How To Protect Your Laptop From Moisture Damage

Laptop Moisture Damage
I love the Monsoon.  The splash of the rain drop on my face and beautiful aroma of Petrichor  and moisture in the air always brings a smile to my face reminds me my childhood activity and feel nostalgic.

Sadly the things that make me the happiest are exactly the things that make my laptop smartphone and iPhone sad.

Here are some tips to Monsoon Proof  your smartphone, laptop and iphone in this moisture


Tips To Protect Your Laptop From Moisture Damage

Don’t Block the Exhaust Vents

Probably the most important tip, and also one of the easiest things to do, is to avoid blocking the exhaust vents on your laptop.  Excessive heat – especially for long periods – causes all sorts of problems for laptops including unexplained crashes, random shutdowns and reduced life expectancy

Wait a While After Moving From Outside to Air-Conditioning

Significant temperature and humidity changes can wreak havoc on electronic devices.  Taking your laptop from outside to an air-conditioned hotel or office room  could create real problems.

Condensation quickly forms on the inside of your laptop in situations like this, and water + electricity + moving parts is not a great combination.  Turn the machine off before moving it (good advice regardless of the temperature), and wait a few minutes for it to adjust to the new conditions before switching it back on again.

If water Damage by Rain don’t turn on the device

Dry the device first then enter in air condition room because moisture in board  and sudden drop in temperature and condensation wreck motherboard badly .

Sulphur damaged

Sulphur is top most problem in the monsoon moisture  in air and other pollutant boost sulphur start to grow in motherboard. So its best have service and chemical wash before monsoon start.

Give it Air

Unless you are a skilled repair technician, it’s best not to attempt to open the back of your computer. Leave the power off for at least a day, and place your computer or hand held device in a dry area to avoid short outs from moisture you can’t see.Also Clean the Laptop Keyboard because dust can lead to bigger problem .

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