Some Common Refurbished Laptops Myths & The Truth Underneath

Refurbished Laptops Myths
Refurbished computers mean selling an old laptop or desktop by making it work like a new one. So it is kind of re-establishing a second hand or used a laptop as a new laptop. That’s why there are always some doubts and myths around the concept of refurbished laptops and the retailers of refurbished laptops observe some common refurbished laptops myths. Let’s reveal the actual truth of these myths that are roaming around.

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Here are the most common refurbished laptops myths and the truth behind those myths:

Myth 1 : Refurbished computers have inherent performance issues due to inferior quality of hardware used in them.

Truth Behind It– This isn’t valid in greater part of the cases as refurbishers/remanufacturers guarantee that all issues are settled; altogether tried; and affirmed before they are brought into the market. All brands ensure that their revamped gadgets convey the same or comparative execution when contrasted with new devices. Much of the time, restored items experience more stringent tests than new items – meaning refurbishers don’t trade off on their quality and unwavering quality; and assurance their execution.

Myth 2 : Refurbished computers have lesser configuration than new devices.

Truth Behind It– Beyond any doubt new PCs accompany most recent arrangements like more noteworthy clock speed, more number of centers in the processor, graphics card, greater RAM, and so on. In any case, one needs to comprehend the distinction between having the most recent setup and using every one of the highlights of that design. What number of individuals truly utilize a gadget to its full.

Myth 3 : All refurbished computers are at the end of their useful life or not long lasting.

Truth Behind It– Just a little level of refurbished items fall in this class, while the rest are either new or sparingly/previously owned gadgets. Numerous pre-possessed gadgets come to refurbishers in great working condition and simply require minor tune-ups to improve their execution. Such items have any longer ‘valuable life’ left in them than what buyers might suspect. Then again, clients return back items to makers for some, reasons including minor imperfections, scratches, gouges and restorative flaws.

Myth 4 : Refurbished computers be it laptop or desktop needs more repairs and maintenance.

Truth Behind It- As specified before, renovated PCs experience thorough testing by qualified experts previously they are pressed. They are on a par with new when they leave the revamping offices and create comparable execution levels as that of new PCs. Today, numerous corporates, schools and NGOs are utilizing restored PCs and only from time to time confront any repairs or genuine support issues. Be that as it may, everything relies upon ‘from whom these PCs are acquired.’ Always pick efficient and built up refurbished laptop or desktop.

Myth 5 : These Refurbished computers are meant for not-for-profit organizations like schools/libraries.

Truth Behind It– All things considered, given the working condition and execution, refurbished or used laptops for sale can be utilized by anyone – singular shoppers and business foundations too. The reality of the matter is that repaired PCs were at first focused at schools and NGOs (generally in the US) to give a push to these items and let individuals utilize and judge them. We have now made considerable progress and numerous organizations today are buying and utilizing these items with no hitch or glitch. In the event that at all anything sprung up, the refurbishers are.

Myth 6 : You will not get any Warranty or Guarantee for refurbished computers

Truth Behind It : If you buy refurbished laptop or computer by a good vendor or refurbisher then you will absolutely get warranty on the device. You will get warranty from around 30 days to 1 year. And it is suggestable to buy refurbished laptop from those vendors who provide refurbished laptop with warranty only.

How Techyuga Is Breaking The Myths


Techyuga is breaking all these myths surrounded with refurbished laptops or computer with our precise service of providing best quality device to their customers. Techyuga has been standing out in this sector of Laptop servicing and selling refurbished laptops and has served more than 10 thousand satisfied customers for years. So in terms of reliability techyuga will never disappoint. Here is the USP of Techyuga- As a whole Techyuga is the best place to buy a refurbished laptop near you. Just Click the button below or do a live chat with us and get the best-refurbished laptop at your hand.


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