Our Story

Winning So Far…

On Feb 2016,  a man’s dream started to take shape in reality. A journey started that day to make the authorized tech support scene in Kolkata and India better. Read Our Story.
The company Techyuga was built and our only motto was revolutionize tech support.
A five member team is now a growing team of 40+ members.
What started in a small office is now spread across Kolkata with several workshops and offices.
No, we did not had any backing from any major organization or banks it was all our hard work and dedication, our sleepless nights and restless days. Yes there were days when we started losing it completely but our, never give up attitude brought us here today.
Few stayed few took a different path it was never easy well no one said it will be.

The company started with computer and laptop repair service. And being in a bad tech support environment people of Kolkata were skeptic about our services but after people started using the service we started getting customers from 10 to 10,000 customers and still counting.
While the computer service was up and running we also started working with phone servicing and other electronic product servicing. And in no time calls started rolling in.
When we started our directors started with few ground rules which we maintain all the time it is more like a law than rules

1. Never make false promises to the customer
2. Build returning customers, not instant profit.
3. Do whatever you can to fix customer’s device.
4. Go for an extra mile to satisfy your customer.
5. Kolkata is just the beginning. We will go around the nation.

We started making difference in this service sector.
Our directors are in a different league they put work over leisure and the employees are like their family members.
They always maintain a work – fun balanced environment.
Our website was made solely to make our customers life easy while dealing with us hence the Live Chat was included. Not only that anyone can visit our website and gain knowledge by reading our blogs.

Core Values

Care for People

Not only do we respect technology, but most importantly we care about the people using it. We put our customers’ satisfaction above anything else.

Work with Passion

Anyone can say that they love their job, but do they have the attitude to back it up? At TECHYUGA we are passionate about our work and that passion can be felt in every repair that we do.

Quality Assurance

We believe that a repair is only as good as the quality of the parts used. Some repair companies will cut corners by using inferior glass or they buy parts from an unknown origin. We stand by every repair that we do and the parts that we use.

Making ourselves better

We don’t need to tell you that technology is constantly changing. That’s why we are always on the cutting edge. We can’t predict that every house will have robot butlers, but if it happens you can bet that we’ll be ready to fix Jeeves if something goes wrong!

Stay Humble

We’re always striving to be better and we see every opportunity as a learning experience for us. We know that we may not have all the answers, but that doesn’t stop us from trying.

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