6 & DV series

INR 610 + INR250(repair charge)

Acer Laptop hinge repair cost in India

Acer Aspire series

INR 530 + INR250(repair charge)

Lenovo Laptop hinge repair cost in India

Lenovo Ideapad seriesAcer Aspire series

INR 460 to INR 660 + INR250(repair charge)

Toshiba Laptop hinge repair cost in India

Toshiba Satellite series

INR 660 + INR250(repair charge)

Microsoft Surface Laptop hinge repair cost in India

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 8PN-00013 Laptop

INR 660 + INR 250( repair charge)


Why Choose Techyuga For Your Laptop Hinge Repair In India?

If You choose Techyuga for Laptop Hinge Repair the main advantage you will get.

Advantages you get If you choose Techyuga
Reasons to Choose Techyuga For Your Laptop Services:
Certified Engineers
Engineers are the main pillar of our company, so we never compromised while recruiting them. Unlike other local shops, all our engineers are CompTIA A+ certified, which ensures top-quality work. Engineers of Techyuga have a minimum of 10-year of professional experience. We never hire inexperienced fresher for the repair work.

Local repair shops have only a few individuals who work for all the departments For this reason, the quality of work is often hampered. But we have separate teams of engineers for each repair work. For example, we have specific teams for laptop repair, desktop repair, smartphone repair, iPhone or iPad repair, and so on. As a result, you will get top-quality service from us.
Professional Behavior
Professional behavior is a form of etiquette in the workplace that is linked primarily to respectful and courteous conduct. So, the main focus of our service flow is to maintain extreme professionalism. We handle each device with utmost supervision.

Most of the local shop out there is very much casual and unprofessional while providing their service. But we understand the importance of your device for your personal and professional use. So we execute our job keeping that in our mind.
Reasonable Cost With Highest Quality
As you already know authorized service center will charge you double or triple the price in comparison to the market price in the name of genuine parts. On the other hand, if you visit a local repair shop, they will fool you with cheap china parts.

But we neither charge you with double amount nor our quality of service is compromised. We deal with original Or genuine OEM parts only and we completely take the responsibility for the parts that we are selling.
Device Protection
Protection of your device is our prime responsibility. Local repair shops don’t bother about you and your device. They store all the devices together in one place. So it is often seen that laptop or mobile parts get exchanged unknowingly. And many times they did it knowingly.

But the case is not the same with us. We maintain total professionalism from our very first step of service. We always do paper works for every part we are collecting for repair. We take the signature of the customer on every removable part of every device. We also use the sticker to mark them with your ticket number. And we do not provide duplicate parts, that is how we work. For example, if we are collecting your laptops we will ask you to sign on your laptop screen, keyboard, HD, Motherboard, and so on. This is to ensure that your device parts never get replaced.
Clean And Professional Workshop
Every single part of electronic devices like a chip and circuits is very much delicate and sensitive. A little bit of dust or moisture can really affect your devices. So we have an international standard workshop to keep safe all our devices. No local repair shop can maintain this much care for your device as most of the small repair shops have a single table as their work area and this is the truth.

Your device will have full protection and security when it is under our service. All our workshop is under 24/7 CCTV cameras. No unauthorized person, not even our engineer can touch your device without authorization.
Free And Timely Pickup/Delivery
With Techyuga you don’t need to pay one single penny extra for picking up or delivering your device at your place. If you avail of our service you will get free home service without any extra charge anywhere in Bangalore.

Techyuga is known for its accurate on-time pickup and delivery. We never miss our allotted schedule. If you are unable to visit our workshop, don’t worry. We will pick up and deliver your device at the scheduled time with proper device protection.
Always Ready Customer Support
Local repair shops have zero Customer Service at all. They neither are available on the phone nor have any online portal for resolving any customer query. Cases can be seen when they collect customers’ devices but after that, they just don’t respond to calls.

But, our team of customer support is always available at your service. You can call our hotline number or join the Live Chat section of our website any time you want and get an obvious response from our side. We are always answerable to our questions and doubts (regarding our service) if you have any. Feel free to contact us.
Final Inspection Of Each Device
Techyuga has some set of strict rules. We never hand over a device without final inspection. In this process of Final Inspection, we put each device under 24 hours continuous test and then labeled it with a tag of “OK Tested” batch. Only those device with this batch or sticker is considered ready to deliver. It means once your device is delivered, you can ensure that it has gone through all the checking parameters and there are no bad surprises for you.

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Other Laptop Repair Services Provided By Techyuga.

Laptop Repair SERVICEs pRovided By Techyuga
Techyuga can provide all sorts of Laptop repair services such as :
Laptop Screen Replacement
There are various factors that might cause laptop screen problems, regardless of whatever brand you use. Even when the laptop is turned on, the display may occasionally go blank. You might also notice some white lines running down the screen.
Your laptop isn’t a paperweight just because the display is failing or damaged.

Furthermore, you should be aware that repairing your laptop screen on your own is not usually the easiest operation. Indeed, there’s a danger you’ll make things worse. In this case, the best choice is to hire a professional to repair your laptop screen. Techyuga has a highly qualified technician that can resolve your laptop display problem. We also provide high-quality OEM parts in case you need replacement.
Laptop Battery Replacement
If your laptop’s battery backup has decreased since you first started using it, the cause may not be the laptop’s quality, but something you’ve been ignoring for a long time. Laptop battery draining quickly is a fairly frequent problem that many laptop users suffer, regardless of which brand of computer they have.

Your battery has died and has to be replaced if your computer suddenly shuts down without notice. So if you are not able to find the best Laptop Battery replacement in India then Techyuga is the correct place for you.
Laptop Keyboard Replacement
Are you tapping away on your keyboard, expecting to see letters but instead seeing random characters? Or, even worse, if your laptop’s keyboard is broken? Your laptop is useless without a working keyboard. Because you can’t switch the keyboard on a laptop like you can on a desktop PC, this is a major issue.

A laptop keyboard may stop operating for a variety of reasons. We’ve got your back, whatever the reason. And, because laptops feature highly delicate and small ICs, replacing the keyboard on your own could make things worse. So the best solution is to get your laptop keyboards replaced by professionals.
Techyuga is one of India’s leading laptop repair service providers. Techyuga offers the most inexpensive and high-quality laptop keyboard replacement in India.
Laptop RAM Replacement
Defective RAM can result in a variety of issues. These issues could include frequent crashes, freezes, reboots, or Blue Screens of Death, and a defective RAM chip could be to blame. Bad RAM is a very likely culprit if these annoyances occur when you’re operating a memory-intensive application or game. If all of the memory modules appear to be defective, the issue is most likely with the memory slot.

Techyuga is one of India’s leading laptop repair service providers. Techyuga provides the most inexpensive and high-quality laptop RAM replacement service in India. We have licensed and skilled laptop repair technicians at Techyuga who can replace the RAM in your laptop swiftly.
Laptop Motherboard Repair
A manufacturing flaw, such as leaking electrolytic capacitors, could potentially cause problems. Your motherboard may be severely damaged beyond repair in some cases. The only option in such a circumstance is to replace the laptop motherboard.

However, doing it on your own will exacerbate the problem, as laptops include extremely sensitive ICs and circuits. It is strongly advised that only specialists repair or replace the motherboard in your laptop.

Techyuga is one of India’s leading laptop repair companies. In India, Techyuga provides component level laptop motherboard repair for all major laptop brands.
Laptop Hard Disk Repair
A laptop’s hard disk can be destroyed for a variety of causes. An inadvertent human error, overheating, or water damage are all possibilities. firmware corruption or hardware failure We have solutions for every problem at Techyuga, no matter what it is. Techyuga is India’s leading laptop hard disk repair company. In India, we provide the best laptop repair and replacement services.
Laptop IC & Body Repair
Metal laptop cases are much more durable and long-lasting. It can withstand more abrasive treatment. Plastic chassis, on the other hand, are lighter, stronger, and more easier to manufacture, but they are more susceptible to physical damage. But don’t be concerned! Fortunately, Techyuga has a team of experts who specialize in all types of laptop repairs, whether they are made of metal or plastic. They can help you whether your laptop is partially or completely damaged.

Techyuga provides the most affordable and high-quality laptop Body Repair service. It is possible to travel throughout India. The laptop’s body, like the bodies of other electrical devices, is one of the most important parts of the laptop. If this
Laptop Virus Removal
In any case, if you’ve detected any indicators of a virus or malware infection, such as popup adverts everywhere, browser redirection, loss of functionality, privacy breach, or other unexpected things, it’s time to remove the virus or malware from your computer right away.

It’s vital to realize that malware can infiltrate your system and do anything from damaging you as a user to crashing your computer’s apps. When we talk about malware, we’re talking about anything hazardous, such as viruses, that can slow down computers and cause issues in their operating systems (OS).
We provide the best virus malware removal service in India at Techyuga service center. Please call us as soon as possible to set up an appointment with one of our technicians for the best virus malware removal service for your laptop.
Laptop Liquid Damage Repair
If your laptop comes into actual contact with water, have it inspected as quickly as possible by an expert. You should hand over your broken laptop to experts who can repair and service it.

We have certified laptop repair professionals at Techyuga who specialize in repairing all types of laptop liquid damage. You only need to book a repair and you will receive the best laptop liquid damage repair service available.
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