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Want to refund a game on steam !!! You can do that and we can help you with that, “We Are Here So Don’t Fear” you will get you precious money back.

Steam has been a great online gaming portal for some years now and has been greatly celebrated by the gamers but some of them found issues regarding the refunding process of steam. But we are here to fix this issue as Steam provides an awesome organized process and not everybody is aware of that and make some small mistakes which can be eliminated by going through this article.

You might have made a purchase on Steam by mistake or decided that you don’t want to play any more or not enjoying a game, then you can easily opt to refund a game on steam. Luckily, the policy used by them allows a highly swift and simple procedure and is designed to help you get the hard-earned money you invested on a game back into your pocket as quickly as possible.

Steps To Refund A Game On Steam

There are various online portals that provide you online gaming facilities but involve a very complex process of refunding, on the other hand, Steam is the most popular online gaming portal that has a very easy and simplified refunding process. To refund a game on Steam is not at all a daunting task if you follow the steps properly.

Follow carefully as these steps are vital to bringing your hard-earned money back !!!

Go to Steam Help Via Official Website

Go to Steam help which is situated outside the app via their official website and then log in with your account credentials. This is a very easy step as Steam provides a separate dedicated page to carry out the refunding process.

Click on “Purchases” From the List

As soon as you click on the help button a drop-down menu opens up with many things that can help you in various scenarios. Click on “Purchases” from the list of help related options.

Search For The Purchase You Want to be Refunded

After you click on “Purchases” you will see a list of all the purchases you have made, weave through the list and “Click on the product” that you want to get refunded, and if you are unable to find the title it means that the refund process window has passed.

Choose The Issue

The next step is to “Choose the issue” that you’re having regarding the product you have purchased, it is a simple process as you will already find a list of issues provided to you, you can easily choose the experience you are facing or you can write down the issue in the dialogue box.

Click – I’d like to request a refund

After finalising the issue click on “I’d like to request a refund” if you want a refund or else you can go for the other option that will strip you off your refund. As there are only two options available, choose wisely.

Fill Out The Form

After you click on “I’d like to request a refund” you will get to see a form that loads your account details and asks the question Where do you want your refund? In your Steam Wallet Or Original payment Method. Select the one that suits you and fill out the form honestly on why do you want the refund.

Click “submit request”

This is the last step where after filling out the form you just need to click on “Submit Request” to send the refund request to the authorities of the Steam.

How Much Time Does a Steam Refund Take?

After you have complete all the steps to refund a game on steam, just sit back and wait for the confirmation mail in your Steam registered mail-id. Though it may take up to 72 hours for the confirmation mail to reach you but if you have requested the refund while complying by the company’s refund policy then you can stay relaxed as you will be getting your precious money back within 7 to 10 days. Choosing to get the refund to your Steam Wallet which can take 4 to 7 days time while also taking lesser time than your actual payment method, which can take up to 7 to 10 days time.

How Many Times Can You Refund A Game On Steam?

There are no limitations regarding the process to refund a game on steam as far as you follow the rules implicated by Valve on refunding processes. If they find you have used wrong methods or broken the rules to get the refund they can prevent you from seeking further refunds as well can even ban your account permanently.

Can You Get A Steam Refund After Crossing 14 Days Or The Two-Hour Limit?

You can probably apply to refund a game on Steam even after you have crossed the 14 days or the two-hour limit or refund a game twice on steam, but there is no surety that you will get a refund back as it does not fall under the eligibility criteria.

But you can fill the form with honest and valid reasons that will be assessed by a Valve employee and if he finds your experience valid enough then he can initiate the refund for you. This way we can solve “how to refund a game on steam after 14 days” or “how to refund a game on steam after 2 hours”.

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Final Thoughts To Refund A Game On Steam

The above pieces of information will surely help you to refund a game on Steam with ease and comfort as Steam provides an awesome help page which is dedicated solely to meet the issues of the Steam user, and provides a very easy and simple accessible refunding process so that you can get back your hard-earned money back to your pocket without even sweating a bit.

Get more details here about request refund.

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