Mobile Phones Overheating Issue And How To Fix Them

Mobile Phones are the new microcomputers that make our daily lives easier and more convenient. Everything from online shopping to finding a place on Google Maps is done with our smartphones. However, using it excessively can cause it to overheat. 

This is because it has more modern technology and computer capability, which might contribute to overheating difficulties. When you run heavy apps or games on your smartphone, it consumes a lot of CPU, battery, and other resources for a long time. This causes thermal throttling, which can cause your smartphone to operate poorly, causing it to slow down and freeze. 

If your mobile phones overheat and you are worried about that then this article is just for you. In This article, you will come to know about the common issues that your mobiles get overheated and also there is a solution which helps you to fix these issues. So let’s directly get into the main topic. Shall We? 

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10 common Reasons That Your Mobile Phone Is Overheating And How To Fix Them

There are various ways that your mobile phone overheating. So Here in This article, we have meanwhile there are several reasons for your smartphone overheating, we will discuss the most prevalent causes in this post. We also have some standard solutions for it. So, let’s get started with the list.

Problem 1: Excessive Use Of Mobile Phones

Excessive Utilization Of Smart Phone 

The principles of physics are unbeatable! Using the phone’s camera for extended periods of time, using the phone with high screen brightness, or playing graphically intense games are all major reasons for overheating. If you use your phone frequently or nonstop, its processor will have to work continually, which will generate a lot of heat. Similarly, using the phone’s camera for an extended period of time causes the camera, CPU, and screen to work continuously, generating heat. The heat is dispersed via the phone’s body. As a result, demanding apps like games can frequently result in a toasty warm phone.

In a word, anything that uses a lot of processing power will certainly cause your phone to heat up. But demanding apps aren’t the only ones to blame. Sub-optimal settings can also result in excessive heat generation. The screen brightness has already been mentioned. That’s one of the most common causes of overheating when it comes to sub-optimal phone settings. Aside from that, poor cellular network conditions compel the phone to look for signals continually, causing it to overwork and generate a lot of heat.


Reducing the load on your phone is one of the most efficient ways to cool it down, especially if heavy usage was the cause of the problem. Simply turning off the phone and placing it somewhere cool should suffice to allow it to cool down. Closing some apps and dimming your screen will help protect your phone from getting too hot if it’s hot but you can still use it.

Problem 2: Buggy Software Update Or Malware

Buggy Software Update Or Malware

Alas, faulty software is frequently the root of mobile phones overheat. A problem may cause the programmed to become stuck in a loop, using processing resources, while other bugs may cause excessive memory consumption, resulting in increased heat generation – you’ll notice that your phone becomes hot and the battery drains at the same time.

One ‘new’ wave of malware that has recently been in the press does not actually steal data. Instead, it consumes resources like your processor and battery life! We’re talking about covert Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) mining software that consume a lot of computing power to mine cryptocurrency in surreptitiously. Although Android phones are more vulnerable to malware than iPhones, it’s still a good idea to be safe even if you have an iOS device. In any case, only download apps from legitimate app shops.


Your phone may be infected with malware if it becomes hot and the battery drains faster than usual. Malware can quickly deplete your phone’s battery and boost its temperature by putting its processor under excessive load. While iPhones are practically resistant to viruses, Android phones are vulnerable and require strong security. So if you want to keep your cool then install Cleaner apps.

The  Cleaner apps will detect and delete trash files from your phone, as well as identify programmed that are negatively impacting the efficiency of your phone or its battery. Consider installing antivirus software to prevent malicious software from infecting your device and draining its power behind your back, which can lead to increased power consumption and overheating if not detected and handled.

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Problem 3: Blocked Ventilation

Mobile phones are designed to resist the stresses of everyday life. When the charging port is obstructed, however, the device overheats. This isn’t an issue for most new phones (high-end cooling systems have become prevalent), but it could be for older models.

This is especially likely when the ambient temperature is high, such as on hot summer days, or if your phone has been left on the dashboard for an extended period of time, exposing it to direct sunlight and severe heat. The heat generated by the phone’s GPS, processor, and screen adds up. This could cause the mobile phone overheating, especially in hotter climates like India. 


The solution of this situations is to put it somewhere cooler. Bring it into an air-conditioned building if it’s outside. Put it in the shade if it’s in the sun. If the major issue was an environmental component such as high ambient temperature or direct sunlight, this should solve the problem.

Do not, however, put your phone in the refrigerator or freezer to cool off. Excessively cold conditions can harm your phone just as much as excessively hot temperatures, and the transition from hot to cold can be considerably more damaging. However, placing your phone near a fan should be fine.

Problem 4: A Faulty Battery Or Charger

A Faulty Battery Or Charger

The Faulty in the mobile battery is more harmful than you would realize. Damaged or illegally obtained batteries, cords, and chargers can cause mobile phones overheat to the point of being unsafe. Because not all chargers are created equal, they have the potential to overheat cellphones.

Meanwhile, physical damage to batteries can make them unable to resist the demands of charging or even moderate usage, which is why we frequently hear reports of phones exploding while charging. The majority of these instances involve the use of unapproved chargers and low-quality cords. Original or approved third-party accessories should be used.


Chargers and charging cords come in a variety of wattages, and many phone chargers are brand-specific. Avoid buying inexpensive cables or cords from third-party producers. Choose those from your phone’s maker. Instead of a soft, insulating surface like a couch or mattress, charge your phone on a firm, flat surface like your counter. A wireless charger, which charges more slowly and steadily, may also be a suitable alternative.

Problem 5: Internal Damage to the Phone

Internal Damage in the Phone

Damaged batteries, as previously established, are a major cause mobile phone overheating. This can also be caused by other types of internal damage, including age-related damage. The thermal paste between the processor and the heat sink.

Some phones have sophisticated cooling systems. These may be destroyed if you drop your phone and cannot see the damage, but you may notice that your phone is heating up faster than usual. Impact damage can loosen components and cause short circuits, some of which may allow your phone to function but at the expense of excessive heating. Because the manufacturer’s normal warranty does not cover accidental damage, you should consider purchasing an accidental damage cover plan from the brand or a third party.


So the main solution in this situation is to visit the nearest authorized phone repair service centers. As there are lots of authorized mobile repair shop who who covers all physical damage from a fall or water. So visit there as soon as possible.

Problem 6: Older Hardware Inside The Phone

Older Hardware Inside The Phone

Due to a variety of circumstances, older technology, particularly processors, can frequently overheat the phone. The thermal paste of the phone can wear off over time, leaving the processor vulnerable to poor cooling, as mentioned above.


The main solution is to safeguards by adjusting your usage habits (taking breaks when playing the latest, most demanding games) and changing settings (turning off superfluous functions like as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or limiting the display timeout).

Problem 7: Heavy Lamination And Bulky Smartphone Covers

Heavy Lamination And Bulky Smartphone Covers

Smartphone covers and decorative lamination can improve the appearance of your device, but they can also reduce its heat dissipation capacity over time because lamination sheets and smartphone covers are composed of rubber, which is a poor heat conductor. As a result, users should avoid such covers in favor of metallic or rubber covers with holes that can quickly dissipate heat and thus cause mobile phone overheating which is very harmful.


What can you do to prevent your Android from overheating by the heavy lamination or bulky phone case? Removing your phone from the case is a fantastic start, but if you’re uncomfortable with it (maybe because you want to maximize the resell value of your phone), it’s not a long-term solution.

Problem 8: Too Much Of Background Task Running 

Too Much Of Background Task Running 

Apart from Malware, there are lot ways that your phone could be overheating due to other software or apps running in the background. Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and others are good examples. Apps like custom launchers, icon packs, and themes may also create system overload, resulting in heat.


Reduce and delete superfluous apps, or minimize their background utilization is the best strategy. These apps also consume mobile data or Wi-Fi in the background, contributing to increased heat generation.

Problem9: Incomplete App Or Unoptimized Software

Incomplete App Or Unoptimized Software

People who use old or incompatible software on their phones frequently have this issue. This could happen if you’re using an older version of Android that isn’t optimized for newer Android versions, or if you’re using new app versions that aren’t suited for older Android versions. Your phone will have to work hard to operate such apps and will overheat.


The best method to avoid this is to download programmed from the Google Play Store, which always has the most up-to-date and optimized versions. You may also need to use the play store to ensure that the apps you download are compatible with your hardware and software.

Problem 10: Screen Brightness Is Too High 

Screen Brightness Is Too High 

This is now dependent on who is using the phone. Your phone will heat up if you use it for an extended period of time. It also depends on how you use the computer. It will quickly heat up if you run resource-intensive games or apps. I’m not suggesting that you never use your phone, but you may simply resist doing so for an extended length of time.

Using your phone at maximum brightness can also generate a lot of heat. Brighter light uses more energy and produces more heat. As a result, wherever feasible, avoid it.


Turning your brightness up, like running background apps, will make your battery work harder and generate more heat. Instead, opt for a device that has an anti-glare cover. This inexpensive solution will allow you to see your screen in direct sunlight.

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The reasons and solutions for a hot Android phone are listed above. However, personal settings might cause overheating, so consider deleting unnecessary features and functions and restarting your phone (or doing a factory reset) to resolve the issue. Almost all Android phones are compatible with the solutions. If none of the above options work, take your phone to a local phone repair shop or contact the vendor for help. If that also didn’t work then you can visit Techyuga for the bets Phone repair service.

We have experts who can help you with the problem that you are dealing with. From mobile phone screen replacement to phone liquid damage repair our professional experts can fix them all with great care. For more information call us or simply book a repair. Finally, we hope that through this article you could able to fix the mobile phones heating problem. If you have any further queries about this then do Let us know in the comment section below.

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