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Buy Refurbished Laptop in Kolkata By Techyuga

By May 4, 2017 One Comment
refurbished laptop in kolkata

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Refurbished laptop in Kolkata, India yes many online sites are selling them however my question is do you get to check it physically before you buy it? I do not think so, however, we at techyuga are providing refurbished laptops at a very affordable price double checked for quality assurance and one more test run in front of you.

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Refurbished Laptop Online Kolkata

First, let me tell you what is the actual meaning of refurbished.

Refurbished means: Refurbishment is the distribution of products usually electronics and electricals that have been previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons. Refurbished products are normally tested for functionality and defects before they are sold. It is repaired from the manufacturer and resold.


How does refurbish laptop scheme work in Kolkata, India?

See, refurbish laptop or smartphone online scheme works something like this –

You are a student and too broke at the moment to buy a laptop for your work and gaming because it is costing you a bomb.

So, you opt for a 2nd hand laptop but that does not cut it either because you do not know what is the condition of the laptop inside.

So, at last, you go for refurbished but there is always a risk when you buy electronics online and more risk when you are buying a refurbished. Because it is more like a gamble than buying because it’s your luck if you get the good device or not.

And you do not get the warranty for the devices.

So that is refurbished scheme in nutshell.


Is it worth buying a refurbished laptop in Kolkata?

Yes, it is worth buying refurbished laptops and smartphones in Kolkata or anywhere in India.

I will tell you why because you are getting a brand new item at half of what the actual cost of that product is sure it’s based on luck but what if I tell you we do not operate like other e-commerce sites we let the customers thoroughly check the refurbished laptop before they buy it. And not only that you are getting a refurbished corporate series laptop for half the price what it is actually priced which makes you the winner in this deal.

It is not that refurbished laptops are bad no not at all we check every laptop before we let you buy it and make sure that you do not face any issue after buying it remember we are here to build a relationship not to just earn money.


Reason People Buy Refurbished Laptop

There are many reason people buy refurbished laptops or smartphones. See it is not always possible to buy a brand new high spec laptop maybe you have a cash crunch or the model you like has been discontinued for the unknown reason or the model you are looking for is not in the market and the ones well let just say they are pricing it unreasonably.

Not only these the other reasons are you get a high spec laptop for cheap.

Why buy refurbished laptop in Kolkata from techyuga?

Well, unlike others you will be able to experience much more with us I will tell you why –


If you are buying refurbished laptop in Kolkata from us then do not worry we double check every laptop that comes to us and if it passes the techyuga quality check only then we put that device up for sale otherwise it joins the scrap.

Focusing on High performance:

If you are buying a refurbished laptop in Kolkata you would expect that it should be a high performing laptop in an affordable price because hey, it’s a refurbished laptop. So we especially focus on providing the customers with high performance refurbished laptops.

Specify your requirement:

I bet no company can give you this offer where you can specify your requirement for the laptop you want to buy because if you are buying a refurbished one then you have to stick with what is available in the store with the e-commerce site. But for us, we will try our best to get the one you want.


See, in regular e-commerce site no matter how old the laptop is and how low grade the specs are that will not be value for money, however, we at techyuga only deal with high spec laptops and if you want a low spec or mid spec laptops we can provide that too in a legit and affordable price.

Self Check:

If you are buying refurbished laptop in Kolkata from us then do not worry you can check the laptop for yourself before making the buying decision or buying it. You can visit our showroom and check and buy the refurbished laptop if you like it.

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  • Indrajit Pakrasi says:

    Pls mail what options are available with you. I need it for daily use. Ideally a good graphic card(Not for gaming), good processor, 4gb ram and a wide spiced DVD. Ideal size 14 inch

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