How To Link Vodafone Number With Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar, the unique 12 digit identification number that helps the Government to establish a unique identity that make one person distinguish from another. This card acts like a universal identity proof; however, it is not compulsory for an individual to possess an Aadhar card. Govt. of India make it mandatory to link the Aadhaar card number with all important documents which belongs to your identity verification like mobile number, PAN card etc. Every  Telecom department also make it mandatory to link your mobile number with Aadhaar Card. Here is the simple steps how you can link your Vodafone number with Aadhaar Card. To continue your vodafone connection you need to link your Vodafone number with Aadhaar Card with in 31st march, 2018.


One can Link their Vodafone number with Aadhaar Card through many process like usine IVR, Online and Offline.


Link Vodafone Number With Aadhaar Card through IVR Process


Department of Telecommunication has taught telecom specialist to cooperate with the vodafone user and introduced the easy procedure which include Vodafone to produce OTP by means of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for the shoppers to connect their telephone number with Aadhaar card. The connecting procedure of Aadhaar and Vodafone by means of IVR will enable senior natives to confirm their SIM number without going by the retail outlet. One can take after these basic strides to interface the Vodafone number with Aadhaar card by means of IVR process:


Stage 1: Call 14546 from the Vodafone number that you need to interface with Aadhaar card. You can pick your favored dialect for IVR.

Stage 2: Vodafone will request your agree to process with the confirmation procedure.

Stage 3: Enter your Aadhaar number by dialing the numbers on you dialler keypad. You can re-check the number as the IVR understands it out.

Stage 4: Vodafone will request that you affirm the points of interest that are given by the UIDAI.

Stage 5: You will then get a SMS that contains the OTP. Enter the OTP from the dialler cushion. Vodafone utilizes this OTP to approve you Aadhaar points of interest.

Stage 6: You should enter the check of Vodafone and non-Vodafone SIM cards that you have in your name (assuming any) other than the one you need to interface with Aadhaar card.

Stage 7: Enter the quantity of each of these Vodafone and non-Vodafone SIM cards on the IVR. Remember that entering these numbers won’t interface them with your Aadhaar card. According to the administration order, it is required to specify all your cell phone numbers. The check is finished after you have entered the telephone numbers.

Stage 8: In 26 hours you will get an affirmation message on the Vodafone number you have confirmed for the connecting procedure.


Link Vodafone Number with Aadhaar Card Online

As per the government directive, Aadhaar number and Vodafone connection should be linked. Though the linking process is easy, but it needs an agent account or retailer verified account. Here are the simple steps that will guide you through to complete the process easily:

Step 1: Download “Vodafone Apple App” from google playstore.

Step 2: Enter the retailer account number and check it through OTP

Step 3: When you login, you should include a specialist. You can either include yourself as a specialist or select an operator with Vodafone association App

Step 4: Alongside include the specialist, enter the Aadhaar number and finish the connecting by filtering the fingerprints on the biometric gadget

Step 5: You can begin the connecting procedure, once you include the operator. Tap on “Refresh Vodafone KYC Option”

Step 6: Enter the OTP that you will get on the Vodafone number that will be connected

Step 7: Next advance is to enter the Aadhaar number of the retailer. On the off chance that you are the retailer, at that point enter your 12-digit UIN and finish the biometric unique mark output to distinguish your character

Step 8: Enter the endorser’s Aadhaar number and finish the biometric checking. Check the Aadhaar points of interest to dodge any mistake

Step 9: All the information gave will then be confirmed. Once the check is finished, Aadhaar and versatile number connecting finishes

Step 10: An affirmation message is sent to you inside 24 hours

Critical Tips In Linking Vodafone Number With Aadhaar Card


You ought to download unique finger impression scanner application on your telephone to check your fingerprints.

You ought to interface the biometric gadget with the telephone, where the Vodafone SIM is introduced.

The unique mark scanner application can be downloaded from the unique mark scanner proprietor’s manual.


Link Vodafone Number with Aadhaar Card Offline


Seeding Vodafone number with Aadhaar is straightforward and any supporter can without much of a stretch finish the procedure by following the 8 basic advances that are said beneath:

Stage 1: Go to the closest Vodafone retail location or energize seller.

Stage 2: Request them to interface your portable number with Aadhaar.

Stage 3: Give your Vodafone number to the retailer, who will enter it in the biometric Aadhaar check machine.

Stage 4: You will get an OTP on the Vodafone number. Offer the OTP with the seller.

Stage 5: The retailer at that point confirms his unique finger impression on the machine. Next, you ought to check your telephone number with Aadhaar number and unique mark .

Stage 6: Enter father’s name/spouse’s name and number of rectifications made. Also, at that point check the subtle elements wrote by the seller to stay away from any mistake .

Stage 7: Once you finish this, you will get another message on the Vodafone number. Answer “Yes” to finish the confirmation procedure.

Step 8: On the screen “Success” message get flash as soon as the Aadhaar and mobile number is linked successfully


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