Skype Group Call Now Free On Surface, Windows Tablets

On Tuesday, Microsoft made Skype group calls free for Skype users who have decided to buy tablets like the Surface instead of a full-fledged Windows PC. Learn how to make a skype group call.



Microsoft made Skype group calls free to “existing platforms” like the Windows PC in April, and has since decided to open that up to tablet users as well. Since adding the free group calling feature, Microsoft saw group calls increase fourfold, the company said.

Microsoft said that most “group” calls actually include just a small number of people, about four or so. “We’ve found that most group calls take place between three or four participants,” 

The company said. “When building the group video calling experience for modern Windows, we optimized so that the three most talkative people – plus yourself – are visible at the same time.”

Skype group calling supports up to ten people, but only the most talkative people will actually show up in video windows. Microsoft’s competitor, Google, offers its own services, Hangouts, which has always been free for group video chats for up to ten participants.

We’d all like to be able to catch up more frequently with friends, family, colleagues and hobby groups spread across different locations. Group video calls are a great way to do this.  Check out the video below for our walk through of the group video calling experience and some behind the scenes information on key decisions they ve made.





Don’t know how to configure Skype?

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  1. this was the most awaited news,especially for me,cz usually i used to carry my tab with me,and now i hv got access to talk to my friends & family on skype that too free..thumbs up to you guys TECHYUGA for letting me knw about this..

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      Jingyansu Choudhury July 17, 2014 at 9:54 am

      We are glad, you found this useful. This is our first priority to reach all the latest tech news to our readers and educate them about the latest technology.
      Thank you for your amazing comment.

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