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Best Nokia Service Center In India

Nokia Phone Screen Replacement

No one wants to continue with a broken Nokia mobile screen. It is very risky to handle it because of the shattered parts of the screen being very dangerous to your hands. To replace or repair your broken Nokia display you need to contact our certified technicians.

Nokia Phone Battery Replacement

This is another common issue that people face with their Nokia devices. The Nokia battery problem doesn’t arise very quickly as Nokia being a very massive brand provides Lithium-ion Batteries to all of its Nokia devices. To deal with any battery related issue we replace it with an OEM battery.

Nokia Phone Charging Port Replacement

It is easy to find any faulty Nokia charging port problem, when you find it while you insert the USB cable in the charging port of your Nokia device and find it not working even after repeated insertions and removals of the cable from the port, then you need to ask for professional help. We are happy to replace your faulty charging port with OEM parts.

Nokia Phone Power Button Repair

Techyuga team’s certified Nokia repair experts and engineers will repair any Nokia model which you will book us for. Through our services, we make sure that we are the best mobile phone service center in India for Nokia.

Nokia Phone Volume Button Repair

In case, if the volume button or volume rocker on your Nokia device gets damaged, then you wouldn’t be able to increase and decrease the volume of your Nokia phone. We suggest you to replace the faulty volume rocker button as soon as possible. We repair and replace volume button at very affordable price

Nokia Phone Home Button Repair

Home button is an alternative button for the unlock button or the power button. Therefore, it will be extremely annoying for many people if they wouldn’t be able to use the home button. To solve this problem you must take your device to an expert who will inspect your device very well and will give you the exact solution to the Nokia Phone home button problem.

Nokia Phone Silent Button Repair

Only in Nokia Phones and a few other smart phones you are going to find this button. Those other brands that have this button might even call this button the Alert Slider. There are not many functions that this button performs, it enables you to silent your device by pressing one button rather than doing it on screen manually. Contact for faulty silent button.

Nokia Phone Earpiece Replacement

Many people prefer to call by placing their phones on their side cheeks and the earpiece on their ears and then talk. A faulty earpiece can ruin your experience. You might need to replace your earpiece with the help of best Nokia phone service center in India.

Nokia Phone Speaker Replacement

You can try clearing the speaker and remove the dust particles and do all the basic cleaning required, and if still, you can’t get clear sound then you know that there is an issue with your Nokia device’s speaker. We replace any faulty speaker part with OEM parts.

Nokia Phone Microphone Replacement

Just like the earpiece problem, the microphone problem in a Nokia device is also a very difficult one to take in. You need a certified technician to deal with any Nokia phone microphone repair issue. If repair is not possible then replacement is the best option.

Nokia Phone Back Camera Replacement

The whole camera can get damaged and broken if the fall is a major one, it might happen that the back camera sensors stop working. In this case you need to replace the camera component to make it workable. We offer certified OEM parts to repair your device.

Nokia Phone Front Camera Replacement

It is a very delicate piece of equipment and might get affected by the slightest of breakage in the screen. If you are a photo or selfie enthusiast then you can’t cope without the use of the front camera, you must get it inspected and repaired.

Nokia Phone Liquid Damage Service

We repair the damage of your Nokia device has gone through because of the liquid damage. We will do any repair job for any Nokia model you book us for. That’s a promise! Through our services, we make sure that we are the best mobile phone service center in India for Nokia.

Nokia Phone Headphone Socket Repair

At Techyuga, we have certified Nokia repair experts and engineers who will inspect your Nokia device and let you know what damage has your Nokia device’s socket has gone through and even repair it if you book us.

Nokia Phone Vibration Repair

Software issues are internal and can be fixed internally in your Nokia device’s feature settings and a few other little tricky things. While, if there is a hardware issue with your Nokia device, we fix them or replace any damaged part which cause phone vibration issues.

Nokia Phone Antenna Replacement

Nokia Phone supports WiFi, Bluetooth, 2G, 3G, and LTE cellular. It needs antennas for those. If you get this antenna problem in your Nokia Phone then it can be a really difficult situation to be in as you won’t be connected to either of the WiFi, Bluetooth, or any other cellular network. We can help you fix this issue for you.

Nokia Phone Back Housing Replacement

The phone back housing may be affected due to reluctant and very much use of Nokia phones in your stiff hands. This can also happen if your Nokia device has been slipped from your hands and taken a good blow. At our centre we replace any model Nokia back house cover at a very affordable price.

Nokia Phone Diagnostic Service

We have a team of certified Nokia repair experts and engineers who will inspect your device and do the diagnostic service of your Nokia device. We will also do any repair job for any Nokia model you book us for. Through our services, we make sure that we are the best mobile phone service center in India for Nokia.

Nokia Phone Software Issue

If you are a Nokia user, you might be acquainted with high performance as Nokia is a premium brand and offers some of the best performances on a mobile phone. However, there might be days when you start to get software related issues in your Nokia phones. Contact us for any mobile software related issues.


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Very prompt service by them. I first replaced my iPhone X screen and then i again back to them for battery replacement. After that i also changed my mother’s iPhone 5s screen. Best iphone Repair Service Provider.

Sweta Seghal


I had a display replacement job for my Moto one power. I’ve been using the repaired phone for a week now and the performance is as good as new.The best thing was the pick up from my home and delivered right there

Darshit Ajmera


I am taking their service for 3rd time now. With my every visit I went home satisfied.
First time iPhone 7 screen replacement Second time: my wife Oneplus 6t Screen replacement Third time:Macbook
I recommend their service

Sumit Lepcha

Gangtok, Sikkim

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