LG AC service centre in Kolkata  is the needle in the haystack. LG   AC is the one of the highest selling air conditioners in Kolkata & LG   AC repair is not an easy due to their complex technology in the LG   AC’s.

LG AC is again one of the popular selling in air conditioner market and have a quiet good percentage of coverage if compared to Samsung or Voltas. LG has gained a good market share with coming time by improving things at time like product quality or customer service support.

 LG AC Features


IonizerIonizer sterilize not only the air going through the air conditioner but also all surrounding harmful substances and odor too
Highly SilentIt inbuilt unique skew fan and low vibrating compressor produces less sound and helps you having a sound sleep.
Auto CleaningInbuilt Auto Cleaning function prevents the forming of bacterial and mold on the heat exchanger and hence more cleaner air for a long time.
Plasma Cyclotron FilterIts plasma filtration system protects the user from odor and harmful substances floating in air. It also deactivates virus that pose risks to health and hence more cleaner air.
E-Saver Mode
Using BATA algorithm (Body Adaptation Time Algorithm) is a new technology being offered by LG in it’s split range air conditioners. What it actually does that it helps consuming less power upon reaching a room temperature when our body stop sensing temperature change.
3M Mirco Protection FilterLG is the only company which offers protection from dust and harmful bacteria by it’s unique 3M Micro protection filter and fine mesh dual protection filter. These filters are capable of removing dust and bacteria up to size of 0.3 um for providing fresh and pure air to users.




LG AC Cooling Effectiveness

LG in-house technology named “INVERTER V” is what behind the successful life of lg split ac’s. This technology is available in LG window ac’s as well. This technology comes handy when effective cooling is required as well as power efficient too. The major benefit of “INVERTER V” technology is when we start the air conditioner, the compressor will start at maximum speed to reach the desired temperature quickly. Once the room attains the desired temperature, LG INVERTER will adjust and constantly vary the compressor speed to maintain the desired room temperature with minimum power consumption.


LG AC Build Quality

LG doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality of its split AC’s products. There products have quality which had improved with time a lot when it comes to compressor or outer looks or body. Hence, product build quality is good and the parts fitted inside also have a good life span because that’s also matter very much.


LG Split Air Conditioner (AC) Looks

LG got a huge range to offer in split AC’s. They have tried to offer a varied range for everyone’s budget. And if we talk about looks, those are quite good. There are some models whose outer body is fully colored to match your interior looks for those who don’t like plain white looks. Those full colored AC’s looks very luxurious and can make your neighbor’s envy.


LG AC Power Consumption

A state of art heat exchanger, an efficient air outlet, and INVERTER V technology are the major unique features behind high efficiency of LG’s split ac’s conditioners. This INVERTER V technology operates the air conditioner with variable speed of compressor which helps savings energy a lot.


LG Split Air Conditioner (AC) Durability

When we talk about durability, we expect our AC’s to work at extreme temperatures and perform equal at all outer temperature range. If they don’t perform at peak temperatures during summers, the AC becomes a box of plastic for us. And LG split AC’s have performed well on all the reviews we aggregated about it. For having durability, it has a MF condenser instead of traditional fin and tube condenser. Heat capacity is 10-20% higher in MF condenser when compared fin and tube. Also this condenser is made up of Aluminium to prevent Galvanic Corrosion. When compared to fin and tube condenser, it consumer less power and delivers better performance.



LG Split Air Conditioner (AC) Price List



Model No.

Tonnage Capacity

BEE Star Rating

MRP (in Rs.)









LG L-Maxima LSA3MR2M




LG L-Aura LSA3AR2M12Rs.28990
LG L-Zyya LSA3ZR2M12Rs.28990
LG L-Nova LSA3NR3F113Rs.26990
LG L-Aura LSA3AR3M1 13Rs.30490
LG L-Maxima LSA3MR3M1 1 3Rs.30490
LG L-Zyya LSA3ZR3M1 1 3Rs.30990
LG L-Energia Wine Red 1 3Rs.33990
 LG L-Nova LSA3NR5F 1 5Rs.30990
 LG L-Aura LSA3AR5M 1 5Rs.34490
 LG L-Maxima LSA3MR5M 1 5Rs.34490
 LG L-Zyya LSA3ZR5M 1 5Rs.34990
 LG L-Energia Wine Red LSA3EW5Z 1 5Rs.38490
 LG L-Aura LSA12ARMH (Hot & Cold) 1 Not ApplicableRs.31990
 LG L-Ultra LSA5UR2F 1.5 2Rs.29990
 LG L-Maxima LSA5MR2M 1.5 2Rs.32990
LG L-Aura LSA5AR2M 1.5 2Rs.32990
LG L-Zyya LSA5ZR2M 1.5 2Rs.33490
LG L-Nova LSA5NR3F 1.53Rs.31990
LG L-Maxima LSA5MR3M 1.53Rs.35490
LG L-Aura LSA5AR3M 1.53Rs.35490
LG L-Zyya LSA5ZR3M 1.53Rs.35990
LG L-Energia Wine Red LSA5EW3Z 1.53Rs.40290
LG L-Nova LSA5NR5F1.55Rs.36490
LG L-Maxima LSA5MR5M1.55Rs.39990
LG L-Aura LSA5AR5M1.55Rs.39990
LG L-Zyya LSA5ZR5M1.55Rs.40490
LG L-Energia Wine Red LSA5EW5Z1.55Rs.45490
LG L-Energia Silver LSA5ES5Z1.55Rs.45490
LG L-Aura LSA18ARMH (Hot & Cold)1.5Not ApplicableRs.37490
LG L-Ultra LSA6UR2F22Rs.37990
LG L-Aura LSA6AR2M22Rs.41990
LG L-Maxima LSA6MR2M22Rs.41990
LG L-Zyya LSA6ZR2M22Rs.42490
LG L-Nova LSA6NR3F23Rs.37990
LG L-Zyya LSA6ZR3M23Rs.43490
LG L-Maxima LSA6MR3M23Rs.43490
LG L-Energia Wine Red LSA6EW3Z23Rs.46490
LG L-Aura LSA24ARMH (Hot & Cold)2Not ApplicableRs.40990
 LG BS-Q126B8R4 (Cooling Only)15 (Not Applicable)Rs.39990
 LG BS-Q186C8R2 (Cooling Only)1.55 (N.A.)Rs.50490
 LG AS-W126B1U1 (Hot and Cold) 15 (N.A.) Rs.51990
 LG AS-W186C2U1 (Hot and Cold) 1.55 (N.A.)Rs.67990
 LG BS-Q246C7M1 (Cooling Only) 25 (N.A.)Rs.68990
 LG AS-W246C2U1 (Hot and Cold) 25 (N.A.)Rs.77990
LG BS-Q246C8R2 (Cooling Only)25 (N.A.)Ask us
LG BS-Q126B4A2 (Cooling Only)15 (N.A.)Ask us
LG BS-Q186C4A1 (Cooling Only)1.55 (N.A.)Ask us




1. LG AC service requires few tricks to increase the lifespan of the AC.

2. Scheduling your annual air conditioner tune-up

3. Checking for the correct amount of refrigerant in the LG AC

4. Testing for refrigerant leaks

5. Checking for and sealing duct leaks

6. Measuring airflow through the evaporator coil

7. Verifying the correct electric control sequence and making sure that the heating system and cooling system cannot operate simultaneously

8. Inspecting the electric terminals

9. Cleaning and tightening connections of the LG AC.

10. Oiling all moving parts

11. Checking the belts

12. Verifying the accuracy of the thermostat.

13. Refilling of the refrigerant gas in your LG AC.



LG AC coil replacement
LG AC’s aluminium coil & gas charging on said .Best material in copper pipe use for new coil making .Your requirement and as per confidence . no replacement for aluminium  coil for use copper pipe in coil.

LG AC compressor replacement
Air-conditions for new & old compressor for replacement and gas charging your requirement . new compressor warranty one years & old compressor one years or six month warranty.

LG AC gas charging
Air-conditions gas charging one day & four month warranty . air conditions proper licks test & gas charging . air-conditions gas charging on said.



Inspect unit for proper refrigerant level and adjust if necessary in LG  AC

Clean dirt, leaves and debris from inside cabinet of the LG AC

Inspect base pan for restricted drain openings in LG AC – remove obstructions as necessary

Inspect coil and cabinet of the LG AC – clean as needed

Inspect fan motor and fan blades for wear and damage – on older models lubricate as needed

Inspect control box, associated controls/accessories, wiring and connections. Controls may include contractors, relays, circuit boards, capacitors, sump heat and other accessories. All control box and electrical parts should be checked for wear or damage of the LG AC.

Inspect compressor and associated tubing for damage.



Inspect and clean blower assembly (includes blower housing, blower wheel and motor).

On older models, lubricate motor and inspect and replace fan belt if needed.

Inspect evaporator coil, drain pan and condensate drain lines. Clean as needed.

Inspect control box, associated controls, wiring and connections.

Clean or replace air filters.


One Stop Destination

We Repair And Service All Type of AC in Kolkata


Guaranteed return of products within 3 working days, with a warranty of 90 days!

Assured Safety

All technicians go through a complete background and technical competency check.





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