How to Make Your Computer Faster

We buy a computer and it’s lightning-fast. Then, after a few years, we notice that our formerly speedy machine takes forever to do everything. One of the reasons for this is us. During the life of a computer, we tend to install lots of software and other files that slow down it’s functioning. 



Why computer slows down ? 

However, although computers do slow down after the installation of software, the main reason they get slower is because every year newer software has bigger and bigger requirements. For example : The Windows 98 operating system required 24 megabytes of memory and just 200 megabytes of hard drive space, whereas Windows 7 requires 2 gigabytes of memory and 20 gigabytes of hard drive space. 

For us, this means that without upgrading, our computer’s specifications don’t change at all. But every year, software needs more and more of your computer’s precious resources. So when you install software on a 5-year-old computer, it will slow it down a lot more then it would if you installed it on a new computer.

People run into this problem a lot when they wipe their computer clean and reinstall the operating system. Their computer will be just as fast as the day they bought it, but the moment they install new software that is a few years younger than the computer, well, that’s when it slows way down again.

How to make your computer faster ?

There are 4 things that take just a few minutes of your time, but can make a significant difference in how fast your computer performs:

1. Clearing your cookies and other temporary web data every so often will really increase how fast your internet browser responds, and will even fix most problems you have with the internet. You can read how to delete cookies in many popular web browsers in our next post. 

If you are having  problems with your slow Pc or browsing speed then we can surely help you. Go for our Live Chat facility to avail assistance from our technical experts or  simply create a Support Ticket.

2. Running security scans is something you should set up to happen automatically each week. If malware has infected your computer, you can bet that it will take a very large portion of your computer’s resources for its own malevolent purposes. Checking for malware once a week will definitely help to keep your computer running at tip-top shape.


3. Along with keeping your antivirus software up to date, keeping your operating system supplied with the latest updates will do a world of difference. We know that many people out there hit the “skip” or “remind me later” button when their computer asks to install updates. We recommend checking for new updates a few times a month, because many of these updates will help to close security holes, and will also optimize certain aspects of your operating system.

4. One of the biggest boosts to your machine’s performance would be to limit the items that start when your computer boots up. I generally only have 3-4 programs open at startup, and then only run the programs I need to use when I need them. If you have 20+ programs running automatically when your computer starts, not only will it take forever to boot, but it will be slow the entire time you use it. This happens because even if you’re not using these programs, they will run in the background, which still uses your computer’s resources. 


Slow computers are annoying. Ain’t they ? Especially, when you want to do some quick work and you need to wait for ages while your computer is getting on. We young techies can get rid of these small problems in a second, but what about our parents like people. They don’t understand computers a lot, they just use it for their work and they need additional support. There comes techyuga support team , here we provide technical support for every small problem of your computer. Don’t know, how to install a browser ? We will do that for you. Don’t know which photo editing software is best and free ? We will find that for you. You just need to find us.

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