Top 5 Mac Problems and Fixes

Macs are considered to be impressive devices to perform numerous tasks. However, Macs are also prone to some basic problems of computers like slow speed, Wi-Fi issues, charging issues etc. In this article, we can discuss top 5 Mac problems and fixes.


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Apple Mac Problems and Fixes

Fix Slow Mac: Reasons behind slow running Mac could be numerous as a lot of unnecessary data and other services get accumulated on your system over time. Another possible reason behind slow running Mac could be cluttered and unorganized disk space due to a lot of running apps and programs. To manage these apps & programs, you should first visit Activity Monitor. To open it, go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor in Finder window. Here you will find various tabs like; CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk and Network.

Head to Memory tab to view all processes running on your system and a graph of memory usage. If it is green, all is good with your Mac. However, if you find it amber or red, there might be an issue managing memory and possible reason behind slow Mac. Scroll down the list to find all memory-hogging apps, click on it and close them from the toolbar. Avoid processes which are listed as “root” and focus on apps running from the user account. Restart the system to changes take place.

Additional tip: To deal with cluttered and unorganized data on your Mac, you can consider using mac cleaner software tools for instant and effective results to fix other slow Mac problems.

Fix Wi-Fi Issues: If you are facing slow Wi-Fi connection speed or losing Wi-Fi connection, again and again, you can fix it by following some simple steps. To fix the issue, you can simply connect your Wi-Fi network to 5GHz frequency. It will offer you fast data transfer, less interference, and seamless performance. Before you connect to 5GHz frequency, you need to separate your 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks by accessing your router’s settings. Many routers do it automatically else consult your router’s manual.

The next step is to tell your system to join better 5GHz network for improved performance. To do this, head to System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced. Now from Advanced Wi-Fi Setting menu, drag the 5GHz network to the top of the list. Following these simple steps, you can make your system join 5GHz network whenever possible so that it can leave more room on the 2.4GHz frequency for other important tasks and devices. It will also offer you reliable and speedy Wi-Fi connection.

Fix “Mac won’t charge” issue: To fix this issue you can consider resetting your device battery (if you are using removable battery model). To do this, remove the battery and re-insert it to the system to see if it works as many basic issues can be fixed with this swift and simple step.Fix Frozen Mac: If you are dealing with frozen Mac due to the unresponsive app then you can consider quitting or restarting the app to avoid a system crash. There are two ways to fix it. In a first step, press Control key and click on the frozen app’s icon in the system dock to see the Options menu. Now press and hold the Option key until “Quit” option in the menu changes to “Force Quit”. Now click on it to force close the application. Following this process, you may lose unsaved data on the app.Alternatively, if you can’t access the system Dock, press Command + Option + Escape keys to open Force Quit option. Now select the unresponsive app and click on Force Quit option in the bottom right corner of the screen. If your system is completely frozen, you can manually restart it by pressing Command + Control + Eject keys simultaneously to reboot your Mac.


Fix “Mac won’t shut down” issue: To fix this issue, follow these steps:

1. First, give it a time to close all apps and programs to shut down normally.

2. Next, close all open or frozen apps in Dock to make shut down process smooth.

3. Last, press and hold the power button for few seconds to force shutdown your Mac. Follow this step, as a last resort as due to this you may lose your important data.


You can follow these simple steps to fix some common Mac problems instantly. You can follow these steps to improve Mac’s performance effectively. In fact, following these steps, you can save some of your precious time and efforts by smoothening your tasks on Mac.


Summary: Macs may face certain performance related issues due to prolonged use. There are few common Mac problems and solutions we can discuss in this article.


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