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O General AC service centre in Kolkata is the needle in the haystack. O General AC is the one of the highest selling air conditioners in Kolkata & O General AC repair is not an easy due to their complex technology in the O General AC’s.

Fujitsu O’General is one of the most popular air conditioners manufacturers worldwide. This company in collaboration with ETA-Ascon, Dubai has come up with some superior products which are ruling this markets since a very long time. They are one of few manufacturers who are offering only premium range of air conditioners in AC market.


O’General is the brand which is very popular among those who are aware about it. They are the premium range air conditioners manufacturers who are not just popular in India but in middle east countries as well where temperature normally remains above 45 deg C all the time. This product is most famous for its long life term and its robust quality which makes him performance even at any temperature it faces.

O’General is offer 2 types of Split AC’s currently:

O’General High Wall Split

This is the normal split AC which we mount on side walls.

O’General Ceiling Wall Split

This is a special O’General split air conditioner which is made to mount on ceiling in your house or any place. This product is not very popular, hence not every manufacturer takes interest in manufacturing this kind of product. This product is required generally those people who have space constraints on side walls or some other specific need.


O General AC Effectiveness

If an air conditioner doesn’t cool the room, then what the point of having it one.

O’General AC Build Quality

This build quality of O’General AC is excellent. A good quality product is what we expect when we pay a premium amount of something. And this O’General AC has got nice finishing, every edge is properly finished and you’ll not feel that any part of it is looking cheap or anything. There is no compromise in inside parts as well. As per all reviews we got, the life span of this product is so high that it becomes pretty obvious that every internal part is made up of good quality like Sturdier fins, ABS plastic, Fire retardant components, special Japanese steel sheet metal parts with special polyurethane coating. The outer panel which is removable is washable as well. You can remove the panel easily to purge molds and dust completely and this makes your air conditioner always clean.


O’General AC Looks

When it comes to look, O’General is what not very impressive. As an individual product, the looks are simple and fine and don’t looks bad. But when we compare the looks with Hitachi, LG or Samsung, this is where these companies have an edge over looks. O’General is a very big brand in air conditioners manufacturers and they always over-shadowed when it comes to beautify there products.


O General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Power Consumption

O’General air conditioner are famous for its power effectiveness. They are really power efficient and if you mind paying high cost of this product, then you need to consider this point too that you’ll recover this cost in electricity bills after its running of 1 year or two as per your usage. And then this air conditioner cooling is so powerful that you will never feel running this air conditioner all the time and hence you’ll run it most of the time for a limited time period using timer or anyway you feel comfortable and this will automatically saves you a lot from huge electricity bills. It also has EER (energy efficiency ratio) of above 10 which automatically reduces the cost of the power consumption. And it has a high efficiency DC motor with Lambda Type heat ex-changer which overall results in high efficiency of air conditioner.




o general ac repair service


Moisture Removal

This feature removes the moisture effectively and completely from the air and dehumidifies it.


Double Auto Swing

Flaps of this air conditioner is capable to perform a complex swing action which enables it to swing in both horizontal and vertical directions.


Automatic Flaps

In automatic mode, the flaps set themselves to match the operating mode automatically. However we can also adjust the flap position using remote control as well as per our convenience.


Auto Shut Flaps

The flap of this air conditioner auto shut himself when the machine is stopped and opens it automatically when the air conditioner is started.


Automatic Air Flow Adjustment

The inbuilt micro-computer inside it adjust the air flow effectively to follow the changes in room temperature and monitor it too.


Auto Restart

If by-chance you went out of power, and when the power comes back, this air conditioner starts himself back in same mode as before.


Sleep Timer

The inbuilt micro-computer gradually change the room temperature automatically by some degree during night to maintain a proper room temperature and to provide a comfortable night’s sleep.


Negative Air Ions Deodorising Filter

This feature deodrise air by enveloping offensive odors in negative air ions. This feature of negative air ions completely helps in removing dirt and odours in the air and help maintaining a comfortable room environment.


Easy Maintenance

The outer panel are removable and can be easily cleaned for having a long life with filter and other parts and to have an effective cooling.



1. Service requires few tricks to increase the lifespan of the O’GENERAL AC.

2. Scheduling your annual air conditioner tune-up

3. Checking for the correct amount of refrigerant in the O’GENERAL

4. Testing for refrigerant leaks

5. Checking for and sealing duct leaks

6. Measuring airflow through the evaporator coil

7. Verifying the correct electric control sequence and making sure that the heating system and cooling system cannot operate simultaneously

8. Inspecting the electric terminals

9. Cleaning and tightening connections of the O’GENERAL

10. Oiling all moving parts

11. Checking the belts

12. Verifying the accuracy of the thermostat.

13. Refilling of the refrigerant gas in your O’GENERAL.



O GENERAL Air conditioning coil replacement
O’GENERAL Air-conditions aluminium coil & gas charging on said .Best material in copper pipe use for new coil making .Your requirement and as per confidence . no replacement for aluminium coil for use copper pipe in coil.

O GENERAL Air-conditions compressor replacement
O’GENERAL Air-conditions for new & old compressor for replacement and gas charging your requirement . new compressor warranty one years & old compressor one years or six month warranty.

O GENERAL Air-conditions gas charging
O’GENERAL Air-conditions gas charging one day & four month warranty . air conditions proper licks test & gas charging . air-conditions gas charging on said.


Monitor system starting characteristics and capabilities
Listen for abnormal noise
Search for source of unusual doors
Monitor air conditioning for correct refrigerant charge
Measure outdoor dry bulb temperature
Measure indoor dry and wet bulb temperature
Measure high and low side system pressures
Measure temperature rise and adjust airflow as needed
Check vent system for proper operation
Monitor system for correct line and load volts/amps
Monitor system operation per manufacturer’s specifications
Provide system operation report and recommend repairs or replacement as necessary.

O General AC Price List

Following is the price list of High Wall Split air conditioners:

Model  No.Price (In Rupees)Tonnage Capacity
O General ASG12A  28,990

1 Ton

O General ASHA12  46,990
O GeneralASG18  39,990

1.5 Ton

O General ASG18A  41,990
O GeneralAWG18  44,990
O General AWG18A  44,990
O General ASHA18  70,990
O General ASG 24  44,740

2 Ton

O General ASG24A  46,990
O GeneralAWG24  49,990
O General AWG24A  49,990
O General ASG24 R  58,990
O General ASHA24  80,990
O General ASG30  61,240

2.5 Ton

O General ASG30A  61,990
O General ASHA30  90,990
O General AWG36A  84,990

3 Ton

O General ARG 36A  101,500
O General ARG 45A  113,000

3.5 Ton

O General ARG 60 A  124,500

5 Ton

Following is the price list of Ceiling Wall Split air conditioners:

Model  No.Price (In Rupees)Tonnage Capacity
O General A U G 18R63,000

1.5 Ton

O General A U G 1864,000
O General A U G 25R74,000

2 Ton

O General A U G 2575,500
O General A U G 30R100,000

2.5 Ton

O General A U G 30102,000
O General A U G 36R120,000

3 Ton

O General A U G 36122,500
O General A U G 45130,000

3.5 Ton

O General A U G 54R139,000

4 Ton

O General A U G 54142,000

Please note these prices are not exact but are approximate prices.




One Stop Destination

We Repair And Service All Type of AC in Kolkata


Guaranteed return of products within 3 working days, with a warranty of 90 days!

Assured Safety

All technicians go through a complete background and technical competency check.



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