What is Prisma and How to use prisma for Android Users

The Prisma app has already generated a great fuss all over the world. Seemingly everyone was in a rush to upload their pictures on social media through this amazing photo filter app, Over 400 million people ‘prismed’ their photos. It’s been downloaded over 10.6 million times on iOS alone. There are over 1.55 million daily active users. Daily downloads maxed out about 700k. So, in this article today, we are going to explain what is Prisma and how to use Prisma for android  users.



What is Prisma : 

For those who are still wondering about what is driving their friends so crazy about Prisma just take a look at its Features:

It applies the filter with extreme perfection. Unlike other photo filter apps, it can turn your pictures into paintings that are very similar to human-made art.

Output image or picture has the art style of great artists like Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh,Copying their art individual art styles like never before.

The filters are much better than the regular Instagram filters Which is actually unbelievable!!!

Especially it has some great photo styles that can make your shots look even more spectacular.

Prisma turns your pictures into real artworks,It uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to create perfect painting effect on your picture and it does copy all the famous painting styles. Therefore imagine having a portrait of yours which is painted by none other than Van Gogh…Magnificent, Isn’t it ?




Prisma for Android

The Android app has all the same features as the iOS version, including over 30 filters and support for either taking a new photo or choosing existing ones from your gallery.

Note: Download Prisma for IOS HERE

Video support – which the company has already demoed – will launch in about “a week or so.” Prisma tells us live video support is also planned for the near future but isn’t ready to provide more specifics.

Interestingly, Prisma says it’s going to delete the least popular styles “while adding a lot of cool new ones.”


Where to Download :

It is very easy to download and install.Just go to the Google App Store from your android mobile, Now search it> Download it > Install it > Prisma is ready !!!!

You can download it by going to this google play store page HERE

First, this app was released only for iOS devices but on 19th-July they have released a beta version for Android also.


How to use it on android:

Take or select :

1.Open the Prisma app.

2.it would not ask you to create any account.

3.The main screen is split into two, with the top half displaying the camera view, and the bottom half displaying the capture button,camera rotate button, settings button.

4.Take a new photo or choose from your existing photos.


Edit the photo :

1.Now you can rotate or crop the photo once you select any photo.

2.The final screen you’ll see is for all the filters. Again, it’s split into two, with the top half showing your photo preview, and the bottom half showing filters and share buttons.

3.The final screen you’ll see is for all the filters. Again, it’s split into two, with the top half showing your photo preview, and the bottom half showing filters and share buttons.


Additional Information :

File Size: 7 MB

Required Android Version: 4.0.3 and higher

Version : 2.0.1 for iOS

Category: Free Photography App


I hope above article will help you to use Prisma for android and take some cool photos.


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