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Our nationwide repair service allows you to mail your Laptop or Smartphone to us for service. You can choose this method to receive our services from anywhere in India or the world.

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Mail-in-service shipping can be a headache, especially when you’re booking a repair online. There are so many things to think about like how much it will cost, whether or not you need to pay tax on it, and what would be the quality for parts, now; here is why we are the best for your needs. We’ve got some great processes and a secure lineup on how to make shipping easier for both yourself and us. Check them out below!

We understand that is it not easy to find an expert technician or a trustworthy repair shop when it comes to repairing your expensive devices like MacbookiPhone, Dell Alienware, HP or others. TechYuga is a reliable choice if you want expertise and quality assured parts at the same place. We Understand the hustle of even thinking of shipping your device miles away. 

Therefore our nationwide shipping service that will ship your laptop to our nearest repair center for free of cost and you get to only pay for the service you are availing from us.

This is an affordable option for those who need their laptop or smartphone repaired as quickly as possible and don’t have time to wait on slow deliveries from competitors. We also provide free, same-day delivery if you place an order before noon IST Mon-Fri. In addition, we offer fast turnaround times so your computer can be back in working condition within 72 hours!

Once the pickup is done, our team will perfectly inspect your device the after getting the approval they will repair, then quality test and deliver the device at your doorstep within 24-72 hours from the delivery confirmation time.


Free Pickup & Delivery Across India

Choose Your Repair Type And Book A Repair Job

At first, you have to provide just a few details about yourself and then choose the device you want to get repaired. You need to describe in a few lines the issue with your device. You will receive a confirmation mail of your repair order and upon your confirmation, our delivery partner will pick your device from your preferred location in real quick time.


Repair By Certified Engineers Under Strict Supervision

Inspection & Repair Of Your Device At Our Lab

After your device is picked up, our delivery partner will bring your device to us. Your device will then be inspected and repaired by certified experts and engineers. We will keep you updated about the status and repair servicing charges of your device. Your device will be fixed by us in just a day or two and after quality checking, we will start preparing for the delivery of your device.


Free & Fast Return Of Your Device

Delivery Of Your Device

After the quality check, we will hand over your device to our delivery partner and they will be at your doorstep in a matter of a day or two depending on your location. That’s It! You will receive your device in a much improved and better state contrary to what it was handed over at.

How Nationwide Mail-in Service Works

We Provide Repair Services All Over India.



To Start mail-in-service

Kindly pack the device in any good quality box. Once your Device is packed securely, inform us and we will book the shipping right away!

Our executive will come to your doorstep within 24 hours.



Once we book the shipping we will send two types of pdf file in your email. Print 1 copies of the label and Paste this over the box. Print 2 copies of the manifest Hand over one copy to the pickup executive. Keep the second copy with yourself and take the signature of the pickup executive on the manifest paper.




Delivery Of Your Device​

Once we are done with the repairing, we will ship back your device to your given address and you can use the tracking details shared by us to know the location after it is shipped.


Cash On Delivery

You can pay us at the time of delivery by cash 

or you can pay us via credit or debit card, UPI, google pay before shipping the device back. 



We provide a warranty on all kinds of repair work, and you can enjoy the warranty without any hassle, just contact us and we will respond in a flash.

Revolutionizing Techsupport Across India.

Being a market leader in the mobile and laptop repair service industry, We have developed an advanced mail-in-service flow and we work very smoothly and efficiently. The way our service works is very simple. At first, you have to Choose & Place Your Repair Order. Here you just need to fill in a few details about yourself and then choose the device you want to get repaired. Once you confirm your repair order through the confirmation mail, our delivery partner will pick your device from your preferred location in real quick time. This service will be fully free of cost. Then after receiving your device, our certified experts and engineers will inspect your device. We will then update you about the condition of your device and brief you about all the possible repair job your device needs. Upon your confirmation, our experts will fix your device in a day or two depending upon the severity of your device. You will accordingly receive updates about the status of your device. And finally, we will dispatch your device for delivery after the quality check through our delivery partners. You will receive your device at your doorstep in a much improved and better state contrary to what it was handed over at. This service will be fully free of cost and you can expect your device in a day or two again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Are the screens made by Apple?

Apple doesn’t make their products. They only design them. All parts are manufactured at independent facilities.  Our screens come from the same places Apple buys from.


I bought a part online, will you still do the repair?

Yes, we will, but we cannot warranty the repair since it was not our part.

Will you need my passcode?

If you have a passcode on your device we’ll need you to provide it for us. We have been in business over 14 years and have an excellent reputation and we offer a 100% secure environment.  The reason we need the passcode is to test the cameras, speakers, microphones, touch sensitivity, etc. We do not look at anything on your device besides those features.

Will I lose any of my data when my devise is being repaired?

You should always back up your data. We have never lost anyone’s data but anything can happen at any time, especially during shipping. Call us first and ask about our low-cost backup service.

How long will it take to repair my device?

We usually repair the device the same day and ship it back to you. The new MacBook models may take 3-5 business days to complete and sometimes we’ll need to keep your device for an additional day if the device is delivered late to us. Windows laptops may also take 3-5 business days depending on whether your particular screen is in stock. But we advise you every step of the way.

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