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Laptop service center in Chandni Chowk Kolkata

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laptop service center in chandni chowk

Laptop service center in Chandni chowk Kolkata the place you can find the solution for any technical issue from a torch light to a super computer issue you can fix anything here. A big gadget service station of Kolkata. However, do anyone knows how actually the work is done there? Does anyone know if the parts which are fitted in are genuine or not? does anyone know that your old parts are fixed and installed back as new or not? Well, let us find out if the rumors are true or just hoax. Welcome to laptop service center in Chandni Chowk Kolkata.

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Laptop service center in Chandni Chowk


Everyone in Kolkata knows about Chandni Chowk, everyone knows it’s a gadget central of Kolkata what you can not find in whole Kolkata you will find it here.

But no one knows what actually happens there today we will tell you how they operate you may be able to relate if you ever have opted service from a laptop service center in Chandni chowk Kolkata.


What is Chandni chowk?


Chandni Chowk is a place in central Kolkata the hub of gadget repairing and selling. The place came to focus when the Chandni Chowk metro station in Kolkata started.

A place where you find the solution for your every technological issue and that too at a very affordable price.

Well, let me tell you what you think and see is not always true. You might feel that you will get a good service at a cheap price but my friend everything that is cheap in life has no longevity. Same can be said for most of the laptop service centers in Chandni Chowk. I have reasons and prove to claim this and to be honest I do not need to give prove because of the laptop service centers in Chandni chowk most of the people can not trust any legit tech support company in Kolkata, You know because of parts swapping, unauthorized technicians etc.

So that is Chandni chowk in a nutshell for you. however, there are also legit laptop service centers in Chandni chowk but they also get caught in the crossfire of fake and bad laptop service center.


 How does Laptop service center in Chandni chowk operate?


laptop service center in chandni chowk kolkata


Let me tell you how the laptop service center in Chandni operates no not the legit ones I am talking about them who takes your laptop to fix hard disk and returns it with r.a.m and motherboard missing, yes them.

Let me first set a scenario for everyone to understand it easily –

You have a laptop which needs to get a yearly or monthly service done, you went to Chandni chowk you are looking for a service station who can do the service at a affordable price you enter a good looking shop they are asking rs.700 you went out because you feel it is too expensive for just a service, let me tell you here laptop/desktop servicing is a very crucial part of your laptop life longevity. Now you went out of the shop and you again started exploring for another shop and fortunately, you find one shop who is doing the service for rs.200 you feel happy and you submit the laptop to them.

Good enough till now? Great now you take the laptop back home after service without any question after a day or two you see the laptop is heating up just like before and the heat is more this time you take the laptop back again and because you do not have a bill they deny it on your face  and even if you make them believe that you have done it guess what you are paying again this time you are charged rs.300 for the problem.

You take it back home and this time beeping sound starts coming out you take it back again and this time you pay rs. 500 for this so total you paid rs.1000 without you not even realizing.

Next, you take it to the brand service center which is also a laptop service center in Chandni. This time you hope that because it is authorized they will fix it well. But its the same issue. Just because they have a big Lenovo or Dell banner in front of their shop it does not mean they are actually authorized.


laptop service center in chandni


Do you think this is an authorized Lenovo laptop service center in Chandni? No, It is not it is just a cover up. Or you can call it a bait to lure customers in.

See laptop service center in Chandni chowk which is not legit depends on –



They will give you a price you will think if the guy who is telling you the price is a fool but you are the fool here that is just the start you will be giving more to that person even he/she knows it. Not only that the placard the sign boards outside the shop everything is decisive.


Taking advantage:

If you are in a hurry or you have an emergency they will take that as an opportunity and you will be charged really high and the job? good question.


Parts swap:

Yes, this issue here is faced by everyone but the legit laptop service center will never do this. What the other shops do is swap your genuine parts with a Chinese low-grade part so you keep coming back they earn from you and by reselling the original part back to you.



See now I am going to break it down to you that why you should not go for laptop service in Chandni chowk Kolkata –



See working on any device require a clean tidy place if the place is untidy your device will get dust in them and no matter what you do it is bound to break down.


laptop repair in chandni chowk kolkata

Look at this place oil dust pollution everything goes into your device and you think it is getting serviced well no it is getting worse.



The behavior of a person who is providing you with service you expect them to behave professionally but laptop service center in Chandni chowk you will find everything in the people who are working there except a professional behavior they will be sitting with friends chatting with them not paying heed to your query. Well if you pay them they might look at the issue but it will not be satisfactory for you.


Desktop service in chandni chowk kolkata


Duplicate Parts:

Yes, if the laptop service center in Chandni not legit you will be duped with duplicate parts. It happens on a daily basis that is why people lose trust even with the legit ones.


Laptop service in chandni


Over Charge:

If you are in Chandni you will never get the same cost from any of the laptop service centers in Chandni. But if you are in an emergency situation they will over charge you, if you are in hurry they will over charge you and in an emergency situation you will pay them more without any question but that is not a legit thing to do.


Laptop fixing in Chandni chowk kolkata


Missing Parts:

Parts missing is a daily case in Chandni they take out the original part change it with a china one which will start having issue within few hours of installation then you bring it back they will say it is broken remember you already paid for some other issue now you are paying for the same part that was removed again and that to the price is a brand new part.


Laptop service in chandni kolkata


Unauthorized Technicians:

There is the difference between authorized service center and having an authorized technician. If the service center has authorized technician then that service center is more authorized than the authorized shop to work on your device because companies like dell and Lenovo will give you authorization if you have a decent looking shop and if you have at least one authorized technician, that to you will need it only on the first time any freelancer will be ready to do it for you.

And 90% of the time they use unauthorized technicians for servicing your device. Cheap labor you see.


Mobile service in chandni chowk kolkata


No Timely Delivery:

If you have submitted your laptop to laptop service center in Chandni chowk then be rest assured you are not going to get it on a given time you will get it after a week from the given date or a month from the given date because

“The work is not finished yet Sir my dog’s aunt had diarrhea yesterday”

Laptop service center in Chandni chowk will give you out of the box reasons why the work was not done in the time it is just that they are very lazy or not capable.


How Techyuga operates


Now I will tell you how we operate, Trust me this is how every other tech support company should operate which will help people not rip them off.

Tidy workplace:

We know how delicate every board or chip or a single circuit can be so we keep our workstation and workshop clean and tidy so there is no dust which can get in while laptop repairing or laptop servicing or be doing any gadget repair.



We understand how our client and customers want us to behave more than that we value the time of ours as well as the customer’s so we do not sit and chit chat or waste time while our customers wait for our response. So being professional is just one of our traits.



Now here comes a question that how we keep all the parts protected. We do paper works for every part every individual deal made we take the signature of the customer on every removable part of every device. and we use the sticker to mark them with your ticket number. And we do not provide duplicate parts, that is just how we work.


hardisk repair in chandni chowk kolkata



We do not think that a customer is a one-time rodeo we believe in building a relationship with our customer so naturally we take what is legit and we do not over charge no matter what the situation is if the customer is in a hurry or the situation is an emergency we still don’t over charge.


Authorized technician:

We do not have just one authorized technician we have teams of authorized technicians every team is expert in their own niche, for example, we have a team of apple experts who only works on apple products and nothing else. And because we have guys like these we do a testing process after our work is done I can bet no laptop service center in Chandni chowk runs the test on their repaired devices that too for 48 hours straight without stopping pushing the device to the limit.

Only then we mark it with “OK TESTED” badge.


apple ipad service in chandni chowk kolkata


Time of delivery:

We know how valuable time is so we do not mess around with time if we are late which is a very rare case that means the device has failed the repair quality test and we are running our tests again apart from this every device is delivered on time every time to every customer.


techyuga customers



What Makes Techyuga Different From Other Laptop Service Center In Chandni Chowk?


best service center in chandni chowk kolkata



1. In Home Support: You don’t have to roam around repair shops to fix your device issue. One can simply a book technician by filling up the from on our site or by a live chat with our engineers and schedule an appointment at his/her convenience. And our engineers will attend you on given time at any given address in Kolkata.


2. Technical Expertise: All our engineers are certified and authorized to work on any device. Our engineers have got the technical expertise to resolve any hardware/software issue onsite.


3. Maximum Availability: Our support team is always available 24 hours a day via phone, live chat, and email. It means, any time you have any doubt or any question, you can simply visit techyuga and live chat with our support assistant.


Our engineers are available to attend you anytime between 8 AM to 10 PM. Most of the days, our engineers have to work up to 2 AM at customer’s home to fulfill their requirements. And we are happy to see, how much people respect our dedication.

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