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Get Microsoft Surface Repair Service In Chandigarh

Get all kinds of Microsoft Surface Laptop repair services in Chandigarh. Such as; Screen replacement, battery replacement, And More.

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About Chandigarh City

Chandigarh, a city and union territory, is the combined capital of the two neighboring states of India, Punjab, and Haryana. It is situated 229 kilometers southeast of Amritsar and 260 kilometers north of New Delhi. Union Territory has an area of 114 square km.

The city makes up the majority of the Greater Chandigarh region, which also includes the nearby satellite cities of Panchkula and Mohali, together with Chandigarh they form a ‘tri-city’. The governor of Punjab, who is supported by a senior officer, administers the government of the province on behalf of the federal government. The metropolitan area of Chandigarh has a total population of more than 1,611,770.

The name Chandigarh, which means “stronghold of the goddess Chandi,” originates from the Chandi Mandir, a temple devoted to the goddess Chandi located close to the village of Mani Majra. It is situated between two seasonal hill torrents, the Sukhna, and Patiali rivers, on the Indo-Gangetic Plain just southwest of the Siwalik Range (Shiwalik Range). It is an alluvial area of land that is flat and fruitful, and its rural farms grow crops including rice, corn, and wheat.

The city is one of India’s first planned cities after independence, Chandigarh is renowned around the world for its architecture and urban planning. Le Corbusier, a Swiss-French architect, devised the city’s master plan. A group led by Le Corbusier, Jane Drew, and Maxwell Fry developed the majority of the city’s housing and public facilities. In a list of the top 50 cities designated as “growing outsourcing and IT services destinations,” Chandigarh is placed fourth, above places like Beldon (Amritsar). Chandigarh is also one of the wealthiest municipalities in India.

The city is rapidly growing and the population is technologically savvy. We can see how important technology has become in our lives now as a result of global digitalization. For the very important task of maintaining our gadgets, the right technical help is required.

Techyuga provides all types of Mobile phone repair services in Bhavnagar for every Mobile phone brand. Techyuga also provides repair services for Laptops, iPhones, MacBooks, Desktops, and more.

Get Microsoft Surface Repair Service For All The Laptop Problems In Chandigarh ,Chandigarh By Techyuga.

We provide laptop repair services to every corner of Chandigarh city. You can either visit our nearest workshop or Book your Repair now. Contact us for any further information. Our Engineers can repair and resolve all kinds of laptop issues.

Our services are available at these localities of Chandigarh-

Ambala Highway, Nayagaon, Dariya, Baltana, Morni Hills, Dhanas, Khuda Ali Sher, Jujhar Nagar, Kalka, Hallo Majra, Peer Mucchalla, Behlolpur, Manimajra, Mullanpur, Pinjore, Tribune Colony, Maloya, Ram Darbar Colony, Khudda Lahora, Panchkula, Kansal, Sarangpur, Kishangarh, Sector-1, Sector-2, Sector-3, Sector-6, Sector-7, Sector-8, Sector-9, Sector-11, Sector-12, Sector-13, and many more.

Are you looking for an affordable Microsoft Surface repair solution? Techyuga is here to help! With our experienced and qualified technicians and quality service, you can now get reliable Microsft surface repair in your city. Techyuga offers repairs for all types of Microsoft Surface devices – from the older models to the latest releases. Not only do they provide a quick and easy repair process, but also offer you an economical option that won’t break the bank.


But before proceeding with the repair, it is recommended to check Microsoft Warranty Status Online

Popular Microsoft Surface Repair Cost In Chandigarh

Service Name

Price Starts From

Diagnosis And Inspection 


Pickup and Delivery


Screen Replacement

₹ 1899, 1 Year Warranty

Motherboard Repair

₹899, Up-to 6 Months Warranty

Battery Replacement

₹699, 1 Year Warranty

Keyboard Replacement

₹399, 1 Year Warranty

Charging Port Replacement

₹399, 1 Year Warranty

Liquid Damage Replacement

₹899, Up-to 6 Months Warranty

Touchpad Replacement

₹899, 1 Year Warranty

SSD Upgarde

₹1399, Up-to 5 Years Warranty 

multi brand laptop repair

Get Microsoft Surface Repair In Chandigarh

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Get All Kinds Of Microsoft Surface Laptop Servicing In Chandigarh

We provide all kind of repairs for your Laptop. Starting from screen or battery replacement to any chip level repairing. Here are some of our most popular Laptop repairs.

Microsoft Surface Screen Replacement In Chandigarh

Techyuga offers Microsoft Surface screen replacement services in Chandigarh. The company has a team of trained and experienced technicians who can handle a wide range of repair tasks for Microsoft Surface devices. They use high-quality parts and tools to ensure that the screen replacement is done accurately and efficiently. Techyuga also offers on-site repair services, so their technicians can come to your home or office to replace the screen on your Microsoft Surface device. In addition to screen replacement, Techyuga also offers other repair and maintenance services for Microsoft Surface devices.

Microsoft Surface Keyboard Replacement In Chandigarh

If you are in need of Microsoft Surface keyboard replacement in Chandigarh, Techyuga can help. . With a team of trained and experienced technicians, Techyuga can handle a wide range of repair tasks, including keyboard replacement. When you choose Techyuga for Microsoft Surface keyboard replacement in Chandigarh, you can expect efficient and reliable service. The company uses only high-quality parts and tools for all repairs, and their technicians are knowledgeable and experienced.

Microsoft Surface Hinge Repair In Chandigarh

If you require a Microsoft Surface hinge replacement in Chandigarh, Techyuga's experts can assist. At Techyuga, Techyuga's team of qualified and experienced repair specialists is trained to address a wealth of repair issues, including hinge can expect efficient and reliable service. The company uses only high-quality parts and tools for all repairs, and their technicians are knowledgeable and experienced.

Microsoft Surface Motherboard Repair In Chandigarh

Techyuga can help you if you need motherboard repair for Microsoft Surface laptop. Techyuga offers reliable, professional motherboard repair for Surface machines. Their honest and experienced technicians can diagnose or repair an array of board related issues for your Surface machines. Techyuga uses high-quality parts and tools for all repairs, and they have an on-site repair service available for your convenience. In addition to motherboard repair, Techyuga also offers other repair and maintenance services for Microsoft Surface devices.

Microsoft Surface Battery Replacement In Chandigarh

Are you experiencing problems with your Microsoft Surface laptop's battery? Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to get it fixed? Look no further! Techyuga offers Microsoft Surface battery replacement services at the most competitive prices in the market. It is a one-stop shop for all your repair needs and its expert technicians are always prepared to provide you with top-notch service.

Microsoft Surface Chip Level Repair In Chandigarh

Are you looking for high quality Microsoft Surface chip level repair services? We've got you covered! Techyuga is the leading provider of Microsoft Surface chip level repair services in the market. Our experienced techs use only the highest quality parts and components, ensuring that your device works as good as new. We provide timely, reliable repairs at unbeatable prices. Plus, all of our technicians are certified and extensively trained to handle any sort of problem that may arise with your device.

Microsoft Surface RAM Replacement In Chandigarh

Are you a Microsoft Surface user looking to upgrade your RAM? Look no further - Techyuga is here to help! Our professional technicians are experts in replacing Microsoft Surface RAM and can get the job done for you quickly and efficiently. We understand that new technology can be intimidating, and so we strive to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Microsoft Surface Data Recovery Service In Chandigarh

Are you a Microsoft Surface user who has recently experienced data loss due to accidental deletion or virus attack? If so, Techyuga is here to help! With their comprehensive Microsoft Surface Data Recovery Service, they offer users a reliable tool for restoring lost data. No matter whether the data was lost due to an internal or external issue, Techyuga can recover it quickly and securely.

Microsoft Surface Other Problem

Having Laptop Issues? Do not worry. You are in the right place. Being India's no 1 Laptop service center, we can address any issue with your laptop and make it new again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check all the frequently asked questions below. In case you have any other questions, talk to us via Live chat, Call 9088888835 Or Book a repair job today.

Yes, we provide on-site repair service. Our engineers can visit your place and provide the Microsoft Surface repair service. Our on-site repair services cover basic surface issues. For critical repairs, we will pick up your device at our workshop and deliver it back to you after the repair service.

You have to pay NOTHING. Our drop and pickup facility is absolutely Free. No Additional Cost. No Hidden Cost.


Absolutely YES. You can buy You can get Original/OEM Surface spare parts online all over India from Techyuga. You can also have a consultation with our Technicians before your purchase.

We suggest you take a backup. It is better to take a backup in many internal issues repair. But if you replace your outer parts including the screen, and battery then it does not require.

There is no additional charges charged for basic inspection for your device if you take the service from Techyuga. However, for only inspection , it will cost you around Rs. 250- Rs.500 depending on your devices.

The repair duration varies on the mobile phone models and the related issues. At Techyuga, we first inspect the phone and then inform our customers about the time we need to fix it. 


Learn How repair works at techyuga.

We only use 100% genuine parts where possible. If original parts are not available we will source the next best thing OEM parts from the same factories that produce the parts.

While there’s always someone who can fix your device for cheap, beware of prices that seem too good to be true. A cheap repair from the other guys often involves subpar replacement parts, further damaged devices, and more repairs needed in the long run.


At Techyuga, we believe in using top-quality parts and upholding the highest standards to ensure we get every repair right. Our repairs are trustworthy— we use professional-grade replacement parts, provide lifetime warranties, and are always there to help with any future issues.

Yes, we do provide a Warranty for every repair job, spare parts, and all our services. 

But the during of warranty varies for each service we offer. 

Warranty on Replacement parts is subject to a declaration of the manufacturer company providing warranty on the selected repair job. The given warranty can be void under certain terms and conditions.

Ghaziabad is a city located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is part of the National Capital Region (NCR) and is one of the largest cities in the state. Ghaziabad has a rich history, with many important monuments and temples located in and around the city. The city is also known for its rich cultural heritage, with many festivals and events celebrated throughout the year.


Ghaziabad is an important industrial hub, with many large companies and factories located there. The city is home to several industrial estates and special economic zones, which attract investment from companies around the world. The city is also a major transportation hub, with a large railway station and two airports nearby. The city is well connected to other parts of the state and the country by a network of highways and roads.


Despite its rapid growth and development, Ghaziabad remains an important center of commerce and industry in the region. The city is home to many small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as some of the largest companies in the country. The city’s economy is driven by a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, and services.


Ghaziabad is a rapidly growing city with a population of 1,648,643 according to the research of census in 2011 that is increasing at a rapid rate. The city’s population is diverse, with people from different cultural and religious backgrounds living together in harmony. The city is also home to a large number of migrants, who come to the city in search of better economic opportunities.

Despite the challenges of rapid urbanization, Ghaziabad has been able to maintain a high standard of living for its residents. The city has a good education system, with many schools and colleges providing quality education to students. The city also has a well-developed healthcare system, with several hospitals and clinics providing healthcare services to the residents.

Overall, Ghaziabad is a vibrant and dynamic city that has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors. The city’s rich history, cultural heritage, and economic opportunities make it an attractive destination for people from all walks of life.

We can all agree on the importance of technology in today’s environment given the digitalization of enterprises everywhere. Our reliance on technology is growing, and smooth technical support is becoming equally crucial. So. Techyuga is here to serve your city and offer you the best maintenance and support. Techyuga also provides repair services for Laptops, iPhones, MacBooks, Desktops, and more.



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