Late night tech support in Kolkata

Late night tech support in Kolkata sounds like a dream or a B-Plan of an entrepreneur doesn’t it? But sorry to inform everyone late night tech support in Kolkata idea has been taken by the best tech support in Kolkata

Today I will tell you how we operate at night also and why we operate at night also.


Late night tech support


Late night tech support service was started because of every working person in Kolkata. We know how hectic it gets to maintain a work-life balance throughout the year. For example, you need to get your laptop repaired for a presentation next week and you are so packed up with work you are not able to get it fixed in the daytime and at night everything shuts down. Then when will you do it? That is where we come in the late night tech support in Kolkata, Techyuga.




Late night tech support in Kolkata is a new thing no one ever tried this in Kolkata. Now let me explain how a late night tech support work in Kolkata well it is very easy, Let me explain it to you –

A late night tech support is a concept adopted by many IT giants all over the globe it is not that the late night tech support system is only for foreign clients overseas that are the place where we tweaked the concept we are implying the same concept just for our own people.

The people who are willing to visit our workshop at night can schedule their visit in the morning.

At night the work is completed with high pace

We provide remote support to all around the world 24/7 however at night majorly we only provide support for India mostly Kolkata.

Late tech support is important in Kolkata because no one in Kolkata is providing this service which is very important. It is to help the people with busy schedule. Basically, we are batman of Kolkata.



Well now let us discuss how it will works –

First, you contact us via hotline number or you can initiate a chat on our website.

Second talk to our experts and inform them about the issue.

Third, tell them that you need a night service.

Fourth they will provide you with ticket number and  the address of the kestopore workshop

Fifth you visit them with the device if it is repairable then and there they will fix it and give it to you if they can not they will fix it within few days and deliver it to you.

Sound convenient? Because it is.


how techyuga works




The basic concept is to help the daytime working people. We understand that it is not always possible to maintain your office and small work like getting the laptop serviced. We are operating in night time also so we can help those who cannot get their device serviced in the daytime.

We have a special team of engineers who will work on your device at night.

It is not that only the engineering section runs at night everyone is active at night for support.

We keep additional parts with us if you need any parts replacement you will not need to wait.

We do not keep our customers waiting at night.

You can visit anytime at our service center in Kestopore, Kolkata for late night tech support only with




computer support in kolkata


See it is not that other tech support companies they are not capable of doing, it is the team that lack the integrity towards their organization.

First, is another company is not willing to take the risk for night tech support which we are taking.

Second, their team is not capable enough to devote themselves towards the company to work at night.

Third,  The capability of technicians is not up to the mark that they will fix the issue within few hours or 2-3 days.

Fourth, They do not have a remote support where you can contact for the software related issue.

Fifth, They do not have a 24/7 active customer support number where you can call them for your issue at night even. They will not entertain your query at 2:00 am in the night.


These are the reason we started the late night tech support in Kolkata. So, what are you worrying about?



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Hello World, I am the Founder And CEO Of Techyuga. I am working on building Techyuga to become India's No.1 end-to-end repair hub for all kinds of devices.

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