How to Link Aadhaar Number With Mobile Phone (Without Visiting Any Store)

The ongoing Aadhaar-mobile SIM card re-verification process has just become a little easier for people across the country. Consumers can now simply dial a central number, regardless the network, to Link Aadhaar Number With Mobile Phone. This will bring a sigh of relief for consumers across the country, who only had the option to visit offline stores run by their operators to link the two till now. Now, they can use the IVR service from their homes instead, cutting out the hassle involved in going to physical outlets. Consumers have till February 6 to link their mobile number with Aadhaar.


The new IVR service to facilitate Aadhaar linking is part of government of India initiative. As per the government directive, verifying your mobile number with Aadhaar is mandatory for all existing customers.

Earlier, all mobile users in order to complete biometric verification had to visit nearest telecom operator store though the new process will make this slightly convenient.

The new IVR service is likely to bring huge relief for mobile subscribers as it now makes it easier to link your Aadhaar number with mobile phone number without the need to visit physical stores.


How to Link Aadhaar Number With Mobile Phone Via OTP


Before calling the new toll-free number make sure that you have your Aadhaar card handy as well as your mobile number for the OTP.

Below are the steps which will be directed during the IVR to complete Aadhaar re-verification using new IVR service: 

  • Call 14546 from your mobile number
  • On being asked whether an Indian or an NRI, choose the respective option
  • The IVR process will then ask for your consent to link Aadhaar card number with your mobile number by pressing 1
  • Next, mobile subscribers will be required to provide their 12-digit Aadhaar number and press 1 to confirm. In case your Aadhaar input was incorrect, you get another option to provide the Aadhaar
  • An OTP will be generated and sent to your mobile
  • Next, IVR process will require your mobile number after which you will have to give consent to your mobile operator to pick your personal details like name, photo, and date of birth from their records
  • After giving consent, IVR will now read the last four digits of your mobile number to re-confirm your provided number
  • Once, the re-confirmation is done, users can provide the OTP received via SMS
  • After entering the OTP, you will be required to press 1 to complete the process. IVR will then mention that the Aadhaar-based mobile number re-verification process was successful.


The OTP you receive for Aadhaar-mobile phone re-verification is valid for 30 minutes, so you can use it even there is some network glitch and the call terminates prematurely. Subscribers who are on corporate plans do not need to need to undergo the re-verification process.

Once the process is completed, you get an SMS on your mobile number confirming that Re-verification was successful and it will take up to 48 hours to complete the linking.

Note:  The IVR service is available in several languages like English, Hindi, and other regional languages. 

Hope this article will help you to Link Aadhaar Number With Mobile Phone. In case, you need any help with linking your aadhar no with your mobile phone no, you can live chat with our support team. They can help.


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