How to Manage Your Child’s Online Presence

Nowadays How to Manage Your Child’s Online Presence is critical day by day, we all aware of the internet revolution and all of us are a part of this current era as well. This era has brought a revolutionary change in our social and corporate life, I must say. We have been introduced to some specific terms like Online Social Network; Online Reputations; Digital Life; Online Safety and Security and much more in this era, we never heard about.  There couldn’t be any questions about the great social and corporate convenience of this revolution we are talking about. But still, we all know that every good positive thing has also some negative sides. Here in this article we are gonna talk about one of those negative sides of this online era that seriously affecting our society these days. You probably guessed right through the title of this article that you are gonna read about how to manage your child’s online presence.

These days as our social life is becoming more n more virtual, many of the parents create their kids’ virtual social identity from their early childhood. I don’t look anything wrong in it. But actually, if the kids become virtually active they could have done many things with their innocent mind but in the immature brain, they shouldn’t do at all. These all insecure activities could affect the parents’ online reputation and could impose a question on the kid’s online safety as well. Moreover, children are getting a bit addicted to gaming and social media websites that they are giving less concern to the necessary things to do and getting distracted from their study. So, it doesn’t really matter how old your kid is; if he/she is a kid then it’s a mandatory duty for a responsible parent to monitor your child’s virtual activity and manage your child’s online presence. I would glad to let you know that now there are several ways to manage your child’s online presence if you are seriously concerned about your kid’s online safety.

How to Manage Your Child’s Online Presence Step by Step

So, let’s start with those mandatory tips you need to know to manage your child’s online presence in order to secure your kid’s online safety… Go through the following.


Before getting started with my tips, I want to tell you that your child’s online presence is his/her future online reputation and your kid’s online safety as well. So, it is very important to manage your child’s online presence in terms to secure his future online reputation. And you can start this even before deciding the name of the unborn baby I must say.

Google the name

If you ask me “why”, I would like to ask you that how would you feel if you accidentally name your child after a convict or some disgraced CEO? It’s up to you how seriously you want to take what you find. Famous porn star? Might you want to choose another name? So google your child’s full name you have decided before naming him.

Talk to your kid and let him learn with your suggestions:

There might be many parental control applications to manage your child’s online presence and will do talk about those afterward, but still according to me letting your child learn him/herself about his own online safety is much more healthy practice than anything. So I would suggest you talk to your kid freely and teach him the virtual concept of good and bad. What should do, and What shouldn’t be done online. Then you can go for monitoring him/her. But not before that. Because this particular practice develops the relationship between the parent and kid and makes the child more socialized and friendly with his/her parent. So, I consider this as one of the most important phases a parent should go within to maintain their kid’s online safety.

Help your child in web surfing:

Another point I want to pick up in order to manage your child’s online presence is to help your kid to surf the web. Here I want to tell you that the easiest idea to monitor him is to assist him when is going online. And through this way, a bond of trust between child and parent gradually develops, which actually helps to maintain the online reputation of the kid and his/her parent as well.

Well, you can help him by suggesting the best website for something he is looking for. Be quite frank and open to him/her. Ask him for the purpose of being online. Talk to him patiently. Assist him in choosing strong passwords in order to ensure your kid’s online safety; make him learn with the proper usage of mail ID, Social Media, Search Engine and other online stuff. You can also help him to create several social media accounts and help him populate his information. Let him learn about the privacy controls and make it sure that only his friends could see his information and have him friend you with full access to his activities and wall.

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You can also advise him with some social media suggestions I am mentioning below.

1. Don’t friend strangers.
2. Don’t friend if you aren’t comfortable.
3. Don’t post anything that exposes you or affects your online reputations.
4. Keep it nice as in real life.
5. Be aware of sharing something.
6. Ask for help if you get upset.

Monitor kid’s activity through parental control applications:

Well, well…Likely the most awaited paragraph of the whole article has now come under discussion. Yes, in spite of having so many ways to manage your child’s online presence it is still very difficult to monitor his/her online activity due to the natural tendency of hiding from parents. Thus the parental control applications have been developed. Here I will tell a few words about some parental control programs available on the internet. I will basically focus on how they could be used actually in order to secure your kid’s online safety by monitoring and managing their activities online. Here we go.

I told you previously that there are so many parental control software programs available in the web market to monitor and manage your child’s online safety that you can easily use one of them to get your job done. Some of those are available for free and some programs come along with some advanced features which you have to buy. You can go for a little research on google about those programs and could learn about them in details. Through those programs, you can simply monitor your kid’s online activity, you would able to manage the time they could spend online, block some particular websites and applications, track their usage and locations as well. This kinda software programs are available for Windows, Android and IOS too.

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