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Lenovo Phone Screen Replacement

This problem in the screen of any Lenovo devices can arise due to a software issue and sometimes due to the breakage of the screen. Hence, the best solution to both of these problems is that you get your Lenovo device’s screen replaced by experts like Techyuga.

Lenovo Phone Battery Replacement

A few models of Lenovo do not have a removable battery, similarly like an iPhone’s battery, and will eventually run out of juice and then will be needed to be replaced. Hence, it is recommended that you get your Lenovo device’s battery inspected once you feel that your device is discharging quickly. We inspect and replace any faulty battery with OEM product.

Lenovo Phone Charging Port Replacement

If you are assuming that there is a problem with your Lenovo device’s charging port. To confirm this, you should get your Lenovo device inspected by certified Lenovo phone repair experts and engineers in India. At Techyuga, we provide full mobile phone inspection and any faulty part replacement services at very affordable price.

Lenovo Phone Power Button Repair

If power buttons on your Lenovo device are malfunctioning or broken, you can count on our technicians for professional Lenovo phone power button repair services. We work quickly to fix the problem so that you never have to be without your Lenovo device for long.

Lenovo Phone Volume Button Repair

We replace faulty volume rocker button with quality OEM parts. If you are looking for any volume button repair services contact us. Through our services, we make sure that we are the best mobile phone service center in India for Lenovo.

Lenovo Phone Home Button Repair

Many people who use Lenovo Phones home button might have to encounter the problem of not being able to utilize the functions of the home button if it gets damaged. The home button of a Lenovo Phone just doesn’t have one but multiple functions, like the home button, is only the fingerprint sensor in Lenovo Phones, it is, therefore, an alternative button for the unlock button or the power button. We replace any damaged home button.

Lenovo Phone Silent Button Repair

Like all other buttons in a mobile phone, the silent button is not a button which you find in all the mobile phone devices. Only in Lenovo Phones and a few other smart phones you are going to find this button. It is very useful button to silent your device to avoid annoying notification in busy hours. We fix damaged silent button.

Lenovo Phone Earpiece Replacement

Are you facing faulty earpiece issue? You, however, can use an earphone as an alternative for calling and listening to the voice of the other person. This might not be a very hassle-free solution to most of the people. Carry an earphone everywhere may not the permanent solution for you. You need to replace the faulty part to avoid any further damage of you motherboard.

Lenovo Phone Speaker Replacement

Music is one of the most desirable time passes of almost all the humans in this universe. A faulty speaker can ruin your good experience. We replace or repair any faulty Lenovo phone speaker with the help of certified technicians.

Lenovo Phone Microphone Replacement

If your microphone gets damaged then you can’t able to communicate using it. You would only be able to utilize the call feature of the phone by using an earphone only. Carrying an earphone may not possible everywhere. We suggest immediate replacement of damaged microphone.

Lenovo Phone Back Camera Replacement

There are many reasons as to how can the back camera of the Lenovo mobile be damaged. It may be because your phone gets slipped from your hands and falls in such a way that the back camera gets damaged. Contact us for back camera replacement.

Lenovo Phone Front Camera Replacement

Like the back camera, the front camera of mobile phones is also a very important camera in any device. It enables you to take brilliant selfies and make great memories. A damaged front camera can ruin all of your entertainment. If you have broken your front camera then you can contact us for urgent replacement from Techyuga.

Lenovo Phone Liquid Damage Service

The liquid damage indicator of the Lenovo phones can be read by an expert, who can say as to what extent your Lenovo mobile has been damaged by the liquid. At Techyuga, we have certified Lenovo repair experts and engineers who will do that for you if you book us.

Lenovo Phone Headphone Socket Repair

Headphones are extremely useful tech tools that people use almost every day. There are a lot of headphones, with the help of these you can listen to your favorite music track in HD quality, you can even make HD phone calls and enjoy better sound quality. A damaged headphone socket ruins your phones headphone use capacity. Contact us for fix it.

Lenovo Phone Vibration Repair

Many people, who use the Lenovo, love the vibration with the ringtone. It’s kind of soothing when you hold the Lenovo phone in your hands and it gives a mini massage to your palms if you let your Lenovo phone vibrate. If you phone vibration not working then you can contact Techyuga’s technicians to repair it.

Lenovo Phone Antenna Replacement

If you get this antenna problem in your Lenovo Phone then it can be a really difficult situation to be in as you won’t be connected to either of the WiFi, Bluetooth, or any other cellular network.

Lenovo Phone Back Housing Replacement

To replace the rear housing for Mobile phones, professional skills are required since the back door is assembled tightly in the phone. You also need such repair tools as Pentalobe screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, suction cup, spudger and tweezers for help. Contact us for back housing replacement.

Lenovo Phone Diagnostic Service

There is a high possibility that Lenovo service centers will charge you a hell lot of money for this. At Techyuga, we will do this for you at rates which will for sure be lower than that of Mobile’s

Lenovo Phone Software Issue

For any software related issues you just need to book us. Through our services, we make sure that we are the best mobile phone service center in India for Lenovo.

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