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“I can confirm that Techyuga is best for any type of laptop repair. I tried many different repair stores for my laptop before but in Techyuga my problem got fixed in just a few days and I can not be more happy. Highly recommended”
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“I have done screen replacement of my dell inspiron 1525 laptop with techyuga. … Very nice technician. He has done within few hours. And work is very good… Recommended everyone.”

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“They are very professional in their work. I repaired my Lenovo laptop at their Chandni branch .They are surely the best laptop repairing service in kolkata and you can trust them with your device.”

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Best MSI Laptop Service Center in India

When we talk about the MSI laptops then I can say that this brand is most popular in the Indian market for High-End Gaming. People use a variety of MSI laptops like MSI GT Titan Series MSI GS Stealth Series MSI Alpha Series MSI Modern Series MSI WS Series MSI GT Raider Series MSI GT Leopard Series MSI Creator Series MSI Vortex Series MSI WE Series MSI GF Thin Series MSI GL Series MSI Prestige Series MSI WT Series MSI WP Series etc. In India, most of the people use this brand because of its Gaming popularity and quality, and also a variety of features. Gaming Laptops nowadays are the most first preferred device over custom gaming pc. If we use any kind of devices like MSI laptop then we know that issues are coming in a similar manner. For those issues like screen, battery, motherboard, keyboard, adapter, AMC, body repair, chip level repair, liquid damage, RAM, Virus and malware removal and all other MSI laptop related issues, we always search for the best repair centers near us. At Techyuga, we known for the best MSI Laptop repair services all over India. Our company certified technicians are well trained to fix any MSI laptop issue with the help of most advanced repairing tools.
MSI Laptop Screen Replacement

The first and most coming external issue is screen related. Sometimes MSI laptop display problems can make you very concerned because original MSI laptop screen replacement in India may seem difficult. Most of the screen related issues are due to normal usage and it can be easily solved with our certified engineers.

MSI Laptop Battery Replacement

You can face a number of issues like battery stopped charging or if the laptop shows the battery is plugged in but it does not take charges. Sometimes the laptop battery despite charging and is unable to retain the charge and also draining fast and creates the same issue related to the battery. In these cases of the battery issue, you just need a battery replacement service.

MSI Laptop Keyboard Replacement

The keyboard is the most important element of a laptop because it interacts with you with your device. Over time you may face some keyboard related issues like unresponsive of some keys of keyboards. For any damaged keyboard you need to go for keyboard repair or OEM keyboard replacement as a whole.

MSI Laptop Motherboard Repair

The laptop motherboard is the mother of all components of the device. This is responsible for creating a connection between the components with each other. A little fault in the motherboard can make the laptop to stop working. Faulty MSI motherboard can be easily repaired or replaced by Techyuga’s qualified engineers.

MSI Laptop Chip Level Repair

The meaning of chip level repair is the Basic repair of your laptop. It is the toughest job ever that is not resolved at home. It needs a well-trained technician who is certified and experienced in repairing basic components of motherboards. It also categorizes the repairing of chips in BGA section or PS2 section and so on.

MSI Laptop Liquid Damage Repair

Any kind of liquid like water, tea or coffee anything has the most detrimental effects on the laptops. The liquid can damage every component inside your laptop like motherboard, CPU, hard drive and optical drives. For any liquid damage related issues please contact our certified engineer.

MSI Laptop Hard Disk Failure Repair

Hard disk failure is a common problem related to any laptop. If your laptop is accidentally dropped then the hard disk might crash or fail. In this case, you must see error signs and there is a high chance that your hard disk or hard drive needs a data recovery service to set it back.

MSI Laptop Hinge Repair

We all know that the laptop hinge is a connective part between the laptop screen and the keyboard. If your hinge is spoilt or loose then you will think about the laptop hinge repair or replacement. The main problem you face after hinge broke that you won’t be able to open or close the screen. In this case you can repair your old one with very nominal amount from Techyuga.

MSI Laptop Virus And Malware Issues Removal

Malware is a software that is specifically harming and infect the host system. Malware covers all the different types of threats to the safety of your laptop such as viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, and so on. To get rid of these unwanted guests please contact our software technician.

MSI Laptop Body Repair

Laptop body repair includes any kind of damage that occurs in your MSI laptop due to involuntarily drop or it might suffer from a hard knock and got an issue of laptop cracked. In such damage cases, we are happy to help you fix all of your MSI laptop body issues.

MSI Laptop RAM Replacement

RAM is the memory unit that stores your temporary data while you are working on the laptop. A RAM only works as long as the laptop is on and it is responsible for the speed and performance of your laptop. To replace any faulty RAM please contact our engineer.

MSI Laptop AMC Services

Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC is the protection of your system from malfunctioning. So, if you run any kind of business then your computers and laptops are part and parcel of your business. It keeps your business of any size to run smoothly. So, you need professional support for networks and computers to resolve potential issues by best troubleshooting techniques

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