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How To Read Deleted Message On WhatsApp

By February 23, 2018 3 Comments
Read Deleted Message On WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in anyone’s  smartphone. WhatsApp now a days used in both personal and professional purposes so if any chat history is deleted accidentally then one can face problem about it. But whatsApp has a auto cloud restore setting by which your WhatsApp account automatically create a cloud backup every night after 2 a.m and WhatsApp is upgrading it’s features day by day.

A few days back whatsApp introduce a new feature by which you can delete send message from both side- sender and recipient. But it lefts a curiosity in the recipient’s mind that what was in the deleted message. In this blog, i will show you How To Read Deleted Message On WhatsApp.


read deleted message of whats app


In the android phones all deleted message has been saved in the notification log of the phone. By a well known Spanish blogger it is informed that the deleted message are stored in the notification register of the android system so despite being deleted from sender side you can recover deleted messages of WhatsApp and you don’t need to be a very much technologically sound for this thing. You can now read deleted message of WhatsApp by following this step written bellow.


How To Read Deleted Message On WhatsApp


1st Step- To access to the notification log of your phone you need to install an app called “Notification History” from a third party app store like “Google Play store ” .


read deleted message of whats app



2nd Step- As soon as you install the app a notification of enabling some settings in your phone will appear on your screen.

3rd Step- Enable all the settings by tapping on them.

4th Step- Now you are ready to access and use the Notification History app.

5th step- Now open the app, you can see Whats app there and you can see the deleted messages which has been sent after that.

read deleted message of whats app


read deleted message of whats app


How Notification History Works?


When you have installed the app Notification History properly it will fetch the data of WhatsApp messages and saved them properly. But there are certain limitations in this app also. Through this you can’t see any deleted media file or message more than 100 characters and also It can only recover those messages which have generated a notification in your phone or involved in any interaction means you have seen the message once or you have swiped away your notification from the locked screen as or floating screen. As while swiping you can see a part of the message. The app will run only Android 7.0 and above android versions.

So from now beware of sending any wrong or abusive message to any one and delete that afterward will not work anymore because he/she can now read deleted message of WhatsApp very easily.

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