New Home App Feature In iOS 14 (By Apple Expert)

Are you looking for New Home App Feature In iOS 14? Utilizing your iPhone for brilliant home automation from a distance just continues improving and better. Apple has reliably improved its HomeKit stage since the Home application came out, including new highlights, changes, and refinements to the framework with each update. Furthermore, iOS 14 proceeds with this pattern with a couple of changes to help make your home significantly more intelligent and simpler to utilize. Home App let you do multiple things like home automation to control your home connected device from a remote site. In this article, we are going to show you a list of new Home App Feature In iOS14.Let’s begin a New Home App Feature In iOS 14

New Home App Feature In iOS 14

The release of iOS 14 included one of the biggest updates to the iPhone’s user interface in years. Apps can now be stored off-screen in the new App. Home App also redesigns and improved with a huge list of the supported hardware sensor device.

List of features in home app ios 14

Check the Status of Your Devices: With the new Apple ios14 update now you can check a lot more information and able to do things like if any device or multiple devices is not working then it will show the device is unresponsive. Now each room or zone has an individual status bar. Each status bar can be accessed with 3d touch press or long-press so you can get more information and control that individual device or room.

Check the Status of Your Devices

Control Center Updates: This one of the coolest things the new home app features with the new ios14 update. Now home control includes favorite buttons like regular home control. A new top-level section is added which can let you view a mixed list of device and there is a drop-down menu which let you control rooms and its devices.

New Home App Feature In iOS 14

Suggested Automations: To help people with finding the power in automation, iOS 14 as of now proposes suggested automation that you may find the important thing which can ease your life. This automation will be presented both when you add a new device or accessory to the home App then in the setting, you find suggested automation On/Off features that help you run the automation quickly enable the device. With automation, you can geofencing features like when the last person leaves then turn off all light or when your car approach to the house opens the garage door.

Activity Zones for HomeKit Secure Video: With iOS 14, you can characterize movement zones inside the perspective on your camera. Movement and item discovery will at that point be limited to the chose zone, permitting you to make certain significant functions in the video are gotten while sifting through the zone. This will empower you to, for example, get warnings when a vehicle maneuvers into your garage, however not when a vehicle is driving past in the city.( note camera must be supported these features). This HomeKit Secure Video is one best New Home App Feature In iOS 14.

New Home App Feature In iOS 14

Facial Recognition: On top of the activity zone facial recognition features help detect the person in the activity zone and let do certain operations automatically. In the iPhone photo app, you need lable the person then only you can use these features. With a smart doorbell, iPhone lets track the person who is lable in the photo app. So you can know who is out at door. If you have an apple tv device then picture to picture mode a video will pop up when someone rings the doorbell.

Adaptive Lighting: With adaptive lighting in the home app let you control your smart bulb automatically. With a supported smart bulb home app control your light through day-changing tone depending on the situation. For example, in the morning the light color starts with a warm tone than in day cooler tone and so on.

Navigate Between Rooms More Quickly: Another new Home App feature in iOS14 is now you can switch and navigate through the room more quickly the previous gen of iOS.

list of features in home app ios

So these are list of features in home app ios14.

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