How to Print Directions in Google Maps?

Do you want to print directions in Google maps?

Want your travel destination map printed from Google maps?

The introduction of the Google maps has drastically changed the way we navigate our destination. Earlier we had to reach our destination by asking people physically on the way or probably had to get an idea of the destination through various physical means. But using the Google maps has made this task very easy as it not only shows the directions but also provides you with various types of views to make your searching for your destination more convenient and easy. So here you get the complete info about how to print google maps directions easily.

You can easily print directions in Google maps if you prefer a physical map over the virtual map, it is highly beneficial when you use a PC or a Mac as it is not possible to carry them with you while travelling and it is also not possible for anyone to keep his laptop open at all times to view the map. This sums up that if you print directions from google maps it makes things move much easier as you don’t need to check your location details on your device.

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Print Directions In Google Map

Things have become much easier now with the introduction of Google maps as it gives you step-by-step instructions to help you reach your destination. You can easily print directions from maps using your PC or mac or any other device that can help you access the google maps.

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Print Directions In Google Map On PC or Mac

  • Open google map on your web browser. If your device can automatically detect your location or departure location then its well and good or else enter your departure location manually, and then enter the destination location you wish to look the directions for.
  • Click on Directions button which will give you a list of possible routes by which you can reach your destination easily.
  • You can also reverse the destinations by clicking on Reverse Starting Point and Destination button.
  • You can also add additional stops by clicking on Add destination button.
  • Now click on the preferred route you wish to follow and then click on Details.
  • Now look at the top right hand corner, you will be able to see a printer icon, click on the printer icon.
  • Upon clicking printer a drop-down list will appear offering you two options to choose from i.e. Print Text Only which will print your route details in a text form, and Print including maps which will print your route map with details.
  • You can also add some additional notes if you want. Once ready press the Print button. as soon as the printing page for your printer appears, you can choose various print settings to print directions in google maps. Then simply click on print to begin the printing process of your route.
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Print Directions In Google Map Using a Smartphone

The process to print directions in Google maps require some complex steps as your smartphone is not always connected to the printer the print also might not provide you with ample route details. But the added advantage is that you carry your smartphones with you every time and Google has provided the facility of offline Maps that can be of great help.

Still if you want to print directions in google map you can follow these steps.

  • Launch the Google maps app on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.
  • Select the departure and destination points and then click on Directions.
  • Then select the preferred travelling mode i.e. by car, walking, bike or train.
  • After selecting the travelling mode scroll up to see only the directions and then take a Screenshot of the route.
  • If you own an wireless printer than you can easily send the image directly for printing or else you will need to send the image to a device connected to the printer and then begin the printing process.
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Google maps have turned the way we look into a map, as it is a highly complex task to look for places in a physical map and get directions to that place, while the google maps provide a whole new and fresh perspective of viewing the destinations from a certain place regardless of the fact whether you are physically present or absent in that place. IT not only helps you to view the places you want to visit but also provides you with the direction and options for the means of transport to those places.

With technology getting upgraded on a daily basis printing is something that the Google maps have featured for some time now and this article is solely targeted to provide you information on how to print directions in google map. If you go through the above pieces of information then you can easily print a directional map for your next tour which will ensure that you don’t have to ask your way through rather you can yourself become a Google map for others.

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