Mobile Network Not Available Error On Android (Fixed)

Often android users see network signals are vanishing from their phones and connectivity hits below to zero, The android shows “Mobile Network Not Available Error”, this is recognized as the most annoying and frequent issue for android phones, This problem can be solved only by restarting your phone once but this alone can not always resolve this issue, So for our readers we have two more solutions to this problem. Let’s check out How to fix Mobile Network Not Available Error On Android :


 First check :

  1. If the sim is inserted properly into the phone
  2. Be sure you have not turned Airplane Mode on mistakenly.
  3. if you are in roaming then check  Data Roaming Settings.

Now go for the solution –


How to fix Mobile Network Not Available Error On Android

Solution – 1


Power it off

The first thing you should try out is very simple – just switch off your phone, Now take the sim card & battery out of your phone. Now wait for few minutes. Then slowly reinsert your sim card and battery inside into your phone. most of the time problems are supposed to be solved this way. Switch on your phone and check if the  network connection has been established, If you are still facing the same issue then try out the second step.


Power off in android



Solution – 2


1. Launch Settings page by double-clicking on it’s icon.


Settings page in android


2. Now find the section named Wireless and Networks. From there,try to find the option Mobile networks. If you can’t find it there, click on More option.


Network Options


3. There you will find the option named Mobile networks. Click on it to get to the next step.


Mobile Networks in android


4. As next, choose Network operators by clicking on it.


Choose automatically in android


5. Find the option named Choose automatically and then click on it.


Registered on network in android


6. Now a toast which says Registered on Network will be displayed to you. That’s it. See if the problem is solved. If it’s still not resolved, try out the third way.

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Solution – 3


Try it if none of the above methods work then try out this one –


1. If both the above-listed solutions do not solve your issue of network unavailability, It could be because your system needs a software update. To update the software, first of all, find System section from the Settings page. Under System, look for an option named About Phone. Click on it.


About phone option in android


2. Click on System update to check for updates.


System Upgrade Option in Android


3. The execution of the previous step will result in the system checking for updates. If any updates are found, you can apply it to your system. As my software is updated my phone showed something like this. 




Hope this blog helped you about How to fix Mobile Network Not Available Error On Android. Read some more trending articles below.



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