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Best Websites To Learn Cell Phone Repair Online

The courses offered in most of the cell phone repair training institutes, mobile training institutes, and laptop repairing institutes are mobile and laptop repairing courses, mobile phone repairing courses, laptop repairing courses, etc. Now there are a few advanced mobile repairing courses like the chip level repairing course, mobile engineering course, etc. that are provided by these hi-tech mobile repairing institutes. Some people also look for courses like mobile technician courses, mobile hardware courses, mobile flashing courses, and laptop maintenance courses. Online mobile repairing course is steadily going up the rise these days as more and more people are looking online for completing any course. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about which are currently some of the best websites that provide you the option to learn cell phone repair online for free.

Why Choose The Repair Industry

Cell Phone Repair

These days making a career in academics is not easy at all. Academics require the involvement of huge money as well as a lot of time and still, no one is sure if he or she will be successful or not in doing what they would do. That is the reason many people these days look for alternatives to academics and studies and try to make a career in that field. One alternative which we can think of being a Tech related company is the repairing field. This field is not very costly as most of the technical fields and also doesn’t requires much time to do the course. The two primary repairing service in the repairing industry are phone repairing service and laptop repairing service.

This industry has got some courses of its own as we explained earlier and one needs to expertise it in order to be called a lab technician or an engineer or expert of the mobile phone repair and laptop repair. If you want to become a full-time technician and get in the core of the Repair Industry, you don’t have to do much as this field requires you to learn only a few basic concepts that you can learn through short or medium-term courses without spending too much. Now you may want to know more about this and therefore look for a mobile phone repair course near me on Google. But, before you look for mobile repairing course near me you should know why you should look for mobile repairing course online. Below we have explained that in details.

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Why Learn Cell Phone Repair Online

There are a number of reasons as to why you should choose to do the cell phone repair training course online rather than offline. Below we are listing down some of the advantages of choosing to learn mobile phone repair online.

  • Real-Time Information & Knowledge
  • Updated Course Content & Mobile Repair Syllabus
  • Easy To Access
  • Lifetime Availability
  • Unlimited Usability
  • Instant Support
  • Lower Price

Best Websites To Learn Cell Phone Repair Online For Free

There are many big and also some small websites that you can go through and learn mobile phone repairing online. Some of them may charge you for the course, whereas, some might not charge you providing online mobile repairing course. Below we have listed down some of the best websites which provide mobile phone repair online for free. You can go through their websites and learn the smartphone repair course.

1. Techyuga


At Techyuga, we provide online cell phone repair course through our repair guides and video tutorials on YouTube. There are very few sites on the internet that provide video lessons on YouTube, we are one of them. We also write reviews on various repair tools and many technical-related blogs. We have been closely monitoring the needs and the resources available to our potential students. That’s why we have come up with a mobile repairing course that is fully designed for young as well as middle-aged people. Through our online mobile phone repairing course we make sure that we provide the best course contents to our students. Our mobile repairing syllabus covers all the basic things that you need to know about mobile repairing.

Other than providing the mobile repairing training course, we also provide Mobile Phone Repairing Service all over India and laptop repairing service In Kolkata. We provide affordable and professional chip-level repair for any issue with your phone all over India. In case, you need any help, Live Chat With Us | Call 9088888835 | Book Your Repair Job Here.

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iFixit is for sure the most renowned mobile phone repair training institute. They have a vast section where you can learn how to fix cell phones as well as almost every other electronic device and car too. One of their highlights is that they also write repair guides and many other useful repairing courses which are extremely comprehensive and made systematically. They have step-by-step pictures and videos accompanying the instructions which very well lets you learn mobile repairing step by step. Their guides have been well categorized and are very easy to browse through. iFixit is a pioneer of the right to repair movement, a concept that encourages and allows consumers to repair their own electronic and mechanical devices. They certainly offer one of the best mobile repairing course anywhere in the world.

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Smartphone Training Courses

Smartphone Training Courses is an online portal for learning mobile repairing, their portal says that their students master new skills and achieve their goals by learning from extensive DIY home appliances courses taught by expert online cell phone repair course instructors. They also offer distance learning programs which are great for keeping up one’s resume with the current and the latest technology about repairing course, whilst also updating one troubleshooting skills or simply studying a new area of interest.

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Laptop Repair Course

Laptop Repair Course is another repairing institute that provides laptop course online for free. They specialize in the diagnosis of the following laptop problems: Display Problems, Power Problems, System Problems, Operating System Problems, and Performance Problems. They are the right place to go if you want to learn how to repair laptops. Also one of their highlights is that they offer their lessons through an easily accessible video course. claims that most of their students had little or no experience when they started. But, after going through their free laptop repair course they have now become laptop repair gurus. This means anyone can learn how to do repair laptop. All one needs for successfully learning the laptop repairing course are the right instructors demonstrating how to do everything in hands-on, instructional HD videos which are offered by them.

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VK Repair

Vkrepair is another great blog updated frequently and great for people who want to learn how to repair mobile phones. To be precise, it is perfect for people who want to fix Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, etc. since this blog talks mostly about those problems. They also offer tutorials on various repair guides. One of the biggest and best repair guide which they have on offer is The Ultimate Guide On How To Make Money Repairing Electronics. They also write various technical and repair tool reviews. With the help of these, they offer one of the best cell phone repair training courses.

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Laptop Repair Made Easy is another laptop course providing site that specializes in providing online course contents to users through their video lessons on laptop repairing. They provide chip-level learning and chip level repairing training for all types of laptops and MacBooks through their video guides.

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Prizm Institute is another premier technical institute that conducts various short-term technical courses. It is most famous for mobile repairing course for which students from far and wide enroll to get the best training. It also conducts courses in repairs of laptops and computers. Also, they aim at providing hands-on training which focuses more on practical skills. Prizm Institute claims that their cell phone course is one of the most comprehensive and extensive courses in the electronics repair industry. They provide their students with job assistance to help them start their careers in the cell phone repair industry.

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Rewa Technology

REWA Technology is another great channel to search for mobile phone repair solutions. They offer their repair course through a video course which does not have English audio instructions. However, their videos have subtitles which are more than enough to understand how the repair works. REWA Technology is a pioneer in the repair industry as they offer chip level courses for mobile service courses and laptop repairing courses. They generally deal with flagship phones, which is kind of a downside. But otherwise, they have a range of videos with reviews about various techniques used in the field.

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9. YouTube


YouTube is one of the greatest resources to learn almost anything. There are several video tutorials about almost every technique on mobile phone repair on Youtube. The best part about YouTube is that you don’t need to pay anything to view these videos. On YouTube, you will find several channels related to online cell phone repair course. Techyuga is great examples with over 350 videos on the topic. The instructions are clear, and you are also told which mobile repairing tools you need to use. There are also occasional videos to discuss the new technological developments in the industry and to chat with fellow technicians.

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GSM Hosting Forum

Forum is always a great place to look for information online. Here you can post a question and several members can reply to your questions with different approaches to the problem. There are several forums related to cell phone repair training. is the oldest and the biggest among them where cell phone repair technicians and mobile phone hardware repair technician from all over the world share their problems as well as solutions. It is one of the best forums related to cell phone repair.

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Mobile Cell Phone Repairing is another website that offers smartphone repair course for free online. This site offers a number of things to users for free. Some of their offerings include tutorials, tips & tricks, reviews on mobile phones and apps & games, and most importantly video courses for mobile service courses.

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Cellphone Repair Tutorials is another website that you can learn cell phone repair from. Even though this site is not as well designed or updated as other cell phone repair training courses, still this website has a lot of important posts and tutorials on how to troubleshoot various problems occurring in mobile phones. They also have a forum where many young people come together to discuss the best best mobile repairing course one should opt for be it any advance mobile repairing courses like chip level repairing course and other mobile engineering course and mobile hardware course. CellPhoneRepairTutorials offer a mobile phone repair tutorial which is 100% absolutely free and licensed under creative commons. One common thing which they have a huge belief in is self-repair. This is why they say that Repair is a way of helping and conserving our environment and Self-repair saves you money and Repair for business can earn income for a living.

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Mobile Repairing Online

MobileRepairingOnline is another great website to learn mobile repairing. They provide online repair for Samsung phones, iPhones, and other smartphones. They have also published many free books on repairing Cell phones, Android phones, Apple iPhone, iPad, and others. All their articles on this website have been properly organized and indexed. You can easily browse through them and start learning how to fix your own mobile phone or those of others.

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All GSM Tips

There are many tech enthusiasts out there who love to repair cell phones and maintain a blog to help others. These blogs are a great resource to understand how mobile phones work and how to repair them. is a great example of one such blog. It has a lot of guides, tutorials, and tips on how to repair cell phones. There are many other related blog posts that will increase your interest in the field of mobile repairing.

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In this article, we have told you about why you should choose the repair industry as your career choice and what are the best websites to learn online cell phone repair courses for free. Also, we have explained why you should learn cell phone repair online rather than offline. We have talked about the different types of phone repairing courses which one should go for if they want to make a career in the cell phone repairing industry.

There are a number of online mobile repairing courses and advanced mobile repairing courses like chip level mobile repairing courses, mobile engineering courses, mobile technician courses, mobile hardware courses, mobile flashing courses that you can go for. If you wish to take cell phone repair training online for free then the best solution for you would be to reach out to Techyuga. Apart from mobile repair technicians, you can also become Laptop Repair Technician and Apple Repair Technician.

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