How to Protect Your Data in Facebook

How to Protect Your Data in Facebook ,Data Protection is always concern for long time in Facebook. Most recent Cambridge Analytica  gain those data is now is major concern and create huge doubt in our mindset are all those  2.2 billion monthly active users. user data is  safe or not. This article on How to Protect Your Data in Facebook.

How to Protect Your Data in Facebook

The recent case of Cambridge Analytica,a data analysis firm from the UK, allegedly gained access to the data using a research app called “This is your Digital Life” which was shared to Facebook in 2014.more than 270,000 Facebook users signed up to the service which offered payments for personality tests.
But what we didn’t know was that the app also harvested the information of the user’s Facebook friends as well without their knowledge and therefore without their permission.

Cambridge Analytica says it had done nothing wrong and followed Facebook’s terms and conditions and API (application programming interface) structures.  So this case revealed question arise in our min is the data protected .

How To Download Your Data

Step 1 Go to Setting and Then General

facebook data privacy


Step 2: On below Click Download A Copy


How to Protect Your Data in Facebook


After downloading  you will find hell lot of personal data of your like so many others, here some off  the user  report this on twitter platform.

As Per Emma she tweet that her all contact number  social event she went her location visit every thing .Thats Really scary :O.

We are not promoting smoking but this fella just got panic attack when he  see the first page with personal info.

Dylan tweet that his entire call history is there with details 


How to control Your Data and privacy


Step 1:Click on app section and it will reveal the apps you’ve allowed to access your and your friends’ information.


Protect Your Data in Facebook


Step 2: Now click on Apps others use


Protect Your Data in Facebook


Step 3: After that you will see panel look like this  and unchecked the option which you want to share


Protect Your Data in Facebook


If really concerned with privacy then you can delete the account

Steps: Go to  General  Then Manage account then click on deactivate your account .


Protect Your Data in Facebook


“After deactivating your data Facebook hold your data almost for 90 days but we are not sure after that they relay delete it or not ?”

You will be amazed  how many there are.In the event that you alter the settings, you can choose what data you are agreeable in sharing including your companions list, relationship status, relationship interests, your date of birth, your work history, notices, instruction, occasions, the place where you grew up, your present city, religious and political perspectives and the greater part of the pages you have enjoyed.

At the point when individuals join Facebook, most don’t understand that protection settings are a “quit” circumstance. Hope you will like this article and  tweak your facebook account settings and use facebook more responsibly  to Protect Your Data in Facebook.

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