How To Send Encrypted Mail in Gmail

Send Encrypted Mail in Gmail
Send Encrypted Mail in Gmail is an another way to increase mail security. You can make sure that even if receiver account is compromise  of your email is restricted. There is another encryption that allows you to set a password as well. we are not talking about the HTTPS encryption offered by Gmail and other providers. We are talking about using advanced encryption technology for advanced protection for user.

So in this article we are going to show How To Send Encrypted Mail in Gmail.

Step 1:

Open Google Chrome Now Go to Chrome Store And search For Secure Mail For Gmail 

Step 2:

Now, you can open Gmail using the account from which you want to send encrypted email. Right next to the ‘Compose’ button, you can see another button, with the symbol of a Lock.Click on the lock button to write and Send Encrypted Mail in Gmail.

Step 3:

Now you can see a not a normal Compose window within the Gmail interface. It says that you are creating a Secured email message. Everything else is the same.

Step 4:

When you have finished composing the email, you can hit the Send Encrypted button.You will see new window pops up asking for enter password. And hit encrypted and send .You successfully  Send Encrypted Mail in Gmail.

Step 5:

On the receiver side it will pop up as normal mail but as soon it clicked its ask for password  .Enter the password that sender send you and mail message will open.Now You Successfully Decrypt mail .


Hope You Like this article, Now you can send more secure mail even if the receiver end compromise your message will secure.This steps only work in only Google Chrome only .For More Google Tips and Tricks Click HereYou Can Check The Video Tutorial On How To Send Encrypted Mail In Gmail. 

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