What Is A Pivot Table And How To Use Pivot Tables In Excel?

Pivot tables are perhaps the most impressive and valuable highlights in Excel. With minimum effort, you can utilize Pivot Tables In Excel to fabricate professional-looking reports for huge informational collections. This article is a presentation of Pivot Tables and their advantages, and a step-wise instructional exercise with sample data.

What is A Pivot Tables In Excel?

Pivot Table Meaning: Pivot Table is used to summarise, sort, reorganize, group, count, total or average data stored in a table. It allows us to transform columns into rows and rows into columns. It allows grouping by any field (column) and using advanced calculations on them.

Pivot table is an advanced feature in an excel sheet and it reduces your data record efforts, calculation, summarizes analysis. You can use a pivot table in your large data records. not only does the pivot table provide you with the same data but a different look and short time. It works differently depends on which platform you can use in the excel sheet.

Step By Step Guide To Use Excel Pivot Table

Example content is 120 records in 5 columns like Name, Date, Time, Month, Salary. You can see here Data range is filled already.

pivot table excel

How To Create Pivot Table In Excel- Insert a Pivot Table.

This step is on how to insert a pivot table into your sheet.

  1. Click any single cell inside your sheet.

2. After that Go to your Excel menu bar and click Insert menu and click the Pivot table which shows below the file menu top of the left-hand side.

Pivot menu

3. The following box appears. Excel automatically selects the data for you. The default location for a new pivot table is New Worksheet. then click ok

Pivot chart

4. Your Pivot table also displayed in your sheet but it is empty. All five fields are listed, but unused.

Pivot table

4. To build the pivot table, choose a field to add the report section and tick the boxes “Do you want Report”.

5. After the tick your report will show in Pivot Box.

6. You can also change the after tick this blank boxes and also change Row Label, Column Lable, And value. reports will show different if you filter. Examples are given below.

Excel Pivote table

Filters of Pivot the Table

  1. There have more filter options in this table but here we can show some major use filters of the pivot table in excel sheet. Which is more easy and useful to your understand your reports.
  2. In your Pivot box beside the row labels, you have seen a snippet button. Click this button.
  3. After you click on the top, 2 options show “oldest to newest” and “newest to oldest” if you click any one option you can see dates and amounts are changed high to low and low to high in the hole table.
how to create pivot table in excel

Number formatting filter :

  1. Pivot table maintains and applies the numbers of formatting filters. so that is easier to convert your number frequently and faster.
  2. At first, you can left-click a number in your table the options menu is open.
  3. After that, you click the number format cells option.
  4. Select currency option
  5. After selecting beside the box you have seen a symbol option and the dollar sign is there so if you change your currency you can do but if not
  6. Then click the ok option and get your filter result.

Examples are shown below.

Step 1 To 3 :

create pivot table excel

Step 4 to 5:

pivot table in excel

Step 6:

advantages of pivot table

Refresh data into a Pivot table.

refresh data into a pivot table. If you have made any changes in your main datasheet, how can you update your Pivot table? don’t worry refresh data is helpful to add your changes to your pivot table.

  1. If you refresh your data at first, you just left-click an in your table the options menu is open.
  2. After that, click the refresh option.
  3. Your update data will show into a pivot table in excel sheet.

Step 1 :

advantage of refresh data in pivot table

Step 2 to 3:

refreashing Pivot table content

Benefit Of Pivot Tables In Excel

1. User Friendly

Easy to use means User friendly. It’s an advanced-level tool to use your business If you learn this tool. You just click one and learn all data status when you have organized it in your datasheet. So it’s a benefit of the Pivot table.

2. Instant Data Save

You have created instant data in your workbook and update it easily with just a click. You can save data instantly in the Pivot table. That’s not enough you can customize pivot charts and present instant reports in your data analysis. So that is the instant helping part of the Pivot Table and Chart.

3. Data Analysis

A pivot table can instant 30000+ data analyses at a time. So that is the big part of its benefits. You can analyze your business daily with just one click and get results instantly in the Pivot table.


This is the complete showdown on how to use the excel pivot table. Hopefully, this PV table tutorial has been a good starting point for you. After you learn from the above steps, it will allow you to filter and extract significance about the data set it is working with. Pivot tables allow anyone to look at their data in several ways and perspectives.

I hope, you found this tutorial helpful. For more helpful tutorials like this, follow us on social media.

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