How To Recover Deleted Photos From WhatsApp?

How To Recover Deleted Photos From WhatsApp?

In the present scenario, most smartphone users are well known about WhatsApp applications and other features of android phones. The problem is when we accidentally delete WhatsApp photos then it might be a little difficult to get back the images.

However, when you lose an image or other document file from a WhatsApp conversation it might seem unnecessarily difficult to get it back. When a user deletes an image from a WhatsApp conversation then the file doesn’t show up in the conversation and by default might not be seen in the Gallery app on your phone either. If you find yourself in this situation then there are few ways of getting back the image that you have accidentally deleted from your phone.

When a user either intentionally or accidentally deletes an image from a WhatsApp conversation then the file doesn’t show the images default it will be deleted from the Gallery app. If you get stuck in this situation then there are many ways of restoring the image that you have deleted.

WhatsApp delete message recovery

Recovering normal text massages is difficult than other recovery programs. In this program, the system requires root access (on an Android smartphone) which doesn’t work without paying. Once you delete a message, the only way you can recover it is from the backup file kept on your phone or your cloud storage. If you have a backup, the best way to restore it is using the reinstall and restore method. If you want to read messages that are deleted by the opposite person, you can read our blogs on How To Read Deleted Message On WhatsApp.

How To Restore Deleted WhatsApp Chat

Sometimes we need our past deleted Whatsapp chats for many reasons in our daily life. These are the steps on how to retrieve deleted Whatsapp chats.

STEP 1: Uninstall WhatsApp from your Android Device.

STEP 2: Open Google Play and reinstall WhatsApp. Tap the ” install” button to redownload WhatsApp.

STEP 3: Open the App and verify your phone number.

STEP 4: A prompt will appear to restore your chat from Google Drive.

STEP 5: Tap Next.

By following these steps, you can easily retrieve/ restore your WhatsApp Chat. And once you have restored your WhatsApp Chat, you can also recover deleted Photos from Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Deleted Messages Recovery App

If you do a google search for recovering Whattsapp images there you will find dozens of programs that promise solutions. You might think this is interesting and you may have thought this will work for me but the reality is totally different as most of them don’t work.

Once a message is deleted, the only way to recover it if you have a backup on your phone then you can easily restore it by using WhatsApp installed method. Without backup it will be an almost unsuccessful process to get, that is why it is important to a backup in your phone all the time.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From WhatsApp

The phone like Android and iPhone both will automatically download images from WhatsApp. The first place you should check to get back deleted photos from WhatsApp is your phone’s photo app. On Android, have a look inside the Gallery app or Google Photos. iPhone users should look in Photos. To help narrow your search, switch to the tab and look for WhatsApp. You might also use the search tools of your gallery app to check around the time the image was sent if you know it.

If you have luck, you may find your deleted WhatsApp photo You still have a copy and can send or share it anywhere you like. In case you don’t see the photo here, the cloud storage on your phone is still hope. If you use the camera upload feature of your cloud storage app, there’s a chance that your WhatsApp has downloaded the image automatically, then your cloud storage app uploaded it automatically. In your cloud storage, you will find camera uploads or camera Roll and you might find the image inside.

Within how many days can a deleted view be restored?

According to Google’s answer, a deleted view can be restored within 35 days. Generally, a view is permanently deleted 35 days after moving to the trash can.


We have discussed possible ways for restoring WhatsApp photos that you have deleted. Unfortunately, most of the methods rely on forward-thinking before the problem happened, but there’s still a chance that you can recover deleted photos from WhatsApp. Hope you have found your answer in the above discussion and you can leave your comments in the comment box.

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