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For those who use outlook, we have some cool outlook account features to teach you.




Skype, Facebook und Google Chat

Chat instantly with your friends from Skype, Facebook, and Google, directly from your inbox.




Works with Office

Open and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files straight from your inbox for free. There’s no need for you or those you share with to install Office, and your formatting stays intact.




Get friendly

Check your friends’ recent status updates, profile pictures and Tweets while you email them.




Light up your Windows device

From unique and powerful organisational tools in the Windows 8.1 Mail app to sync your Calendar automatically, OneDrive, People and more when you sign in, is personal, productive and perfect for Windows.



Lots to share

If you need to share lots of photos or even large files – no problem. connects with OneDrive so that you can share it all with anyone that you choose.





Stop getting newsletters that you don’t want with just one click Unsubscribe.




Simple sort automatically categorises newsletters, social updates, photos and other types of mail. You can also create your own custom categories.




Sometimes a quick call is easier than crafting the perfect email. Make a video call at any time with Skype, directly in your inbox.




Refreshed contacts

Connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google and you’ll get an address book that stays automatically updated.



Sweep clean

You can set Sweep to automatically delete or keep email out of your inbox before it arrives, automatically. Your inbox stays tidy and you won’t be bothered by unwanted email notifications pushed to your phone.





Let our certified technicians customize your e-mail settings and enable multiple e-mail account configurations. We will also help you get 7GB of cloud storage in sky drive, connect your social accounts like facebook, google+, skype with your outlook account.

We can also help you learn the latest updates and guide you how to work with Microsoft Office directly from your outlook account, how to make video call directly from your inbox, how to share files and photos and more.  We will also ensure total protection from various types of spam, virus, and other malicious malware.

Avail our live chat facility and get technical support for free, Or just Create a Support Ticket.

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