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MacBook Repair in Kolkata by techyuga, A Comprehensive Guide :

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macbook repair

Having issues with your macbook air or macbook pro ? Techyuga is here to help you, We are the best apple repair center in Kolkata. We have successfully solved more thousands of apple device issues, For our readers here we have a teardown repair guide that will help you to fix many issues all by yourself. Let’s start reading this macbook repair Guide.


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macbook repair In Kolkata

Macbook features


Most Affordable Bang for Buck Most Portable Most Speed For Multitasking For Power Users
mb-air-13MacBook Air
mb-pro-13MacBook Pro 13
mb-12MacBook  macbook pro 13 no touchbarMacBook Pro 13
(No Touch Bar)
macbook pro 13 touchbar MacBook Pro 13
(Touch Bar)
macbook pro 15 touchbarMacBook Pro 15
(Touch Bar)
CPU 1.6-GHz 5th gen Core i5 2.7-GHz 5th gen Core i5 1.1-GHz 6th gen Core m3 2-GHz 6th gen Intel Core i5 2.9-GHz 6th gen Core i5 2.6-GHz 6th gen Core i7 quad-core
Display  13 inches (1440 x 900) 13 inches (2560 x 1600) 12 inches (2304 x 1440) 13 inches (2560 x 1600) 13 inches (2560 x 1600) 15 inches (2880 x 1800)
Ports 1 Thunderbolt 2, 2 USB 3.0, SD Card, headphone 2 Thunderbolt 2, 2 USB 3.0, HDMI, SD Card 1 USB-C, headphone 2 Thunderbolt 3 4 Thunderbolt 3, headphone 4 Thunderbolt 3, headphone
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 6000 Intel Iris Graphics 6100 Intel HD Graphics 515 Intel Iris 540 Intel Iris 550 AMD Radeon Pro 550
Storage 128GB 128GB 256GB 256GB 256GB 256GB
Battery Life 14:00 10:44 9:38 10 Hours (est) 10 Hours (est) 10 Hours (est)


Before we start tearing down macbook parts, we take a glance at its specs: here is a comparison chart for various models of macbook pro and macbook air



This is really great about apple that they have introduced the new USB Type-C standard, but honestly they’ve done so in a way that makes it impossible to use old adapters on new devices. The MagSafe and Thunderbolt ports of old are gone. The new MacBook has one USB-C to rule them all.
For comparison’s sake:
10-watt iPad USB adapter (left)
29-watt USB-C power adapter included with the MacBook (middle)
60-watt MacBook Air Magsafe 2 (right)
This is the first MacBook in memory to ship without some form of MagSafe adapter. The breakaway nature of MagSafe made it less likely to damage ports and plugs when yanked.
Hopefully, users will benefit from the standardization, and not trip over their cables too often.

macbook repair

The new MacBook is less than half the thickness of its 2009 ancestor, measuring 0.52 inches at its thickest point. At 1.08″ thick, the 5 pounds of polycarbonate-swathed 2009 MacBook dwarfs our 2.03 pound Retina MacBook. Apple probably shaved off a lot of that weight in removing ports. Back in 2009 we had MagSafe, ethernet, Mini DisplayPort, 2x USB, audio, and a security slot.
We’d also remind you to say goodbye to your optical drive, but that ship has pretty much sailed.

Mac book short keys

Those are pretty short keys. Bursting from its cocoon is Apple’s newly-designed keyboard, equipped with a butterfly mechanism. Let’s see if this keyboard will go twice as high as the traditional scissor-switch mechanism.
We zoom in on the Retina display, described by Apple as the thinnest, most energy-efficient Retina display ever on a Mac. The pixels themselves have a larger aperture, enabling more light to come through, resulting in greater energy efficiency without compromising brightness.

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pentalobe screws in MacBook

We make a quick note of the newly-minted model number—A1534—before moving forward.
This may be the future of laptops, but Apple has stuck to their tradition of using tamperproof 5-point pentalobe screws for the new MacBook. Le sigh.
Time to rip off that boring, plain ol’ aluminum lower case, and get to the good—
What is this new devilry? Cables!? A battery and logic board in the lower case?
The standard pop-open-at-the-hinge practice still holds, but then the cables go taut. Then you have to hinge the case back forward to access the connectors and open the case.
What is this, a mid-gen iPhone?
The standard plastic clips of old are replaced with futuristic pegs and weird spring clips.

macbook cables

Reminiscent of the Macbook Pro 13″ Retina released in March, this MacBook comes equipped with the fancy Force Touch trackpad. We disconnect the trackpad/keyboard cable for a little more maneuvering room.
With the springy trackpad/keyboard cable disconnected, we can fold the whole enchilada flat on the table. Time to survey the field and see what we’re up against this time.

macbook pro teardown

Now we look at where’s the battery connector? We get to see a yellow button fitted across the board.
We’ve seen something like this before—in the iPad, Apple loves to hide the battery connector under the logic board. This is the first time we’ve seen it in a laptop, so it looks like it’s time for…
Our newly-minted battery isolation pick turns out to be just the trick we need to keep the juice away from the logic board’s spring contacts.

We finally disconnect the 3-in-1 display/power/I/O port cable that runs to the MacBook’s lone USB-C port.

we are amazed to see this because while there are three functions, there’s only one port, and no I/O board.

disconnecting display cable in Macbook

We guessed that the thinnest Retina display ever would come with some other changes—but this is one weird display connector!
We tweeze away the “audio board” connector that ties in the headphone jack and dual microphones.
Finally, we get to separate the two halves apart . We get to see  the logic board, so it’s time to get to that logic board!

MacBook retina display

Apple points out that the logic board in the Retina MacBook is 67% smaller than the logic board in the 11-inch MacBook Air.
Apple’s use of the new Intel Core M processors allows for smaller form factors and fun little heat sink covers.
More impressive than the updates is the conflict-free production of the Core M processors. Thanks, Dodd—Frank!
The heat sink is nicely machined to provide multiple points of contact on the logic board—perhaps even to cool the reverse side of the logic board a bit.

MacBook Logicboard

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It’s time to put the chips on the table as they are very imprtant for macbook repair. Let’s see what this logic board has to offer:

MacBook logicboard features

1. Elpida/Micron FB164A1MA-GD-F 8 GB LPDDR3 Mobile RAM

2. Toshiba TH58TFT0DFKLAVF NB2953 128 GB MLC NAND Flash memory (+ 128 GB on the reverse side for a total of 256 GB)

3. NXP 11U37 microcontroller; 128 kB flash, 10kB SRAM

4. SMSC 1704-2 Temperature Sensor

5. Texas Instruments SN650811 (probably power converter related to SN6501)

Backside of MacBook logicboard

Humming a logical tune, we peruse the back side of the most logical of boards:

1. Intel SR23G Core M-5Y31 CPU (Dual-Core, 1.1 GHz, Turbo Boost up to 2.4 GHz) with Intel HD Graphics 5300


3. Toshiba TH58TFT0DFKLAVF 128 GB MLC NAND Flash

4. Elpida/Micron J4216EFBG-GNL-F DDR3 SDRAM

5. Broadcom BCM15700A2, appears to be a wireless networking chipset

6. Murata 339S0250 (Likely an iteration of the 339S02541 Wi-Fi module found in the iPad Air 2)

7. Texas Instruments/Stellaris LM4FS1EH SMC Controller (Replacement codename for TM4EA231)

MacBook flash memory

In 2011, Apple acquired Anobit, an Israeli flash memory controller designer.
Four years later, it looks like they might now have something to show for it—thanks to Anandtech’s report that the MacBook’s SSD looked a little unusual in the system profiler, we took our heat gun to the SK Hynix SDRAM to see what was hiding underneath.
Where we expected to see something by Samsung or Toshiba, we found an unbranded chip with a very Apple-esque part number: 338S00055.
Our friends at ChipWorks took a peek, and have confirmed this is definitely an Apple custom device, fabricated at TSMC.

MacBook Battery

In order to power this slender gadget, Apple produced this form-fitting 7.55 V, 39.71 Wh, and 5263 mAh battery.  this is just a hair more than you get from this year’s almost-pudgy-by-comparison, 5100 mAh MacBook Air 11″—though Apple touts equal battery performance of up to nine hours surfing the net, or ten hours of iTunes video playback.

fource touch trackpad in MacBook

Overall,for this macbook repair we can see it is really delicate, Proprietary pentalobe screws continue to make opening the device unnecessarily difficult, and new cable routing makes the procedure even trickier, The USB-C port is secured by tri-wing screws, and buried under the display brackets, complicating replacement. Also, being the only port, it will experience more use and wear than a typical single-purpose port, The battery assembly is entirely, and very solidly, glued into the lower case. The Retina display is still a fused unit with no separate, protective glass. If the display needs replacing, it’ll cost a pretty penny. The processor, RAM, and flash memory are soldered to the logic board.


Hope you enjoyed reading this macbook repair guide, for any sort of query regarding Macbook repair you can directly live chat with our apple expert team.

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