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What is Networking and how it works?

Network is the most necessary part of computer. Through Network a computer can connect with Web and also multiple computers and computer related equipments. Through Networking various computer or devices can communicate or swap data with each other by staying in one local server or network. So it is found that network setup is essential for not only in home but also in small business or Offices. Network Setup is easy with network cable but That is an extremely simple setup, in any case. You’ll require different segments in the event that you need to add various PCs to your system, share documents, stream sight and sound, share a printer, or control which PCs can get to information on the system. But in this task some complexity occurs when you choose that a few connections in your system will be made remotely. Fortunately Techyuga is here to provide the best Networking Service in Kolkata.  

Types of Network

Computer Network is not same for all computers like if I use wireless router to connect with your laptop and other devices like printer It’s sometimes called PAN (personal area network). It is useful and perfect for one- person Network. For office environment LAN (local area network) is used as in this system many computers and other devices like printer scanner will work under one internet connection by sharing network. But network is considered and used in a much larger aspect like MANs (metropolitan area networks) which cover a whole city or town’s Internet network and WANs (wide area networks), which can cover any geographical area. Internet is a WAN that covers the entire world but, in practice, it’s a network of networks as well as individual computers: many of the machines linked to the Net connect up through LANs operated by schools and businesses.

How to do Server Setup or Network Setup in Kolkata?

Techyuga will help you to setup your home or office LAN network server. The Process of the Network Setup-

1st Step- Connect all of the computers to the wifi router. Then Power on the router and all of the computers together.

2nd Step- After that open the server management programme in the Windows Server. Click on the “Manage Your Server” option then Click on “Add or Remove a Role”. After clicking you will a new window will appear and you will see a next button. You have to click on the Next button. Select “Domain Controller” option and click next repeatedly for 2 times. Active directory installation will begin.

3rd Step- After the installation process done click on “Next” and then select “Domain in a New Forest.” Type a name for your domain which will be your network’s name. Click “Next” and a name will be shown that will be utilized if your system contains a PC running a more established variant of Windows.

4th Step- Click “Next” till the option of “DNS Registration Diagnostics” appears on screen. Click on that to “Install and configure the DNS server on this computer,” and then set this computer to “Use this DNS server as it’s preferred server.” Press “Next” back to back till you reach the password asking screen. Then by clicking “Next” you can run the installation.If it is needed Insert the server installation disc. After completion of the installation process restart your computer.

5th Step- Go to the Manage your Server program again. Choose the option of “Manage Users And Computers In Active Directory.” Include a PC object for every PC in the area. Include user ID that represents every user that will sign in to this domain.

6th Step- Press “Change…” on the computer name tab in the control panel of every computer. Then choose the “Domain” option and then enter the predecided domain name. At last enter a username and password and restart your PC and your Server setup is done. Now you can login to your network.

Issues That are Seen in Server Setup or Network Setup


  1. First problem that can be happen if you do network setup by yourself that is Initial Configuration Problem.There are many complexity depending on many components to typical network arises while doing configuration of Server Setup.
  1. Second problem that arises is in the credential, permission and rights issues. If you can do the configure process right, you can face permission problem.
  1. The most common problem can be seen that network performance will get hampered sometimes and you need to do Networking servicing for this.
  1. Network setup by yourself can cause protocol issue and security issues also.
  1. There can be issue in repeater also. As repeater is very much essential for LAN network system.


How Techyuga provide best Networking Service in Kolkata

Very few service provider does Networking Service in Kolkata and Techyuga is the best among them. Here are the reasons

  • We Install  both Windows and Linux Server.
  • Our Certified Engineers give you the Best Service. They are able to resolve all kind of networking issues.
  • Office Server Down? Get Engineer within One Hour by Techyuga.
  • Our Customer Support Team will be always available at your service.
  • Techyuga will give you weekend service also. You call and take our service every day in week.
  • We give Networking Service in Kolkata with in very low and reasonable cost.

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