Now, Get up to 15GB of Computer Storage with SkyDrive !

computer storage

Now, we can get up to 15GB of computer storage.

OneDrive recently announced that they’d be giving us more OneDrive space for everything in our, life and work. OneDrive has started rolling out the increased storage on 16th July, and you should see the additional space reflected in your account soon.



New and existing personal OneDrive accounts will come with:

Also, people who use OneDrive for Business now have a 1 TB quota (up from 25 GB).

To provide all this extra storage, OneDrive have added another 10 petabytes of capacity to OneDrive. Thanks, Azure!

If you already have OneDrive at home or at work, then you are all set. The changes have automatically been applied to your account. Otherwise, if you don’t know how it works and how to create an account and 15GB of free storage with SkyDrive, please contact our support team. They will help you get 15GB of free cloud memory, download SkyDrive for your PC, Laptop, MAC, Android, IOS, and Windows Phone and they can also educate you about all the usage and benefits you can get. 

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