PureVPN Review- Why you should download it? 2019 Update

PureVPN Review

PureVPN Review- Introduction

To start our PureVPN review in a positive note, founded in 2006 by their parent company GZ Systems,
PureVPN is one of the oldest and largest VPN providers till date in the markets. From their humble
2-server beginnings, PureVPN has quickly expanded their operation and they now boast more than
2,000 servers across 140 different countries.

Pure VPN Server Locations

While they are headquartered in Hong Kong, which is an increasingly tumultuous jurisdiction
for a VPN provider largely due to their relationship with China, PureVPN manages and hosts
their own network and DNS hardware which should mean that your information is more secure
with them than with the average VPN. PureVPN is compatible with all major devices which
includes Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux. If you are particularly keen on optimizing your
online protection, you can even set PureVPN up to work with your routers, smart TVs, and
streaming services (like Roku, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast). They’ve recently introduced a
‘virtual router’ feature to Windows devices, which means you can empower a Windows desktop or
laptop with ‘router’-like features to connect up to 10 different devices. Some VPN services,like
VyprVPN for example, will only limit you to two different simultaneous connections. So the fact that
you can connect PureVPN to a real router, in addition to setting up a ‘virtual router’, means you can
connect TONS of different devices. Probably more than you’d ever want or need, anyway. They also
have a ‘split-tunneling’ feature which means you can choose how you’d like to send traffic – through
your VPN or internet service provider as usual. So your data can be split as needed. While PureVPN
doesn’t offer their own TOR, you can use one. Combining VPN’s with the Tor network to add an
additional layer of privacy and security. Moreover, it requires mention in this PureVPN Review that
it has a kill switch feature that works like a fail-safe. The goal is to make sure your privacy and
anonymity are never compromised, and that your personal information is never divulged.
Last but certainly not least, PureVPN comes with the NAT Firewall add-on so that all
possible hacking loopholes are secured.

 PureVPN Review- Pros 

Supports All Major Protocols (OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP …)

Before going into the PureVPN review, let us first identify the threats for which the protocols are important. The‘Man-in-the-middle’ (MiTM) attacks are some of the oldest (and most common) ways that
hackers gain access to your sensitive information. You might not even sense anything is wrong.
But somehow, someway, someone has placed themselves between you and your intended
connection like a browser or a website. They can then read your emails, see what websites you’re
going to, grab your session cookies to fool different websites into thinking they’re you, and even
get personal information or passwords. Many times the very tools used to help intercept these
practices, like WiFi Pineapple, can be used to perform them by anyone, anywhere. Like, sitting in
your local coffee shop for instance. Now, browsing emails or booking a flight while sipping a latte
can turn out to be not such a relaxing afternoon after all. This potential risk now extends to mobile
devices, apps, and even your smart devices too. To combat these problems, PureVPN offers all major
protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and even IKEv2. While OpenVPN is your
best bet to get both benefits from security and speed, you might also need to choose L2TP/IPSec based
on device availability or PPTP which is seen in few cases where you’re not as worried about security

Industry Standard 256-bit Encryption

Brute force attacks are another unfortunately common practice. Hackers eventually figure out
your passwords and pin numbers through a series of repetitive, lightning-fast, trial-and-error
combinations. They’re one of the oldest tricks in the book (besides simply guessing your
spouse’s birthday or kids name). And they’re actually increasing. For example, a recent wide-
spread attack on WordPress sites has been directed by a Russian company being used by the
country to launch cyber attacks (you can’t make this stuff up).
The best form of defense, in this case, is prevention. That comes in the form of 256-bit
encryption, which is one of the most secure connections possible used by government agencies
around the world. Your encrypted tunnel gets sealed shut so that third-party sites, ISPs, and
nefarious, shadowy organizations worthy of being the next Bond villain, can’t see what you’re
up to. In addition, your privacy and anonymity is completely safe by their ‘end-to-end’
connection. This includes when you switch from one IP to another (or another, or another)
across PureVPN’s 80,000+ options.

PureVPN Offers Some Cool Features

One thing that is very luring and is mentioned in almost every PureVPN review is the options they offer their users  For starters, they offer a kill switch, five simultaneous connections, support for all major protocols, DDoS protection, advanced port forwarding, split tunneling, and a NAT Firewall. In fact, they provide such a plethora of ways to optimize and customize your VPN experience that it would make even the best VPN blush. Well…It would if
all of these features worked all the time. However, they don’t. I personally experienced a killswitch failure and, after reviewing a number of forums and third-party reviews, realized that almost every customer has experienced some type of issue with one or more of the features that PureVPN offers. But they work most of the
time so I suppose this is technically still a “Pro.”

PureVPN Offers Seamless Torrenting

PureVPN is solidly pro-torrenting. Ever since copyright infringement lawsuits have began
flooding the marketplace, more and more VPNs are shying away from P2P servers. Often, the
ones who do still offer torrenting-friendly servers only allow it on a small handful. But PureVPN
doesn’t have any of these restrictions. You’re free to use torrenting on any of their servers. So
download it anyway

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PureVPN Review- Cons

I guess so far the PureVPN review had successfully given you the illusion that it is the best VPN in the world. But let me tell you, it looks great on paper but sucks in the real world. Sure, their services are
affordable, they have some cool features and a great selection of servers. But the paltry “Pros”
I’ve discussed so far simply cannot outweigh the massive list of “Cons”.

Atrociously-Slow Download Speed

Here’s a speed test that was run on speedtest.net to ensure the accuracy of this review.
PureVPN performance test goes somehow like this
US Server (New York)
Ping: 125ms
Download: 29.41 Mbps
Upload: 29.06 Mbps
EU Server (Amsterdam)
Ping: 40ms
Download: 35.49 Mbps
Upload: 27.29 Mbps
Asia Server (Hong Kong)
Ping: 355ms
Download: 6.77 Mbps
Upload: 3.62 Mbps
UK Server (London)
Ping: 53ms
Download: 62.48 Mbps
Upload: 45.90 Mbps
Ironically, the slowest server that had been tested was actually the server where the company
is headquartered! But things weren’t too great on the “faster” servers either. Their Amsterdam
server (the fastest that I could find) only topped out at 35 Mbps out of 100. Considering that
their top competitor, PIA, offers servers with more than double the download speed at a very similar price, I can promise you that no one will be buying PureVPN for their “blazing-fast
browsing and streaming experience” anytime soon.

DNS, IPv4, and IPv6 Leaks

When you are in the market for a VPN, you are typically there for one reason and one reason
only and the only reason is Security.
Whether you want to protect yourself when working from public wi-fi or bypass censorship
laws in your country, personal, security is (and should be) your primary concern when selecting
a new VPN service. Unfortunately for PureVPN, their service simply isn’t up to the task of
anonymizing your internet experience.
Countless instances of disgruntled customers in many PureVPN reviews were found to notice that their DNS and
the personal IP address was being leaked while using Pure VPN’s services. Even if you completely
ignore the ambiguous response, PureVPN, or at least their “Highly trained representative”
blatantly lied to one of their customer or even though they allegedly resolved these issues “A
few months ago“, several reviews and customer complaints from September 2017 proved the
allegation to be a fact otherwise. So, If you are concerned about your security, you should
probably find another VPN provider like ExpressVPN.

Their No Logs Policy Isn’t Completely True

At this point in the review, you are probably starting to see a theme. PureVPN loves to make big
promises. But for some reason, they don’t see fit to actually keep any of those promises. This is
a fact when it comes to their privacy protection and a 7-day money-back guarantee, and it’s
true with their logging policy as well. PureVPN markets its product as a “Zero Logs” VPN.
However, if you read the fine print you will quickly realize that the fact is something different from
the portrayed case. To make matters worse, PureVPN was found to be collecting customer data for US
authorities, which was used in a criminal case, despite claiming to have a “zero log policy”.

Terrible Customer Service

As you probably discerned from my previous points, I am not a big fan of PureVPN’s “24/7 Live
Customer Service.” Before writing the PureVPN review, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt
and came back to their website several hours after my initial query to see if another agent
could help answer my question. And here’s what I received from their so-called “Live Chat”. Not
only did they completely ignore the question that I originally asked, but they also were, yet again,
caught in a blatant lie. The company advertises live support agents and over the course of my
previous correspondence, they expressly claimed I was speaking with an actual person. Which
left me with one of two conclusions. Either PureVPN uses an automated chat service and
expressly lies to potential customers. Or it can be that they have some of the most poorly
trained agents in the entire industry. But both ways don’t look much appealing.

Deceptive Advertising Practices

When it all came down to it, the repeated pattern of lying to their customers through false
advertising policy, it is that really ruined PureVPN for all. If you bring enough to the table, you
can overlook lackluster speeds, you can overlook mediocre customer service, and you an even
overlook a slightly bloated price tag. But what is the most annoying part is you definitely can’t
and won’t overlook when a company that makes a habit of deceiving and misleading their
customers. PureVPN claims that they keep no logs but they do. They claim to have 24/7 live
customer service agents. They clearly don’t or even if they do, they are the most robotic agents
you will ever encounter.
They claim to have a money-back guarantee… But that only applies if you use fewer than 3 GB
of data. They claim to protect your DNS and IP Address… But countless third-party reviews and
customer complaints clearly show these services rarely work. They make claim after claim that
they simply cannot back up and for me, that’s the biggest deal-breaker there is.

PureVPN doesn’t advertise a trial on the website. But, we dug deep and found a  page for something called a ‘3-day trial account’, but that’s a little misleading. It’s really just a commercial plan where you pay a non-refundable $2.50
(£2) for 3 days of service.
If you are all going to trust a company with all your personal data, your hard-earned money,
and, in some instances, your personal security, then you will definitely want to be sure that the
company in question is above reproach. And PureVPN just isn’t. They are dishonest and that is a huge con to be mentioned in this PureVPN review.

PureVPN For Netflix Doesn’t Work

PureVPN claims to work with Netflix. But unfortunately, these claims didn’t hold up in our tests. PureVPN is not a VPN for Netflix. In all these four countries

United States
United Kingdom

the PureVPN servers were blocked. Usually, we can get at least one or two servers to work. So the
fact that none of them did, unfortunately, places PureVPN towards the bottom of our Netflix-
friendly VPN list.

Pricing, Facts & Some Hidden Clauses

The first, and possibly most noticeable ‘pro’ about using PureVPN is the price tag. They have
even decreased their price by about 10% since the last time I reviewed them, they’re still one of
the cheapest VPNs on the market and offer a phenomenal price for customers on their 2-year
plan. Here’s how the pricing breaks down.
PureVPN pricing
Month-to-Month Plan
$10.95 per month i.e Rs 778/ month which is a 0% Savings
One Year Plan
$4.15 per month i.e Rs 295/month which comes down to 62% Savings
Two Year Plan
$2.49 per month i.e Rs 177/ month which again results in 77% of savings

They also allow customers to purchase their service with almost every payment method
imaginable (even Target gift cards) PureVPN has lots of payment options
In addition to their budget-friendly pricing and wide array of payment options, all of their
purchases come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. Even though this is technically the “Pro”
section of my PureVPN review, I must digress for a moment to point out that GZ Systems
engages in some very deceptive marketing tactics (which I will discuss later). Among these
tactics is their 7-day money-back guarantee. Yes, you technically can get your money back after
7 days. But if you read the fine print, you will quickly see that this guarantee isn’t as
straightforward as it might seem so, you might be get fooled by the end.
If you look at the ToS, you will notice that the 7-day refund is only available for users who do
not exceed 3 GB of bandwidth or 100 sessions. This is a huge problem. Not because they limit
your bandwidth, but because they don’t explicitly tell you this information unless you go
digging for it. For the dissatisfied PureVPN customer, downloading one file too many will render
the 7-day refund null.
To be very honest, when it all comes in choosing your VPNs, PureVPN is not recommended in most PureVPN reviews. It
offers and admittedly affordable service with a wide server selection. However, their service is
one of the slowest that I’ve ever reviewed, the company is engaged in so many lies and half-
truths I can barely keep track, and the customer service is just plain awful. Plus, no Netflix
servers worked, either.
If you are looking for a VPN provider that can offer fast download speeds, an exceptional
customer experience, and a high level of integrity, PureVPN isn’t the best choice.
Comparatively, ExpressVPN – it’s slightly more expensive but you get a quality product you can
trust and it is highly recommended.

False Informations About The Parent Company

This will only add to the huge list of cons in this PureVPN Review is the misinformation shared by PureVPN about its whereabouts. According to PureVPN’s website, it is officially operated under the business GZ Systems Limited, which
is based in Hong Kong. But is PureVPN being operated out of Hong Kong?If you dig a bit deeper, you will find a company called Gaditek, based in Karachi, Pakistan. PureVPN appears to be owned and operated by Gaditek, which
lists PureVPN as one of its brands.

Moreover, Like some VPNs, PureVPN is also using fake server locations. As one example, PureVPN’s “Aruba” server
(aw1-ovpn-udp.pointtoserver.com) is actually located in Los Angeles, California. PureVPN refers to some of their servers as “virtual servers” on their website. When you look at their server page, you find many server URLs include “vl” which appears to stand for “virtual location.”

PureVPN For China

PureVPN For China works flawlessly. However, their main website is currently blocked in China.

If you want to sign up from China, you might have to first use another VPN service to visit PureVPN’s website, or you can sign up from a country where it’s not blocked. However, once you’ve signed up and downloaded its VPN client, you can use PureVPN’s for China without major problems.

PureVPN seems to have some experiences serving VPN users in China. In PureVPN’s desktop software, there’s a section called “Optimized for China”, where you can find a list of servers that are recommended for China VPN users. Also, PureVPN has a couple of servers in China. For people outside of China looking for a VPN to get a China IP address in order to access China-only contents such as Youku and Tudou videos etc., PureVPN could be a good candidate. One nice thing about using PureVPN to get a China IP address is that once you have connected to PureVPN’s China servers, you can still access websites that are blocked in China (such as Google, Twitter, Facebook etc.). Therefore, if you are using PureVPN from outside of China to get a China IP, your normal web surfing won’t be disrupted due to China blocking.

Guide to Use PureVPN for China.

It’s well known that China has not only been blocking websites but also been heavily blocking VPN services, and VPN blocking in China has gotten tougher in recent year. During periods of heavy VPN blocking, it might be difficult to connect to PureVPN from China even using its Internet Freedom mode. In these cases, the best option is to use PureVPN’s Dedicated IP mode and connect to its VPN servers manually. Once you have become a PureVPN user, you can get a list of dedicated IP addresses for China users to connect to. Just select the Dedicated IP mode from PureVPN’s desktop software and then enter one of the dedicated IP addresses, and you should be able to get connected.

In addition, PureVPN’s customer service is pretty helpful to VPN users in China, when you have problems, just contact its customer support and mention you are a user in China, you should be able to get the most updated tips for solving your connection problems in China.

Do I recommend PureVPN?

To put it bluntly in this PureVPN Review?


PureVPN offers an admittedly affordable service with a wide server selection.

However, their service is one of the slowest that I’ve ever reviewed, the company is engaged in so many lies and half-truths I can barely keep track, and the customer service is just plain awful. Plus, no Netflix servers worked, either.

If you are looking for a VPN provider that can offer fast download speeds, an exceptional customer experience, and a high-level of integrity, PureVPN isn’t for you.

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