How To Fix “MacBook Pro Touch Bar Not Working”? 5 Working Solutions

Is your MacBook Pro Touch Bar Not Working? Don’t be concerned. Luckily, it will only take a few minutes to resolve these problems. The Touch Bar on MacBook Pro is an OLED multi-touch strip that offers a great way to quickly access system-level and app-specific functions.

While you may not use your MacBookโ€™s touch bar every day, it can be incredibly efficient when working on certain apps, gaming, or studying. That isโ€ฆ when it works. If your MacBook Pro touch bar not working, it could be due to a few different reasons.

How To Fix “MacBook Pro Touch Bar Not Working”?

MacBook Pro users often face several MacBook Pro problems, and the most irritating one is when your MacBook Pro Touch Bar is Not Working or MacBook Pro Touch Bar is Unresponsive. Below mentioned are some solutions to fix MacBook Pro Touch Bar Not working.

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1. Force Stop App To Fix MacBook Pro Touch Bar Not Working

Does your MacBook Pro Touch Bar Not working? Force stop the application and relaunch it. On Mac, you can force quit an app using either the Force Quit tool or the Activity Monitor.

Using Force Quit Tool:

  1. Click the Apple logo on the menu bar and choose Force Quit.
force quit an app to MacBook pro touch bar not working

An easy way to launch the Force Quit window is by pressing Command + Option + Escape.

Using Activity Monitor:

  1. Press Command+shift+U.
activity monitor to force stop an app for Macbook pro touch bar not working

2. Double click the Activity Monitor, when you see it.

3. Click the x symbol in the top-left corner of the Activity Monitor window to close the causal app.

4. Click Force Quit to close the app.

2. Refresh Control Strip

The Control Strip is the expandable region on the right side of your MacBookโ€™s Touch Bar that controls system settings. There are two ways to refresh the control strip using Activity Monitor or via Terminal.

Using Activity Monitor:

we repeated the same action on the first step.

  1. Press Command+shift+U. Double-click on the Activity Monitor.
activity monitor to refresh the control strip for Macbook pro touch bar not working

2. Search for Control Strip using the search bar.

3. Click the x icon at the top-left corner of the Control Strip.

4. Click on Force Quit to terminate the program.

Via Terminal:

  1. Open the Utilities folder by pressing Command+Shift+U.
  2. Double-click on the Terminal.
Terminal to refresh the control strip for Macbook pro touch bar not working

3. type sudo pkill TouchBarServer; and press Enter.

4. Enter the administrator password now. You will be asked for it.

5. Type sudo killall “ControlStrip”; and press Enter.

The Touch Bar should restart and work normally again.

3. Check Touch Bar Display Settings To Fix MacBook Pro Touch Bar Not Working

The Touch Bar is an OLED touchscreen strip above the keyboard that allows users to customize controls ranging from standard function buttons to app-specific shortcuts and functions. Set options to control whatโ€™s shown in the Touch Bar.

  • Go to System Preferences > Keyboard
  • Tap the Touch Bar shows a drop-down button.

Also, make sure the Show Control Strip box is checked.

4. Update the Latest MacOS Version To Fix MacBook Pro Touch Bar Not Working

The initial macOS releases are frequently bug-ridden, and they sometimes cause certain MacBook components to fail. macOS updates frequently squash bugs and improve touch bar support. Apple’s commitment to updating the Mac is a surefire method to remove old software as a potential cause of your MacBook Pro touch bar not working. It’s a good idea to back up your Mac before you begin. Then, proceed with the instructions below to locate and install any available software updates or upgrades.

  • Go to System Preferences > Software Update
Software update for MacBook pro touch bar not working

If none of the aforementioned solutions work for you, it is recommended to seek expert assistance. Keep in mind that mechanical faults and water damage can both cause the MacBook Pro Touch Bar, not working issues.

5. Contact Support Center To Fix MacBook Pro Touch Bar Not Working

If your MacBook Pro Touch Bar not working issue is occurred, because of a software issue, we’re confident that at least one of these troubleshooting steps will help. If the Touch Bar continues to misbehave, the issue may be hardware-related. In such cases, you should take the laptop to the nearest Authorized Apple Service Center or contact a reputable Macbook repair service such as TechYuga.

Conclusion On How To Fix MacBook Pro Touch Bar Not Working

The touch bar on MacBook Pro offers you a wide range of properties that you can use in your daily life. These small features can save you. We hope that with the steps portrayed above, you can easily fix the issue of the MacBook Pro touch bar not showing.

If you have any queries, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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