Microsoft Edge Features : Everything You Need To Know.

Microsoft Edge browser has improved a lot after windows 10-anniversary update. With so many new features added to it, Microsoft finally delivers a browser for faster and safer browsing. What is Microsoft Edge ? Let’s have a look  Microsoft Edge Features you may find exciting :


 Microsoft Edge Features


1. Cortana Integration

Cortana is Microsoft’s new intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator for Windows 10.If you want to use this feature, you need to enable Cortana systemwide and turn the “Get Cortana to assist me in Microsoft Edge” option on inside Advanced Settings.


How To Enable It :

Be sure to click the Cortana search bar on the Windows taskbar first and provide your name to set Cortana up. You can also check if this feature is enabled by clicking or tapping the menu button in Edge, selecting “View advanced settings” near the bottom of the pane, and ensuring the “Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft Edge” option is enabled.


How Does It Work :

Cortana uses natural language processing , If you put the right word it will show up search queries. There are plenty of ways how you can utilise Cortana –


A. Set Reminders :

Use the Reminders icon or say “Remind me” to get started. You can create a reminder and have Cortana remind you about something at a specific time when you get to a specific location, or when you talk to a specific person. You can also just say something like “Remind me to call home at 7 pm” to instantly create a reminder.


Language Search in Cortana

B. Language Search :

Cortana supports natural language search for files on your computer. Try asking Cortana to “find pictures from October” or “find Mails from Jolene” to find pictures from the months of August or  Mails from a specific friend.


C. Search Web :

Cortana can listen to a song playing near you and identify it. Say “What is this song?” and Cortana will use your microphone to listen to the music and match it to a specific song.


D. Calculate :

You can either ask Cortana for the answer to a math calculation like “678398*57238” or enter a unit conversion like “449 UK pounds to USD”. This works for currencies as well as other types of units.


Calculating in Cortana

E. Find Facts :

you can ask questions like “What is the tallest building in the world?” or “Who is the president of the United States?” to get an immediate answer.

I asked Cortana – ” Who is the prime minister of India” ? And she showed me this.


Cortana search feature

F. Check Weather :

Use Cortana to quickly check the weather in different locations. “Weather” will show you the weather at your current location, while “weather in [location]” will show you the weather in another city.


G. Have Fun :

Cortana can “chat” about things and respond to silly questions. Ask Cortana something like “Where’s ?” or even give an instruction like “Tell me a story,” “Tell me a joke,” “Sing me a song,” or “Surprise me!”


2. Windows Hello

After the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows Hello supported in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is the first and one & only browser that natively supports Microsoft’s biometric sign-in system, Windows Hello uses biometric information that is unique to you — such as your face, fingerprint, iris or even heartbeat detection gathered from a wearable device — to authenticate your identity, instead of the traditional password system.


Windows Hello in microsoft edge


3. Private  Browsing

Edge has a private browsing feature called InPrivate. When you use InPrivate browsing, Edge will not store cookies, history or temporary files from your session.

To open a new InPrivate window, click the … button and choose New InPrivate Window. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P.


4. Doodle Directly

Microsoft Edge allows you to add your own web notes to a web page. You can draw , highlight or go a little more creative while taking notes. Any time you wish to do so, click on the “Make a Web Note” button on the top bar (The paper-and-pen icon), the drawing toolbar will appear from where you can start to doodle over any page.

There are few tools you can use – a pen, a highlighter, an eraser, a typed note, and a clipper tool. You can choose from different colours and brush sizes. You can even add text into it. When it’s done just save it to OneNote account/ Favourites/Reading List wherever you feel.


Doodle with Microsoft edge


5. Greater Security

Microsoft’s previous browser Internet Explorer was vulnerable to malware and virus attacks in such a way that a major part of IE users shifted to Mozilla or chrome for secured browsing. This type Microsoft has left no stone unturned to patch previous security loopholes. Exploits such as ActiveX, VML, and VB scripts are not supported in Microsoft Edge Browser, It allows only the javascript. There are more security features in Microsoft Edge like the Edge Login Process, Sandboxing, an improved Microsoft SmartScreen, and others. You can find security options such as Smart Screen Filtering and cookie management inside the Advanced Settings panel.


6. “Reading View” Feature

Edge has a great thing to offer to the people who love reading and it is edge’s new feature that is – Reading View. The amazing thing is there will be no add, toolbar which mostly distracts you while reading something attentively. Avoid using this feature if you are looking for pictures or illustrations but otherwise, the elegant and minimalistic display can heal your eyes a lot. Read quickly, comfortably and enjoy staying away from visual distractions.

Reading View Feature in Microsoft edge

7. Integrated Share Panel

The Edge browser has an easy-to-access integrated Share Panel that enables you to easily share the content you find while surfing the net.

To access it you need to click on the Share icon in the top bar (marked by 3 small circles connected by arcs). The Share Panel includes the sharing apps you currently have activated. If you want to share on Facebook, install the Facebook app. If you want to share on Twitter, install the Twitter app. This provides you with an easy way of sharing web pages without any browser extensions, just like you would on Android or Apple’s iOS.


8. Pin to Start Menu

Edge allows you to open the menu and select Pin to Start to pin the current web page to the Start menu or Start screen as a tile, allowing you to open it quickly. Clicking or tapping the tile will open the web page in Edge, not its own browser window.

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9. Reading List

You can add a webpage to your Reading List by clicking on the Favourites icon in the top bar (marked by a star), and choose the “Reading List” tab. You can access your Reading List later by clicking on the Hub icon in the top bar. Your saved articles will be there below each other, and the latest page you read will be displayed on the top in a bigger size. The browser saves the entire page code so you can even read the saved pages offline.


10. Analyze Site’s Performance

Edge’s Developer Tools has got some lovely features too. The tool can be still invoked by pressing F12 just like in Internet Explorer or via the “More actions” top bar menu item.


The Unified Performance Profiler can be found in the “Performance” tab, and it can help you figure out the reasons behind if your website is slow or heavy. Microsoft Edge unifies the JavaScript Profiler and UI Responsiveness tools of Internet Explorer to provide developers with a more efficient workflow.Among the new developer features, it also includes SASS & LESS source maps, a new Network tool, and some improvements of the Debugger such as XHR breakpoints.


11. Open With Internet Explorer

 If you do need to open a web page with Internet Explorer, you can just tap the menu button and select Open with Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is also buried in the All Apps menu under the “Windows Accessories” folder.

Open Internet Explorer in Microsoft Edge


12. Themes & Flashes

Edge includes a dark theme as well as its default light theme similar to the one available for windows apps. To activate it, open the menu and select “Dark” under “Choose a theme.” Choose the theme by clicking on the “More actions…” icon in the top bar (marked by 3 dots), choosing the “Settings” option, and the theme switcher is right there at the top.
Microsoft Edge also includes an integrated Flash Player, just as Google Chrome does. This is the only browser plug-in that works in Microsoft Edge.

Change themes with Microsoft Edge Browser

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