Quality Assurance

Not all parts or sellers are created equal. And sometimes it’s hard to tell apart the good, the bad, and the inconsistent. We’ve spent more years of time vetting sources and suppliers. Our parts quality consistently leads the industry because we have the most robust processes: all parts are rigorously tested in our labs, Techyuga certified, and backed by Techyuga Quality Assurance.
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Quality Product Sourcing

We scour the world’s electronics markets for the best quality parts. Sometimes OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are available, but many manufacturer parts just aren’t available—to anyone. Apple, for example, won’t sell replacement parts for iPhones or iPads. Not every part can be OEM. And sometimes, you don’t want them to be—manufacturers sometimes set ridiculously high parts prices to discourage repair. We source parts from component manufacturers, aftermarket suppliers, and even harvest parts from brand-new products that have been returned to retailers. Our parts strike the best balance of cost, availability, function, reliability, and durability.

Product Testing

Trust, but verify. We examine every pixel. We check the cycle count and capacity of every laptop and phone battery. We test and re-test components, verify product compatibility, and carefully inspect every single part. If a part doesn’t meet our meticulous standards, we won’t sell it. Period.
product testing by techyuga
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Quality Product Sourcing

We provide more than just a part: when you buy from Techyuga, you get a complete repair solution—from beginning to end. Step-by-step repair and installation guides. Troubleshooting resources. Tools designed by repair professionals especially for electronics repair.
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