Best Way To Find Laptop Service Center Near Me In Kolkata

Find Laptop Service Center Near Me In Kolkata

Finding a good laptop service center nearby is quite a hectic job. Though in this era of digitization the task becomes little easier than before but it is also gettinging little confusing to choose the right one. When you search for a Laptop Service Center near me or nearby in google, you can find out a lot of name in your search result but trusting someone is quite a confusing decision. You need to do a hell out of research about the service center. But there are very few service center in Kolkata who give proper details about their service and service center in there website. So it is impossible to trust on them properly.

Find Smartphone Service Center Near Me In Kolkata

Smartphones are also very essential part of our life and when the phone don’t function for any reason it becomes a nightmare for us. Without our smartphone our work will be stopped and that will hamper many important things. There are many Smartphone Service Center in your locality but the best one is difficult to choose like the issue of Laptop service center. And for phone where all your important data is saved you don’t afford to lose them or unfold them in some wrong hands. You have to choose wisely while giving your phone to someone’s hand who can protect your data and solve the problem.

Techyuga is always at your reach


Keeping in mind of these above problems Techyuga give laptop repair service near by you anywhere you live in kolkata and nearby places of kolkata. Techyuga provide services everywhere. We in Techyuga provide door step service everywhere in kolkata and our engineers solve your problem in front of you. We in Techyuga use all the OEM certified parts to give you Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone parts Replacement service. We are not just a service center we are the Hardware Networking repairing service provider company near you.

How Other Service Center Works

There are many hardware repair shop in chandni chowk or at your locality but most of them are not very trustworthy as the market of hardware is stuffed with unscrupulous businessman. There are many duplicate parts available in market and They Replace your original parts with fake old parts.If you are girl then there is high chance they try to install a bug to access your webcam over internet.They try steal your personal data. They fit damage part so you come again and again and they generate revenue they treat you like seating duck. They install some Trojan to make your laptop be part large scale criminal activity. So always stay aware of this things.

How Techyuga Works?

Techyuga is the Best Laptop Service Center near by you in Kolkata is guaranteed by our 750+ positive reviews in google. Let’s talk about the services provided by Techyuga to Their customers-

  1. Laptop Screen Replacement In Techyuga we repair all type of laptop screen related issue like broken screen replacement, Pixel damage etc. We replace the damaged screen with brand new OEM Certified screen according to the laptop Model number. There is no chance of frauding in our task.
  2. Laptop Keyboard Replacement Laptop keyboard are one the vulnerable part of any laptop brands and more or less most of the laptop user face the problem of faulty keyboard. As a Laptop service center near by you techyuga replaces your faulty keyboard with the new one at your home.
  3. Laptop Battery Replacement We replaces all type of laptop battery at your home and you will get the original company battery in the minimum cost with warranty.
  4. Laptop Motherboard Replacement Laptop’s Motherboard is the spinal cord of your laptop and it is important to repair and replace them from a reputed company so that there will be no chance of getting deceived by anyone. We don’t replace your motherboard with any scrap motherboard like many other. We give the original motherboard with warranty.
  5. iPhone Repair Service We repair every iPhone related issues from Broken Screen to battery replacement. iphone is a delicate and premium product and it is very precious to every customer and we take care of their feelings and do our best to resolve their problem and give them satisfactory result.
  6. Smartphone Repair Service- Like iphone we repair all type of smartphone issues and do it with great precision. If you type smartphone service center near me or smartphone service center near by you will find techyuga on top as we give the best smartphone repair service anywhere in Kolkata, Howrah, hooghly and other nearby places. Thats why we guarantee you that we are the best laptop service center near by you and also smartphone service center near by you. And you will find us when ever you type Laptop service center near me or smartphone service center near me. 

Why Should You Choose Techyuga?

Service At Your Home

You just don’t need to worry about bringing your Laptop,desktop,Smartphone,iphone or Printer to techyuga as our engineers go to your place and repair and if it is required to bring the device at our workshop we give a free delivery and pickup service. We will be there by your side as the laptop repair center near by or smartphone service center near by all ways without any extra charge.

Neat and Clean Workshop

We all ways keep in mind that every parts of your device is or a single circuit very important  so we maintain a strict cleanliness at our workplaces. We know the fact very well that if a little amount of dust go inside the laptop while repairing, it will cause affect the device.

Personalised Touch in Our Service

We maintain extreme professionalism with a very personalized touch. We understand customer’s requirement and provide service according to that. Our main focus is to serving our customers. Our whole team always keeps in mind that fact. That’s why we are the best laptop service center near by you.

Clear and Authentic Documentation Policy

The main question that arises in people’s mind that how we protect the parts and are what is our service procedure. We do paper works for every part every individual deal made. We take the signature of the customer on every removable part of every device and we mark them with your ticket number. And we do not provide duplicate parts, that is just how we work.

Low Cost Service

We believe in building a relationship with our customer and customer satisfaction is our main target. That’s why we don’t trust in defrauding our customer or garbing more money from the customers. We take what is legit and we do not extra charge on anything no matter what the situation is if the customer is in a hurry or the situation is an emergency we still don’t over charge. If you compare in market the price difference is very much evident.

Trained and Certified technician

We just do not have only one authorized or certified technician we have teams of authorized technician which consist specialist of every sector on which we work. And because we have guys like these we do a testing process after our work is done I can bet no Laptop Service Center in Barrackpore runs the test on their repaired devices that too for 48 hours straight without stopping pushing the device to the limit.

Only then we mark it with “OK TESTED” badge.

Same Day Screen Replacement Service

In Techyuga we provide Same Day Screen Replacement service for laptop and iPhone. We give you the fastest screen replacement service where ever you want.

On Time delivery

We try our best to give on time delivery and it is our USP. We value your Time.

Hope it will help to resolve your confusion of choosing best laptop service center near by you or best smartphone service center near by you.

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