MacBook Charger Issue: Common Reasons And Simple Fixes

MacBook Charger Issue: Common Reasons And Simple Fixes

Probably the best thing about modern technology is that it makes all of our devices portable, hence allowing us to use them on the go. Thus, finding your MacBook charger not working can be extremely devastating since it kills your laptop’s portability. However, the issue may not be as big as it seems from the first sight. In many occasions, it is quite a simple fix, and, in this article, we are going to guide you through the key steps that must be undertaken in such a situation.

What Are The Possible Reasons For A Breakage?
Before we can move right to our fixes, it is important to understand the possible reasons and define which one of them relates to your situation. In a matter of fact, the range of issues can vary from very insufficient to really big ones, so let’s try to discover some of the most common problems.
Speaking of minor failures, the problem may occur in the system’s settings. In many cases, when your MacBook starts acting up, it is enough to change its settings in order to solve the problem. Thus, if your device doesn’t seem to be charging properly, this might be one of the possible reasons for that.
Another issue may occur in the hardware, and it is a bit more complicated. In such a situation, inexperienced users may want to turn for the help of a professional service center. Still, this problem isn’t critical and often solves quite easily.
One more possible reason is hidden in the critical condition of Mac’s battery. The only way to solve it is to switch it to a new one, which can be done by professionals.
Finally, overheating of your laptop can serve another trigger for charge failures. Most users should know that dramatic change in temperatures are bad for all kinds of technology (unless it was designed to be weather resistant). Thus, in general, it is recommended to protect your devices from too much cold or heat. If overheating took place and caused improper work of a charger, you might need to take your laptop to the nearest service point.
Finally, the last and most common issue is related to the laptop’s broken connections. There is no need to say much about it because it’s pretty clear – if the connections are broken, the charger won’t work as supposed, so you will need to fix or change them.

Top Simple Fixes
If you have faced such an issue with your laptop, it can be rather confusing. However, don’t rush to the service point because there might be a simpler fix to your problem! Here is our step-by-step guide that should come in handy:

  • Check & Switch
    The first thing to do is to check whether the adapter is connected as supposed and plugged into an outlet. If everything is done right and it still won’t charge, try plugging into a different outlet.
  • Clean The Connection
    Next, pay attention to the connection port of your device to check if there are any foreign objects that can harm its work. If you find any debris or other objects inside, clean it very carefully, and try connecting again.
  • Conduct A System Management Controller Reset
    You will be surprised, but resetting your SMC can help solve lots of problems related to power, so it is another thing to try. Here is how you do this:
    Power off the device
    Connect the power adapter
    Press Shift+Control+Option+Power at the same time, hold these keys for about 4 seconds and release
    Turn your laptop on again

Hopefully, one of these fixes will work for you! Also, don’t forget to check out OSxtips for more guides, news, and handy tips!

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