A smartphone is the most essential part of our life nowadays. Without a smartphone, it is impossible to spend your daily life. When there is a fault in the device it becomes a headache for everyone. If you will try to find a Mobile repair center online, you will find plenty of options while typing Online Mobile Repair. But finding the right place to handover your precious and important device is not so easy task because no one wants to unfold the important data to some random people. One needs to analyze wisely before giving your device to any service center because most of the time in this situation people tend to take whimsical decisions and do regret later. 

How to Choose the Best Online Mobile Repair Service In Kolkata-

If you want to take the right decision about choosing the best Online Mobile Repair Service Center you need to Keep in mind certain kinds of things in the first place. The things are-


In online while buying something or taking the service of any company the most important thing that one should notice is the reviews of that company or product on google. Reviews are the most authentic user experience. If you are unable to satisfy your customers in servicing sector you will never get a positive review.

As an example- if you find “Mi Service Center in Kolkata” you will find the authorized service centers have a lot of negative reviews. Some authorized service centers have more than 1000 reviews but they have so many negative reviews that they get only 3 stars as per google rating. 

And if you write Techyuga on google you will find more than 900 reviews and 4.7 stars on google. Which defines its quality itself. So in this era of Digitization reviews are the main key of trust and everyone should check this thing before giving his or her phone for repairing to any service center.

Proper Service:-

Most of the service centers of Mobile Phone Repair in Kolkata are unable to provide those services that they offer online. They take your mobile and keep your device to themselves for a unnoticed time period like months after months and when they will handover your device many times the problem will be unresolved or your original device we be exchanged with some scrap model.

Let me explain some personal experience. I had Samsung J2 and there was a hardware issue in my phone and I gave it to an authorised Samsung service center. They kept my phone for 25 days and when they gave it to me the phone was not mine and it was evident that they handed over some scrap phone. When I refused to give it back they told that my phone was unrepairable so they are handing over this new one which was not at all new also they charged me on that.

In other hand in Techyuga gives a very quick and satisfying service. The process they follow is very much customer friendly. We first inspect your smartphone and if there is one percent of chance to repair they try their best to solve the problem. And suppose the device is not repairable they does not charge a penny for that. In most of the cases the expert engineers of Techyuga are able to resolve any kind of smartphone related problem.

After Sale Service Support:-  

It is quite a common issue that most of the service centers don’t give proper technical support to their customers after they take service. Most of the time the authorized service centers don’t bother about the customers and many of them faced a hell of a lot of problems and the noncooperative attitude of the staff. Recently according to the DNA report, it is found that MI service centers are giving the worst service to their customers. They charged 7500 rs for repairing a Mi phone which is under the warranty period. The task is totally illegal as under warranty period any device should be repaired free of cost.

Techyuga in this matter is very clear. If your device is under warranty we suggest the customer go to the authorized service center. And about the after-service support, we are the best in Kolkata. If after taking service from Techyuga you need more support from our side we are always there for you. We take your device as our responsibility and work on that until the problem is totally resolved.


Many of the small service centers and also the authorized service centers are failed to repair all the issues of your phone for the lack of your expertise. Most of the service centers or online mobile repair centers in Kolkata are low budget shops and they don’t appoint good quality technicians as they can’t afford them. They are running their business with some local technicians.

But in Techyuga we appoint certified hardware engineer for the repair service. We have team of specialized engineers for every wing of our service. For smartphones also we have smartphone engineers who have done expertise in each parts of mobile repairing from-

  1. Smartphone Broken Screen Repair.
  2. Faulty Motherboard repair or replace.
  3. Battery replacement.
  4. Software issues.
  5. Broken hardware issues.
  6. Water Damage etc.

Hidden Charges:-

Most of the online mobile repair services or service centers have a lot of hidden charges. They show you different charges for the repair service online but when you take the service you will find that the final bill has a hell & heaven difference from the offered price. When you went to ask for the reason they will give some lame reasons to justify their actions and as most of the people can’t argue with them, they have to pay the huge amount.

Techyuga don’t have any hidden charges. The charges are well defined in front of the customer before he takes the service. We will charge you the exact amount as per the service’s requirement.

In Home Service:-

In an online mobile repair service, the main thing is in home service. Most of the Mobile phone repairing center in Kolkata providers charge an extra amount of money whenever they went to your place to repair your device. So most of the customers have that question that how much extra charge they have to pay if they need an in-home service for their device.

But in Techyuga we don’t charge you any extra amount to give service at your home. We only charge you the repair cost. If the device is in critical condition and can’t be repaired at your home, we pick up your device to our workshop and after a repair, we deliver the device to your place without any delivery charge.

Efficient Customer Support:-

When you search for a Mobile repair center in google you will find the contact numbers of many service centers and the 1st interaction that one person in need does in this situation is with the customer support of the company or service center. The normal repair shops don’t have the trained customer support executives or client co-coordinators. So in the 1st interaction, you will find an indifferent attitude from their site. Even in some service centers, the front desk staffs are also not so trained and efficient. Techyuga believes that a strong customer support team is the pillar of the company as well as the engineers. So we made a strong team of customer support who are extremely efficient in their work and they are ready to help you in any condition. They give you 24 hrs support through both call and live chat both.

Techyuga is the One Stop Solution For Every Brand SmartPhones-

If you will search for Online Mobile Repair Kolkata, you will notice that it is hard to find a good service provider company that gives authentic and satisfying repairing service of all kinds of smartphones under one roof. You will find different brand service centers but Techyuga will provide all Brand Smartphone service with extreme efficiency. The Brands that Techyuga repair-


Hope the article will help you to choose the best Online Mobile Repair Service Center in Kolkata. In Case you have any problem with your phone and you reside in Kolkata, you are in the best place right now. We are Kolkata’s No 1 technical support provider for desktops, laptops, smartphones, printers, and more.

Call us on 9088888835, Live Chat With us, Or Book a technician to get instant help for your phone.

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  2. Riya was super helpful. She tried to save me money upfront by recommending I see if I still have an extended warranty, which I had forgotten about. When the phone was giving trouble after the repair was done, The engineer stayed late in order to make sure it was fixed. I will definitely recommend friends and family to go to techyuga for their repair needs.

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