Precision Knife Pen Utility Razor Blades

Precision Knife Pen Utility Razor Blades


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Precision Knife Pen Utility Razor Blades

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The Precision Knife Pen Utility Razor Blades Kit offers a variety of blades to help users tackle most of their projects without having to look in more than one place. Each of the included blades is made from high-quality SK-5 steel. This ensures they stay sharp and maintain their reliable cutting edge throughout multiple projects. The set includes precision and carving knife handle, 3 fine point blades of standard size, 2 curved carving blades and 2 deburring blades. It also includes 2 chiseling blades, 1 large, straight-edge carving blade, 1 scoring blade, 1 small carving blade, and 1 general purpose blade of the standard size. It also includes Tweezers, a small precision screwdriver and a compact storage case.

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