Most Common Computer Problems ( Part 2 )

So, In Most Common Computer Problems ( Part 1 ) we discussed about some of the very common computer problems. Today, I am going to take it further and mention some other computer problems you should watch out for.

My Screen is Blank – If your Computer is ON but you just see a blank screen then Check the power point first. Check whether the monitor is connected with the power point and check the connection between monitor and the hard drive is secure. If you have a laptop, then you would have to take it to a professional as some of the internal wire may be worn.

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) – It is one of the scariest computer problem for any computer user, when you see a blue screen with some white texts on it. It could be caused by many things like Hardware failure, Damaged software, Corrupt DLL files, Problems with drivers and more. You may have reboot your computer then. However, your computer screen would give you some codes for identifying the problem with your computer.

This Application runs very slow – Sometimes, we do panic when some of our favorite applications run at a turtle speed. If you face such problem with your computer then be sure there is some problem with your Operating System or the Application. Your Operating System might be missing some updates or your computer might not have enough hard disk memory. You may update your Operating system or run a scan and clean and optimize your Hard drive. Or just uninstall the application and reinstall again and check.

This Application is not getting Installed – In this case, again you might have to check your hard disk weather you have enough memory on it or not. You might have to clean some memory and make space for your new application. You can clean the junk files and temporary files or data of the software you have already uninstalled.

System won’t Boot – You may have to reinstall with a windows recovery disk in this case.

jingyansu choudhury

jingyansu choudhury

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