Announcement: Techyuga Now Provides Repair Service All Over India

Techyuga Repair Service All Over India

We began our journey at Techyuga with an ambition and it was to Revolutionize Tech Support in India by providing the best online Mobile repairing service and Laptop repairing service in the country. Our aim was to make sure that our service isn’t only available to everyone across all parts of the nation but should also be within their budget. Since then, there has been no turning back. We are glad to announce that our servicing has now expanded all across India and we cover more than 26000 postal codes all across India. Now you wouldn’t have to worry if you shifted to a different city because we have made it easy for you to get Techyuga repair service all over India. All you have got to do is click down the button below.

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Cell Phone Repair History

There was a time when the cell phone repair market in India was dominated by only a handful of Tech Giants namely, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Sony. However, as the days have passed by, more and more new brands like us have started to make it big in the Indian market, pushing many erstwhile huge names out of the race. As for instance, we can look at Xiaomi (Mi phones), Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus phones, along with the iPhone and its growing customer base. However, the problem with this constant import of new brands into the market is that each of these brands has its own take on mobile phone technology.

Often technicians are not equipped with the correct knowledge and tools to deal with each brand. Some might be skilled in repairing iPhones but might not be familiar with the internal components of the OnePlus phones. Fortunately, we have a team that consists of a bunch of passionate learners and people who like to experiment and discover ways to fix even the hardest of issues in mobile phones and laptops of any brands so that no customers remain unsatisfied.

Chip Level Repair By Techyuga

For those of you who are not familiar with what chip level repair is, it is the deep level of repairing where engineers have to deal with working with intricate parts. While screen replacement or battery replacement falls under the basic level repairing, we at Techyuga provide chip level repairing like charging port repair, water damage repair, headphone socket repair among others. This is unlike most repairing service centers who don’t deal with such intricate repairs. However, we do! The reasons why local stores or most other service centers aren’t able to provide chip level and advanced level of mobile phone repair and laptop repair are a few in number and we have listed them down below.

  1. The tools required for doing certain types of advanced and chip level repair are very very expensive. The cost of installation of these machines and tools for doing these kinds of repair is as high as 20-25 lacs and that’s one of the things that many small businesses can’t afford or manage to do.
  2. The original, as well as OEM parts which are used while replacing the older ones in the devices,  are imported from regions in and around China. Businesses need licenses as well as heavy capital in order to import these parts on an international scale. Most of the repair businesses either aren’t aware of this or do not have the capability to do business at this scale. Therefore, they buy and use the local duplicate and low-quality products and hence there service is of poor quality.
  3. Most of the local businesses, as well as many service centers, do not have proper expertise in providing different types of repair for different brands. The experts or people who do the repair jobs aren’t either qualified well enough to do chip and advanced level of repairing or they lack the skill in doing that.

With all these being the reasons why almost 95% of repair businesses aren’t able to provide chip level repairing, we at Techyuga, are among the handful 5% repair business that offers chip level repairing for laptops and smartphones. We have all the necessary tools and machines required for doing the chip level repairing of smartphones and laptops. Also, we import 100% original and OEM repair parts from Taiwan. Our repair team consists of certified and highly qualified phone repair and laptop repair engineers who are capable of doing chip level repairing for all the phone and laptop brands.

Techyuga Partner Program

Since we are among a handful of repair businesses providing chip level laptop and smartphone repairing service as well as original repair parts and tools, we have a partner program in which we encourage small businesses to join forces with us and grow their business. We provide huge repair servicing to small businesses at much lower costs and heavy discounts in order for them to expand their business. We also sell 100% original repair parts at discounted prices to small businesses in our B2B portal. So far over a thousand businesses have joined hands with us and have outsourced repair parts and services at hugely discounted prices. We encourage more and more businesses to come forward and partner with us in order to expand their business. You can read more about our partner program here.

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Techyuga’s Market Expansion Strategy

When we started our operations back in 2016, with the limited resources we had, we could hire only a handful of engineers and unfortunately both were only familiar with iPhone repair and no other mobile brand. Our venture was limited then. We provided service only in limited areas in Kolkata and were able to repair only a handful of hundred devices that year. In 2017, we hired a few more engineers and repaired around 4-5 thousand devices by the end of the year. In 2018, we repaired over 11 thousand devices all across Kolkata and achieved a growth rate of more than 50%. Now as the year 2019 is passing by we are glad to share that we have repaired over 15 thousand devices already all over India. We expect a growth rate of more than 200% by the end of this year. Currently, we provide services all across India and cover more than 26000 postal addresses. We have partnered with big names in the courier industry like FedEx, DHL, BlueDart and Indian Postal System in order to provide doorstep pick up and delivery service.

We have known this for a few years now that there were many repair businesses who were trying to expand their business all over India but were not able to execute it. We are proud to tell that we are the first repair business in India to achieve this feat. We are the only repair company in India who are providing repair service and repair parts and tools in such a large scale and are thus far doing it quite successfully. There are many small startups and even big ones who are trying to follow our footsteps. However, all of these businesses are yet to execute this the way we are doing this at such a large scale and rapid pace. We are very much aware of our good work and now after expanding our business across India, we aren’t taking anything for granted. This year also we are looking to improve our expertise in mobile and laptop repairing. We are aiming to maintain and even better our quality of service and providing the best quality of products to our customers and clients. We hope to hire the best engineers available in the market and improve ourselves in all the aspects of repairing.

We are in the hunt for expanding our business even more in the near future. We are in talks with some franchises and are aiming to open up more than 50 offline stores all across India. Opening offline stores will not only expand our reach to customers all over the country but also we will be able to provide better service to our clients. We are looking forward to selling laptop and smartphone repair tools all over the world. We are going to have a completely different B2B portal where we will be solely focusing on our e-commerce model and sell all types of repair tools and parts for all brands of smartphones and laptops worldwide. We are currently working on it but for sure we hope to execute it in the near future.

We Provide Repair Guides & Tutorials

What makes us different from any other online mobile and laptop repairing service center is that ALL IS NOT BUSINESS for us. We do give our readers something without asking anything in return and i.e., our blogs. At Techyuga, we have the biggest blog archive covering every possible information that you might need to find regarding any glitches in your device. We are one of the few companies who encourage our visitors to repair their devices on their own if possible, which is by going through our thoroughly laid blogs about technical issues and repair guides and tutorials as to how to fix them. We even provide our learnings through video tutorials. You can learn more by subscribing to our YouTube channel and getting all the latest and cool videos that we post.

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Techyuga’s Cell Phone Repair Course

Currently, we are in the process of launching online Mobile repairing courses so that more and more people can get into the repair industry and find employment. We have taken this step in order to make a small contribution towards reducing the portion of unemployment in the country. We are hoping to do more in order to live up to our vision of Revolutionizing Tech Support in India with this initiative. We have also got an article and listed down some of the best institutes we think you should go for in order to learn cell phone repair. You can check out more about our mobile repairing course in the link down below.

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We are going strong currently and in 2019 by providing Techyuga repair service all over India, along with repair parts and tools. We are hoping to make it even bigger in the coming years by improving ourselves and by expanding our e-commerce business worldwide.


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Techyuga Team

Techyuga Team

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